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Falling in love with, people? But are the mysterious boys even human?
“Just tell me!” Regan shrieked, but was actually secretly pleased. Brody grinned and kept pulling her along down the street. All of the colorful attracting lights were glowing and making the streets with people crowding over look ever more fun. Tourists were flooding out from all the buildings and festival music was booming. Regan loved hugging close to Brody with his arm wrapped around her waist while everybody stared jealously. They both really did look great.
“We never get out. It’s always my beach, or something to do with the water. Well tonight I’m taking you on a proper date, ones likes people have when they are in serious relationships.”
Regan tried not to think to hard about how he had said serious relationships.
They pushed ahead of the huge crowd as Brody kept leading with a smile. He tickled Regan’s ribs playfully. She laughed and only hugged herself closer.
“Although I have to admit I couldn’t bring myself to take you to far away from the water.”
She giggled. “I wish you would just tell me!”
But he pressed his lips together so he wouldn’t tell, and tugged for her to continue.
After walking for a little bit longer, Brody finally pulled Regan to a boat dock with a big party boat that had people boarding. The boat was decorated from top to bottom, it was two stories high, with flashing lights and loud music was blasting. Delicious smells filled the air then, and Regan let out a huge gasp.
“You are taking me on a ferry ride?” She could have cried, but instead she threw herself on Brody, wrapping her arms tightly around him and gave him a long hug.
“I remember somebody telling me on the very first day we hung out that she missed riding the ferry once a year with her mom and dad.” He kissed the top of her head and pulled her chin up so their eyes could connect. “I’m not your dad, or your mom,” he smiled, “but I still think we are going to have a great time together tonight.”
“Oh I know we will!” Regan reached up on her tip toes and kissed his smiling lips. “Lets go.”
His eyes sparkling, he took her hand and showed the person their ticket, then they were let onto the ferry.
“I haven’t been on one of these in forever,” Regan said excitingly and looked around at all the people with huge eyes, memories were flooding back into her memory. Her father spinning her around and around on the dance floor with the music blaring, so many happy people around. And then her mother had came over and all three of them had danced. Seven years ago suddenly didn’t seem so long ago anymore.
Brody stood out from everyone, him being shirtless and all. He had a silver chain necklace on and his hair was freshly spiked, as it always was. He caught Regan looking at him and smiled brightly, his dimples popping out.
“You look beautiful tonight,” he said with sparkling eyes. Regan blushed and found herself moving closer to him.
“Thank you.” She was being drawn in by his eyes, his blue seductive eyes. Before she knew it, she found herself tangled in his arms and up close to him, kissing with a lot of passion. But people around them were mumbling uncomfortably, so they stopped.
It was going to take awhile for them to get to look at everything, and the tickets were only good for three hours. First, Brody treated Regan to hamburgers and French fries.
“Hamburgers and French fries have nothing to do with the water, that is why I chose something so simple. Everywhere else is sea food.” He laughed lightly and took a big bite of his enormous hamburger.
“You talk about the water like it’s a bad thing.”
“No,” Brody set down his hamburger and stared out at the waves. “I just want you to see what you are missing out on when you spend so much time with me and the water.”
“I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything when I’m with you,” Regan said without thinking. “But this is great, I love hamburgers and French fries.”
Although he laughed and smiled, Regan could tell by something in his eyes that whatever she just said bothered her.
“Lets dance,” she suggested just as a slow song started to play. Brody agreed and pulled out her chair for her.
The dance floor was just as it was seven years ago. The bar with green lights hanging around it, and a huge stereo system off to the side. The dance floor was light brown and right beside the edge of the boat. So you could see the waves and moon reflecting it’s light off the water.
“Mm,” Brody closed his eyes and pulled Regan very close to him as they swayed back and forth. “Lets do this more often.”
“I could stay on here forever. The water around me, music and great food. You would always be going new places, seeing new things, meeting new people.”
“That sounds fun to you?” Brody asked in a new tone. “Why don’t you like it where you are?”
“I love where I live now, but as soon as I am old enough, I’m gone. And I’m leaving all of my memories back on that little island. People will soon forget about me, and I will forget about them.”
Regan sighed and laid her head against Brody’s smooth chest. “He has already forgotten about me.”
