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by Jennyj
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LESSONS 4.1 & 4.2, D. Topics


TASTE-- (light green)

SIGHT-- (teal)

SOUND-- (red)

TOUCH-- (blue)

SMELL-- (yellow)

1. (an item from my port, edited)
Crack'ling throughbrown leaves.Autummn breeze spreads the fragrance of the dying year.
2. I can find the fragrant folger's coffee can I use to store your lunch fixings before I dig its red self out of my writing mess!
3. I like to cook with the creamy-flavored rotini pasta because it is so durable, with its groved, rough surface!
4. Allistair, my furrry cat friend, please don't jump on my CD player--it makes my (c:red} celtic flute music stop!
5. My favorite morning ritual is always the hot coffee waking and scalding my lips and the sticky, sweet blueberry} doughnuts in bed.
6. You spent your last evening off roaring into your computer game at your friends, playing "Lord of the Rings {c/} while I was cozy, cuddled up in bed reading and drinking hot cherry tea!
7. Cat Calvin, I know that you like the firm, secure feeling of my lap board under you as you sleep,
but its sharp, hard corner pokes me and keeps me awake!

8. I can't believe that we are sharing our small room with these 5 stinky, loving. huge cats!!
9. My effort at hamburgers for supper tonight had suchpromise from their fragrance but in reality, they were shrveled and grey!
10. You can tell that Ripley, the smallest of my cats, barely has enough fur to have stripes!
11. Next week's schedule is enough to blur our vision by making our heads swim, and make us crave the sweet doughnuts we have become so accustumed to even more than usual!
12. (something else from my port!)
Kittenstussle hard.
Sunbeam's alure draws them close!
So much day to win!
13. My nephew, with his impish, broad grin{c:red| skided
the dirty, black car tire across the clean white kitchrn floor leaving unsighdtly stripes.
14. Crisp country air is is not here yet, but the soft air is still sweet and appealing.{/c:}
15. My six-year-old cat Moopy (her original name was simply Moo--her young owners didn't think about having to call her by{red:} moo-ing out the door!) likes to encourage us to cuddle her silky fur by licking our hands with her rough,pink tongue!

2. I AM A CAMERA on the wall at the office supply store

An essence of peppermint flows past me as this newest set of customers drifts past me: the woman appearing short in her chair next to her muscular husband. Dressed in frugal, comfortable clothes, the couple can ill-afford to put on airs as they slowly make their way to the calendars. they almost exude an essence of tiredness. Surveying the choices,the woman carefully stroked several products before her husband appeared in the aisle next to her; he cleared his throat and she turned to him, recognizing the clatter.


1. It was not difficult to use the senses without naming them by name once I got into writing the exercises
2. Likewise, it was not hard to be a camera without introducing the couple I described and not hard to conclude the story (it was us, and the story is ongoing!)
3. The easiest sense for me to write about is taste because I like to eat so much and have associatedn so much of my life-experience with how it has tasted.
4. I don't forsee any of my senses as being a problem for me. I am very musical and associate pieces of music and other sounds with certain settings. I \can still conjure up the memory of the scent of my elementary school paste on demand. I can visualize beauty that I have seen. And, I can conjure up the silky, furry feeling of my beloved cats.

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