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Council discusses significance of the Witches
Chapter 10 Morgolic Awakens

Scene 1 of 10: Climatus receives her Scarab at Olivias.

It was not just any piece of correspondence. It was a Calling card. Written on the back were the words. "Pease wait on me some time this morning before nine o'clock." Climatus read the card a second time and trembled. In all the years of their friendship this was the first time she had ever received a formal summons. A feeling of dread came over her. She had been told by friends who had received the “Calling” that a formal invitation to Olivia’s was the first step in the process. She read the card again, filled with trepidation, and taking her wrap, she set out for the residence of the Patron Witch.

Clematis scuttled along the road to Olivia’s house. It was early in the morning and she held the card tightly in her hand. At length she arrived and summoning her courage, walked up the steps to the door. She pounded the great brass striker and waited impatiently. There came footsteps from inside and the door opened revealing the smiling face of Squire Rogoletti. He was the long time companion of Olivia, and rumored to be her lover. His official title was personal secretary however he also served as the butler and cook and maid. With so much to do it it is not surprising he had an appartment there and served as a live in servant. Climatus and the Parton Witch were social companions and often worked together on projects benefiting the community. There was no favor the matron would not have granted for her dear friend. But a "Calling," Dear God, that was most unexpected, and the shock had her emotions in an absolute tizzy.

"Climatus," he welcomed her. "Fancy seeing you so early. Olivia will be delighted."

"Who is it?" came a lilting voice from somewhere back inside.

"It's Climatus my dear," answered the squire, "and her beautiful face wears a mask of absolute dread and foreboding. What do you suppose could be troubeling her?"

Climatus grumbled, goodnaturedly, hanging her head. She had known Rogoletti for years and he never failed to raise her spirits and make her smile. He had an irreistable charm and it was easy to see why Olivia kept him around.

"Bring her in," called Olivia, "before that overactive imagination of hers, gets the upper hand."

The Squire escorted Climatus through the drawing room and into the Kitchen. Olivia sat at a large table, spread with papers, drinking tea.

"I recieved your card," said Climatus with a thin and anxious voice.

"Thats plain enough said her friend. Gloom is written all over your face. I should have realized you would jump to conclusions…. but put your mind at rest. This is not a “Calling. in the sense you have anticipated.“ This is not that fate worse than death that is the bane of all decent woman in the kingdom. She paused.... "Well most every woman...there are exceptions you know, and you would be scandalized to know who I'm referring to.

Relief spread over Climatus as Rogoletti eased her into a chair. "Then why the formal invitation?"

"Protocol my dear, Protocol," explained Olivia waving a Scry-velum message like a hankey. "When you get one of these from the Chief it is recorded and handled in strict accordance with Protocol. She walked over handing the message to Climatus. "Guiles will be arriving shortly and I thought you might have some questions. I wanted you to speak with you first.

Scry-velum Nirvana Temple #16, 14 Oct 1006.

To Miranda,

Thru: Olivia

From Cateyln

Subject: Transfer of Stewardship

I am passing on to you the Blood Scarab ascribed to the Nirvana line. It replaces the one that Cracious passed to Morgolic and him to Liope. Yours, I regret to say, is no longer servicable. I have told Olivia to have Guiles transfer mine to Climatus. This will return once more, one of those remaining, to your line. As you know, these tokens of antiquity are identical in appearance and have come down to us in a process that raises frequent questions, as to their actual identities and origin.

My condolences go out to you and Malcomb over the news of your son’s death. Take time to grieve, yet each day search for resolve to cope and rise above your heartache. I too, share the burden of grief for I lost my mother in seeking to save Morgolic and recover, articacts of our heritaged. We have much yet to accomplish and I pray you find the strength to transcend your loss and continue the selfless service you bring to the Coven.


CF, Guiles and Climatus

"It was nice of Cate to replace the Scarab and get mother refocused."

"It was a grand gesture indeed."

"Tradition means a lot to my mother."

