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What's more important blood shed or compassion?
What is important?

Not the cold night that eats flesh and bone.          

Not the fate that lies behind river and stone.

It’s a Vengeance that’s born.

It tears every good out of this world

Replaces our faith with despair.

A forgotten future we must prepare.

For at the far reaches of Earth

A swarm of men will march so great

That before our very eyes

The lands will become like seas.

We will march against one another,

To each tribe will come a battle cry.

No Peace can be heard over the mighty roar

Of this ancient war.

And during our times

Of good tidings and prosperous peace,

This ugly, hateful war machine

Has remained well greased.

Like drones from the hives,

Abandoning those innocent lives.

With each step they’ll shake the ground

Leaving behind their beloved towns.

And in the zenith of their trip

The glow in the sky will signify

All their towns...will of been burnt to the ground.

For within their lust to destroy each other they left open

What truly meant anything to anyone of them.          

Their eyes are blind of the truth forgive them

The end of a century led to the end of a civilization                    

In the madness of war we return to a question          

What's important, blood shed or compassion?          
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