“I don’t think so. I don’t think J.J will ever forget about you, even if you moved to China. I wont be able to, ever. You will always be in my thoughts.”
Uneasily Regan lifted her head and glared at him. He wasn’t expecting the mean stare and his face crumbled over. “I don’t like talking about us forgetting each other.”
He relaxed and the warmness filled his bright blue eyes again. “I’m just saying, Regan. You don’t understand what it’s like being around you all the time, getting to know you so well, and thinking about how when he comes back, all of this will be forgotten.”
Tears immediately filled Regan’s confused green eyes. She tried to wipe them away but Brody beat her to it. He cupped her face in both of his hands and stared right into her eyes, trying to find the reason for things. “It’s so frustrating to fall in love with someone knowing that they will never love you back.”
“Stop it,” she cried and tore away from their eye contact. The song ended and Regan left his arms and strode over to the rail to gaze out into the fast, vicious waves as they crashed against the boat.
Brody came up behind her and slid his arms around her waist, resting his chin on her shoulder. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.”
Regan shook her head, only making more tears fall. “No, you should have because it’s true. So very true.” She became silent again. “Brody,” she said after a few minutes.
“Are you really falling in love with me?”
Crash. Swoosh. The waves were very distracting.
“Regan, I began falling in love with you that very first day I gave lessons, and I haven’t stopped yet. I meant what I said earlier, every single word. Regan, I’m in love with you so much that it hurts.”
Another slow song came on, and Regan turned into Brody while he hugged her close to him, comforting her.
“I know it sounds strange for someone who is only sixteen, but I know exactly what it feels like to fall in love with someone. It was just one summer, one fast summer, yet I think it changed my life forever. I don’t know what it was that made us like each other so much, so fast. But there was something different, something that people feel after years of dating, and I was feeling it in just a month. Asher, though, he never acted like it surprised him much. He took everything so lightly, and sometimes I thought I loved him more then he ever loved me.” She swallowed hard. “Now he isn’t coming back, and I’m beginning to think I might have been right.”
Brody clenched his fist and backed up. He glared up at the moon, palms now outstretched. He squeezed his eyes closed tightly and clamped his mouth shut. Regan watched in amazement, as she had so many times before, as all the muscles in his stomach and chest popped out and his hair standing up, the tips looking fresh and wet.
“He never loved you, Regan, ever! And even if he does come back, he will hug you and kiss you. He will tell you how much he missed you and how sorry he is that he was gone for so long. And you will forgive him with open arms. But it’s a trap, dammit, just trust me!”
“How can I trust you when you aren’t telling me everything! Why is it a trap, why do I love him so much? Why are you and him so much alike, Brody, dammit, you tell me things I don’t understand!”
Slowly, very slowly, Brody calmed down. He was breathing heavily and he looked miserable and mad at himself. Then they looked at each other. Regan’s eyes furious and demanding answers, Brody’s eyes helpless and asking for forgiveness.
There weren’t much people around now, as the night got later more people were at the bars inside. So nobody was paying attention, nobody could hear.
“How are we the same?” He said very quietly, as if all his energy had just been drained. His face was pale white and his hands were shaky.
Regan looked down at her toes. The green had chipped out somehow. When she looked back up, Brody looked a little more normal, still kind of sick.
“I have been trying to figure that out all summer, honestly,” she started, talking not really to him but the waves so she could remain calm. “At first I thought it was a big coincidence. You both were tourists, first of all. And both of you looked different. You know I notice when your hair stands up and you glare up at the moon like you want to eat it. Asher, well, he was different too. I couldn’t cry around him, like I said before, and he hated the water. Hated the water so much. He never would swim with me, and every time I asked him for a bottled of water he would bring me orange juice. I never could understand why he could hate the water so much.
“I also couldn’t understand how we liked each other so much, when we were completely different. But for some reason, I was drawn to him every single day. I didn’t care if I didn’t swim, talk to J.J or anyone. As long as I was with him.
“Ironically enough, here you come along and now I am spending every minute of my day with you…wanting to spend every minute with you. The same force, the same pull I felt with Asher, is the one I feel with you but much less. Yet, it’s still there. But you and me have so much more in common, that’s why I think the small force I feel wouldn’t matter if it was stronger or not, because I like being with you.”