" I means a great deal to all of us, still I’m amazed… What do you supposed moved your aunt to such an act of generosity? "

My mother and Cateyln were always close… Maybe Auntie felt guilty. Could something have happened to make her feel Liope was in some way responsible?"

Who knows? But perhaps time will tell. The reason I asked you to come early was to find out if you'd ever seen one of the scarabs before.

Why do you ask?

Because it’s unnerving the first time, you see one wiggling about. You’ll be expected to put it on when Guiles arrives.

No problem.

Then your mother can decide who the long term steward will be. I think Malcomb would be a good choice.

Don’t worry about me. I wore Mothers’ twenty years ago and it was hardly traumatic. It was more of a non-experience in my case.

What do you mean.

I mean that I wore it for about three months and in all that period it never stirred. It hung like a collar on a sleeping dog. I thought at first it was because I don’t have the mage gift, but Trilla said she had the same experience and so did Marigold.

They were distracted by a knocking at the door. It was Guiles and he bore the same look that Climates had twenty minutes earlier.

Please be seated, said Olivia

As he settled in a chair, Olivia handed him the Velum.

"Read this Guiles before your imagination leads to any wild conclusions."

He looked red-faced, over at Climatus. Taking the message, he began to read. As he did, a sigh of relief came from inside and his body relaxed noticeably in the chair.

"Should I feel insulted?" asked Climatus with a wry grin.

"I don’t think the boy is being deliberately rude." answered Olivia. "Come now Guiles, how many times are you going to read it. Is there something that needs explaining."

"No," answered Guiles. "It's just that I was expecting something different and before arriving discussed the matter with my fiancé."

"That would be Martha," said Climatus.

"Yes," said Guiles shaking his head. "She's sitting on a bench at the corner awaiting my return. Would it be asking too much if we invited her inside?"

"Of course we'll invite her inside," Olivia sighed in exhasperation.

"Forgive my foolishness Olivia, we’re been engaged for a month and have no secrets. When I got your calling card, I had a shameful suspicion and asked Martha what to do."

"And how may I ask, did she advise you?"

"She said I must obey the law. We were both very anxious and my beloved agreed to walk with me as far as the corner."

"Squire, go outside and get the girl."

The door slammed and from the sidewalk, the voice of Rogoletti could be heard hollering up the street.

"I see you Martha, don’t try and hide. Come here this instant."

In a few moments, he ushered the trembling girl inside.

"There’s something I want you to witness," said Olivia with authority.

Martha blanched, terrified at the thought of watching The fact that it was to be with Climatus, almost a second Mother made it even worse. Her eyes were wide as she fidgeted nervously about. What she couldn’t understand was why everyone seemed to be taking the matter so lightly.

Sympathetic to the young girl’s angst, Olivia gave Martha the Velum. "This is the reason Guiles has been asked here today."

When Martha finished she returned the message with chagrin. "This is so embarrassing," she uttered.

"Well now that you’re here, you can help with the process."

"How shall we precede?" asked Guiles.

"According to protocol," answered Olivia. "Squire, you’re excused. Guiles put on the blindfold. Climatus take off your blouse. Martha you can help guide the hands of your betrothed."

Climatus took a seat and removed her upper garment and bra. Guiles unbuttoned his shirt and massaged the Scarab gently twisting it from side to side. It released from his chest and he raised the gleaming silver chain from around his neck. Helen guided his fingers in positioning the braid of mithril about Climates's neck and then guided the setting down onto her stomach. The spiny legs of the insect moved about in excited anticipation and upon alighting begain crawling quickly across her belly and up into her cleavage. This behavior was not what Climatus had anticipated and she cringed as its sharp-clawed feet crawled across her skin. Then it paused and raised its feelers along a bulging flank of her motherhood. Satisfied with the location the insect raised its head and with an unexpected suddenness, drove its maw into her flesh.

