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Something we all lose when we don't believe in love any more.
I've been awaiting you're return,
for what seems like an eternity.

I've craved your'e existence,
for what seems to be non ending.

I've been dead for so long,
because I turned my back on you.

I didn't spend much time with you,
because I never really showed that I cared.

You were always one step behind me,
but I never turned around to look you in the eyes.

You showed me things about life,
but I was blind all the time.

I am the one who started to fade,
and I almost turned into stone.

I am the one who stabbed you in the heart,
when you were only trying to help.

Life has a tendency to make you see things the other way around,
and I blamed you for all my discomfort and hate I had.

Life can put you in a position that you don't want to be in,
yet i blamed you for all my sadness and pain.

So I'm asking you now for forgiveness,

I'm asking you now for remorse,

I'm asking you now for the pity I don't deserve,

I'm asking you now to overwhelm me once more,

I'm asking you now to embrace me,

and I'm asking myself...Where did love go?!
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