That made Brody smile, satisfied. It took some of the hatred off of his face. “Go on.”
“And Brody, even though I miss him still, in a weird twisted way, I’m glad he left. If he wouldn’t have left, I would have never of met you. When I think of that at night, it makes me so sad I know I must love you, or I wouldn’t feel that way at all. But it just doesn’t make sense, this happening to me two summers in a row with two boys who are so much alike, but yet so very, very different.”
Regan stopped talking and watched Brody’s reaction. He wasn’t looking at her, but at the water behind her, and he was very concentrated.
“Regan, sweetheart,” he finally said, looking at her. “You are stuck right in the middle of a very mean, twisted game. You are losing to the bad guys, and I’m doing all I can to help you win.”
“Are you saying Asher is the bad guy?”
“I’ve been saying that all along.”
Then why was she just now realizing it?
“He doesn’t love you like I love you, though. I know you probably don’t think so, but if only you could trust me for this one time.”
“How can I trust you when you act like you just did, Brody? I can’t trust someone I don’t understand and someone that has so many secrets.”
Brody pulled her towards him, and nuzzled her cheek. “Asher has many more secrets then me sweetheart. Ones you don’t want to know, ever. We all are entitled to our secrets.”
Regan pushed him away frustratingly and glared at his perfect untroubled face. “I don’t have one secret I would want to keep from you, not even a small one. Why can’t it be that way with you too?”
Lines appeared on his forehead then, and they stuck out, not belonging on a face so flawless. “You don’t want to know my secrets, now please Regan, can’t we enjoy the rest of the boat ride?”
How was she to enjoy the rest of her gift after all the stuff she just heard and saw. Brody didn’t even seem like the same person.
“You go,” she mumbled, knowing she was being rude. “I think I’ll just stay and try to figure you out. Try to figure everyone out.”
Brody sighed and watched Regan sink to the ground while hanging her feet off the side and holding steadily onto the railing to protect anyone from falling in. “This date was meant for you, and if you are going to stay here, then so am I.”
He sat down beside her, not even bothering to hold onto any railing. Of course not, his balance was perfect. One of his hands flickered to hers, and he twined their fingers together without asking for her consent. Then he scooted closer, not being able to help himself just stare.
“I wish you were having a better time. I am really sorry for how I acted earlier, so, so sorry.” He kissed her cheek and kept his lips frozen there.
Regan’s heart kicked up a gear. She turned into him, unable to resist forgiving him. How sad he sounded, and how great he was at apologizing. Their lips met then, and he tenderly apologized differently this time. When they were done, Regan found herself fighting for breaths. Brody slid his hand down her back.
“I love you,” he murmured with his lips at his ears.
She shuttered as his warm breath blew against her skin. “I know you do.”
Their walk home was quiet, peaceful. Brody hummed along with the changing music. Regan listened to him while she thought, and thought, and thought until finally something in her head was answered.
It felt good to be back to her quiet little town. From her house, you could hear the waves gently swooshing. So romantic…
“Well, I hate leaving you home by yourself.”
“Come in,” Regan suggested with a smile and opened the door. She stepped in with Brody right behind her.
He waited up in her bedroom while she changed into comfier clothes and brushed her teeth. When she finally danced into her room, the moon was shining through the only open window, bouncing off of Brody’s face and making his hair pale white.
“Aren’t you tired yet?” he teased as she laid down, her head rested in his lap. He played with her hair and then bent down to kiss the top of her head. “Go to sleep Regan, I’m not leaving until you do.”
That wouldn’t be to hard. Her eyes were so heavy after all the dancing and arguing, and forgiving…but there was something she needed to tell him before he left.
“Brody,” she mumbled groggily. His warm fingers traced around her eyes and down her nose, waiting for her to go on. “If I fall in love with you, don’t leave me like Asher did. Don’t let me down.”
“I will never disappoint you,” he said very seriously while watching her closed eyelids. “And why anyone would leave you, is way past me. Your parents, Asher, all of them. Forget them, you have me now.”
That was what she needed to hear to be sure. “I trust you now,” she said so very sleepily. And with a smile on her lips, she said, “I love you now.” and then fell asleep in his arms.


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