"Oh God!" exclaimed Climatus with a grimace. "Oh, God this really hurts." She put her fingers on either side of the setting twisting while her back shifted in the chair. As she did the Scarab chomped still harder and she released hold of it and sprang to her feet. "This really hurts bad, "she said shifting uncomfortably from foot to foot. "He’s biting the hell out of me." Beads of sweat formed on her brow and she began to breath heavily. Then she experienced a stinging sensation and a rash began to form. It spread in red splotches and her veins became highlighted in purple. Then she began to sweat and suffer hot flashes. Her blood tingled and a chill raced down her spine. In dismay she almost swooned as Olivia and Martha steadied her. As the pain intensified she began hopping about on her tiptoes while she blew down on herself, trying to assuage her discomfort. At length the stinging began to subside and the poor woman collapsed back into her chair.

"What’s happening?" inquired Guiles in response to the commotion. He reached for his blindfold.

"Not yet," shouted Martha.

Slowly the anguish yielded to numbness. Gingerly Climatus reached for her bra. A rivulet of blood ran from between her breasts.

Olivia smudged at it as Climatus gingerly replaced her brazier and hooked it behind. Then she put on her blouse and offered a weak smile to her friends.

"You can take off your blindfold now," said Martha.

"Are you OK?" asked Olivia?

"I think so. It was nothing at all like the last time I tried one on for size. The good news is I think the worst is past.

Soon therefter the parties to the transfer departed. Climatus was the last to remain.

"Phew!" said Olivia..".glad that is over with."

"Yes," answered Climatus but I sense its only the beginning.. What will my husband say when he sees the Mithril chain and the scarab hanging off my breast?"

"Let me make a copy of the Velum and you can take it with you.," said Olivia. "That should clear up any questions."

"It should but Lord Kulrick, who I dearly love is a suspicious man. He will struggle with the innocence of what has taken place. I feared the "Calling" more for his reaction than any real aversion on my part.. While I didn't mention it before, a calling would have been a blow to his self esteem."

"Then don't tell him. I recall my my own intimacy, laying with him and while not unpleasant, it was not the most enduring memory I have of my lovers. Of all the women I have ever met you are the prize of them all. For all his shortcomings Kulrick is drop dead in love with you as he should be. You have done as much to further his ambitions as he has. I'm glad I didn't have to put you through the worry of a calling and agree that the High Counselor husband of yours would not have handeledit well. Enough said. How is Pluto doing?"

"Why do you ask?"

“Should I take no interest in our son?”

"Of course, but your tone makes me nervous."

“Well, Is there anyting different about his behavior.?”

“ Of late he pays more attention to his appearance and comports himself with a greater confidence and esteem.”

“To what do you attribute this change?”

“To his success in the home defense training. Are you aware he passed Tier Two on Friday?”

“I am. Are you aware that the Simian girl is his battle partner?”

“The Simian girl?”

“The Simian elf, have you not heard of her?”

“I don’t think so…but then my husband never tells me anything.”

“She was taken at Myrocenia as a child over ten years ago. She has been raised here ever since. A most remarkable young woman.”

“Oh my goodness,” Climatus exclaimed sensing the direction of the conversation.

“To say more would be to breach confidence. However, she’s a lonely girl, and spends much of her time in the Woman‘s Barracks. As Pluto’s mother, it would not be out of character if you looked her up and began showing an interest.”

“Thank you Olivia, for everything….You are my dearest friend and life has taken on purposes today, beyond all expectation.”


Scene 2 of 10: Uta arrives to help matrons save Morgolic.

The next morning, Varnack met Uta and her party on the hill West of Dead End. He filled her in on the efforts of the two matrons to stabilized Morgolic. Then they set off for the Cottage. It was a six hour trek and they arrived just after noon. Uta went to the Elf's bedside and began to minister. At length she looked up shaking her head.

"This is worse than I thought"

"I did the best I could," said Karla

"Lucky for him you two arrived when you did."

"What can we do to help?"

"When I reach into his soul, I'm going to need the two of you to hang onto my sanity. As I start to draw him back, make sure you don’t let go, lest we drop into the abyss."

"We'll not let go... If you go over the edge, we'll be right behind you."

"I expect no less. We might as well get started. Waiting will not make it any easier."

"We're ready when you are."

"Grab hold of me."

"How long do you think it will take?"

"At least four to six hours.... we'll have to move slowly."


"It's not work for the faint hearted."

"But so long."

"If we rush things we could wind up with a shadow."


Scene 3 of 10: Uta brings Morgolic's spirit back from the dead. Cateyln and Albiana talk.

Cateyln perked up taking note of what the Matrons were about to embark on. In her collective memory... reaching back over a thousand years, she had never before seen anything like this attempted. She watched as Uta knelt at the end of the cot. The healer took Morgolic’s head in her hands, thumbs at either side of his forehead and fingers running down the sides of his cheeks. Walinda and Karla knelt on either side, placing one hand on Uta's shoulder and the other around her ankle. Then the began to chant together and sway. The music of their incantations filled the silent room. Uta extended her mind, reached into his soul and took hold of Morgolic’s spirit. He jerked with a start and his back arched up from the pallet. From his lips came a strangled cry as his body began to shake. It was more than Cate could witness and she went outside.

She walked over to her mother’s grave and knelt down.

"I hope this was all worth it," she thought to herself as she pulled a book of genealogy out of her blouse.

"What are you hoping for?" came a voice from behind.

Cateyln turned and saw Albiano standing next to her.

"The crazy hopes of a strange and wonderful old woman."

"May they take wing and her spirit rest in peace."

"She is with her husbands once more."

"Who were they?"

"One was a King who long ago rode off to war."

"One of the four?"

"One of the four."

"Then the legend is true."

"Oh its true alright".

"What happened to the other widows?"

"They waited around until they could bear it no more and then set off in search of their husbands."

"But their husbands were dead."

"They knew they were slain but never had the grace to accept what others have always had to reconcile."

"Was their grief was so utter they couldn’t accept the truth?".

"Their wisdom was great and their persistance did not waver.

"They found a way to beat death?"

"They found a means to circumvent it."

"Has its course come to fruition.?"

"The time draws near."

"Do I weary you?"

"Is there no end to the thread of your questioning."

"Please, just a few more." "Where did the other Witches go?"

"Two went to the Elves, one to the dwarves and one returned home."

"And your mother descended from the one who came home?"


"And Liope continues the chain."

"Yes. She too is a Witch and will follow in my footsteps."

"Forgive me my lady, but she seems such a normal young woman."

"Liope will be the greatest of us all."


"She will fulfill the prophesy."

"How so?"

"She will welcome home the husbands."

"How can that be when they died six hundred years ago ago?"

"They never really left us child, Soon they will be coming home.."


Scene 4 of 10: Albiana reflects and talks to Kira.

Albiano stepped backward overcome by a feeling of awe and reverence. On one hand it was like a religious experience... on the other her reason brushed it aside and spoke dismissively.

"Did it occure to you that perhaps Cateyln has lost her mind. That the enormous stress she has borne the last month at last become unbearable and and her mind went ga-blooy?"

"Still she’s not that old," Albiano answered back, Middle forties maybe, and her conversation has lucidity even if it doesn't make a whole lot of sense."

Albiano decided to take a walk and followed the path up to the mine entrance. She sat down upon a bolder trying to get her arms around the sense of it all. What happened next came as a complete shock. With a start she jumped to her feet as something cold nuzzled her hand. It was a wolf and it gave her a bad scare.

"I didn’t mean to frighten you." channeled the wolf.

She shirked backward and stumbled, falling on her buttocks.

"Who are you and why do you come upon me thus?" exclaimed Albiano

She began scooting backward until at length her back came up against an outcrop of mine slag.

"My name is Kira... yonder is Mosel.... we call him Frog... I just wanted to introduce myself."

"Well you've accomplished that... now step back and let me get a look at you."

The wolf retreated several paces and began circling its tail before settling down onto its haunches.

"Why are you here?" she demanded

"Cateyln feeds us.... Its hard to turn down a free meal."

"A cat I could understand."

"We are what we are."

"You are the two seen yesterday, running with Liope?"

"The same."

"How long have you been with the Witch?"

Quite awhile...

Can you be specific?

All her life.

And before that?

With her mother, Gabby


Gabriel... the one buried in the front yard.

And before her?

You’d have to ask an old one... and they are geting hard to find.


Scene 5 of 10: Cateyln's Monologue.

Cateyln pulled her knees up into her chest and her arms circled around.

Mother! Mother! She thought.... "what will I ever do without you?"

She began thinking about Gabby. The genealogy book was sill in her hand. She turned to the next last page.

"We’re almost there she thought to herself."

She looked to the empty line.

"Perhaps I should fill this line in she thought. I wonder what I should call him. How about “Morgolic the Audacious Elf.” He shouldn't be too offended by that."

She laughed whimsically and jotted it in.

Her thoughts turned to Orin. It had been a long time since she had slept with a man and a part of her yearned for another child.

"Better act soon or not at all ."she told herself. " I hope he takes me back.... wouldn’t blame him if he didn’t."

Her thoughts turned to her daughter...

"It will not be easy for Liope. If Orin lets me return I can help her thought the tough times that lie ahead."

The recollection of Liope and her presence with Morgolic made her smile with pride." Such a brave girl.... I didn’t nudge her much... did I? But what choice did I have.... Don’t think about it.... the issue was decided a long time ago. Liope will muddle through it somehow."

On the horizon loomed dark clouds of uncertainty...

“What if the Emporium steps in and spoils everything? We’ve waigered too much to have this come to naught."


Scene 6 of 10: Uta struggles to bring Morgolic back from dead.

Uta was bathed in sweat. The two matrons held tight to her as they swayed together chanting the same incantation over and over again.

Do not linger.... do not stray,
Do not look the other way
Turn from darkness to the ray,
Live to walk another day
Another day another day.
Live to love another day
Light and darkness,
Come what may
Usher in the dawning day
Another day, another day,
Good or evil, come what may
Turn and look the other way,
Don’t forsake the potter’s clay

Forsake the clay, forsake the clay,
Don’t forsake the potters clay
Chipped and cracked is not to say,
You can forsake the potter’s clay
Turn from darkness to the ray,
Don’t forsake the potter’s clay
Embrace again the dawning day,
Don’t forsake the potter’s clay
Dawn will light the chosen way,
Don’t forsake the potter’s clay

This went on in unending repetition that stretched out into the evening. Just before midnight Morgolic snapped his eyes open. Albiano went outside and sent the report to the council.


Scene 7 of 10: Council reviews the bidding.

Kulrick was delighted.

Morgolic lives and will soon be able to explain exactly what happened. However there is more than that to discuss... Please continue as or spokesman and bring us up to date.

Ubocastor: I cannot begin to express the happiness we all feel over these glad tidings. However I wish to remind us all that it could be a week before Morgolic is in a condition to move. Keep in mind the severity of his trauma, the days spent teetering on the edge and the fact that his essence almost deserted him. He has awakened true, but will he ever fully recover?

Kulrick: What do you recommend?

Ubocastor: That we revert to our original plan. Find out if Liope has the stones.

Kulrick: This should not be too difficult to determine.

Ubocastor: I agree.... we should send Albiano to pay her a little visit.

Kulrick: So be it.

Ubocastor: Then there is the issue of the Witch Cateyln.

Kulrick: A most interesting development.

Ubocastor: In the midst of these other developments we should not lose sight of the profound importance of this revelation. In their day the Witches ruled supreme. Through their husbands they dispensed order and justice and brought a peace and prosperity never before known. It was the highpoint of our history that has since seen nothing but an unending downward spiral of gloom and decay. Their passing ushered in chaos and decline to all the lands hereabout. Our diminishment only now begins to arrest itself as the Elfenhumes begin to fill in the spaces. To think it somehow possible to restore all that once was portends high hope for the future. Could the return of The Four Sisters stem the tide and contain the presence and power of the Emporium? While we all share the joy of finding Morgolic and anticipate the recover of the stones, this good fortune pales in comparison to what the Witches could bring about.

Kulrick: We must pass on these developments to the Cisterians, Latonions and the Nobowian clans and perhaps even to the Dwarves.

Ubocastor: Let's not be too premature. These discoveries are still fragile and uncertain.

Kulrick: A good point...For now we will hold close on the Witches. Have Albiano explore what happened to stones.


Scene 8 of 10: Martha and Guiles Kiss.

A few weeks later Guiles repaid the visit. He took his senior men to Bellmont. It was the weekend and Martha was the perfect host. Her girls were on their best behavior. There was no repeat of the Free-Sparing taunts. After the training session, the students had a luncheon and were broken down into groups for a tour of the campus. As they departed the Dining Hall, Martha and Guiles remained at their table. Martha had her own plans.

“Would you like to see the arms room, Guiles?”

“Yes,” he replied with interest.

She led him to a round stone building on the edge of the courtyard with a massive door. A guard was posted outside. As they approached the sentinel unlocked the door and swung it open. As they passed through, it shut and there was a sound of turning tumblers. From inside Martha threw a heavy bolt.

“Standard procedure.” she said.

Along the walls, in stands that reached to the ceiling, was an assortment of every weapon imaginable. It was an impressive collection, every bit as extensive as the one at Finsterwald.

“Quite a display,” said Guiles and they took about half an hour examining the racks. When they came full circle Martha said.

“Downstairs are the workshops.”

He followed her to a portal that opened to a winding staircase leading down to the lower level. At the bottom was a series of rooms which included a forge and others with sturdy tables and tools hanging from the walls. Despite being below ground, shafts of light came from above and illuminated the interior.

I’m impressed,” said Guiles.

Before he could say another word Martha pressed close and kissed him. He was as startled as she was insistent. After a minute or two he became more comfortable and began warming up.

At length, she paused…

He stepped back and said, “That was unexpected, coming from a lady like you.”

These words were just another example of Guile’s lack of human skills. They were innocent, but implied that Martha’s actions were unladylike. This time however, she was better prepared. Martha had discovered, after besting the Squire earlier, that an aspect of his character was a complete lack of the skills most of us take for granted. For a man of his brilliance and athletic ability, Guiles Standaloft was a social moron.

I‘m so sorry,” she replied,” smiling to herself, “I don’t know what came over me.”

It wasn’t that I minded, “he answered placating, “but I fear for your reputation, you know…if anyone was watching.”

“Put your mind at ease, it’s the weekend and we're the only ones here.”

“Hmmm I see,”

“I bet you have plenty of girlfriends,” said Martha.

“No,” he answered. Between being a chief Weapons Instructor and Captain in the Special Operating Forces, there isn’t much time for anything else.

“Yes, I know,” she replied wistfully, “Life is short and opportunities, few.”

She took his hand and walked him into the forge.

“On Sunday night they’ll stoke up the blast furnace so it’ll be ready to go on Monday. Each workroom has a master, apprentices and journeymen. Mostly they craft new weapons but they also do rehabs and restorations. Here at this table, they’re working on a replica of Orwald’s two handed sword. Just look at the size of it. Recently we replaced the blade on the Original and Master Toomey made molds. Just the enchantments took two weeks.”

The Knight hefted the blade with one hand, but needed a second to wield it.

“Orwald’s sword…” he exhaled in awe…“He’s my ancestor. Obviously a man of great strength."

“I don’t want to get personal,” said Martha breaking into his reveries… “But when I kissed you, I sensed it was a new experience.”

“It was,” he replied.

“You’ve never kissed before?”

“A first…how about you?”

“The same,” she responded, “but it seemed so right.”

“For a couple of novices we seem to have managed rather well.”

“My girlfriends explained everything…and got most of it right…”


“Well…, this might sound gross, but they insist that in kissing, you put your tongue in each other's mouth.”

“You’re kidding.”

"And since I don't want to die an old maid..., never kissed properly...”

She took a grip on his shoulders, needing the support to calm her nervousness; Then, pressed her lips to his, softly at first, running her tongue across the surface, waiting for them to part. As his mouth opened she darted inside. She felt his own, tense and eager to riciprocate. Pulling back she took a breath.

"Now you do it."

His eyes were wide and shone with anticipation. He probed, tenatively at first. Impatiently, she pressed her stomach against his. He stirred. Then with a rush, all restraint collapsed and his spirit swept over her. His tongue took dominion, exploring every nook of her teeth and palate. He embraced with abandon, clutching her breasts tight against his chest. Gasping, he stepped back, breathing heavy.

"How was that?" he inquired, on the edge of self control.

"More than I expected." she replied.

"What's next?"

"You tell me...I wouldn’t know where to start."

“Well,” he answered, “My friends have explained the principles.”

“Ahhh Ha!... So you know what those are?”

Scene 9 of 10: Karla tells Albiana what to expect from lovemaking.

Once outside Albiana spoke.

"Tomorrow we return to our original plan. We'll find a way to get close to Liope and determine once and for all if she has the jewels."

Returning inside she took her quilt and spread it out over Varnack. She crawled in next to him. He was hot and soaked with perpiration.

"Uta," she said, "Varnack is feverish, could you check and see if anything's wrong?"

Uta got up and came over laying her hand on Varnack's face. A puzzled look came over her.

"Karla, come over here and look at Varnack, what do you suppose is the matter with him?"

Karla shuffled over and placed her hand on his forehead, and then checked his pulse. Then she ran her fingers under his jerkin and finally down into his britches....

Varnack groaned.

Karla jerked her hand out as it were afire....She looked at Uta and a smile broke upon her face.

"Bend over child and let me feel your forehead. You have a fever too. Could it be you've both come down with the same thing? Have you been feeling any strange symptoms?"

"Like what?"

"Like sweating and hallucinations?"

"Yes, for the past three nights, What is it?"

"Have you been sleeping with Varnack beneath the quilt?"

"Yes, I worried about his fever and didn't want him to get a chill....but its OK, we're betrothed."

"Now that's fortunate indeed."

"What is it...does he have a disease?"

"He's in the Rut, my dear, in the Rut, do you kow what In the Rut means?"

"I think so..."

"And I fear he'is not the only one... mind if I take a sniff?"

Albiana's eyes took on a mortified look as Karla leaned over and breathed deeply. "Tomorrow you will be in heat," she said.

Albiana looked wide eyed.

"Have you any idea what the morning will bring?"

"A little bit...

"Would you like some advice from someone who’s been through it?"

"Yes, I would appreciate that very much."

"When the time comes, you will find it very disconcerting."

"Tell me what to expect."

"You must prepare yourself for intercourse. It will be an intense and overwhelming experience. You will be shocked by the carnal longings, embarrassed by each others nakedness and overwhelmed by the wantonness that grips your body."

"Oh my goodness gracious."

"It's good there is time to make plans in advance. It is much easier when this happens than if you are taken unaware."

"What preparations should I make?"

"First, he must be restrained. We will see that he's bound securely."

"Is that really necessary?"

"Trust me, it is very necessary. Then you must be aware that there are antidotes for the shame."


"There are secretions from each others body that have a numbing effect on the sensitivities and calm the outrage of awareness."


"Your breasts will produce a fluid called Witches Milk. It will dull the sharp edges of scruple and heighten the pleasure of your love making. Let him supp from the fonts and it will have a calming effect on his nerves"

"What about mine?"

"A good question. From his swollen member you will see dripping a viscous fluid known as “The Virgin’s Draught.” This will have a similar effect on you. It’s a bitter potion but one that vanishes obscenity, and gives hope to passion."

"I must drink from his you know what?"

"As much as there is to offer."

"Then what?"

"Once you are both medicated, enjoy the embrace of each other’s arms and let the aphrodisacis take effect."

"And then?"

"Raise your gown and lower yourself onto his erection. Let his entry break the hymen membrane and banish your virtue."

"Will it hurt?"

"It will sting like a bee’s venom and threre will follow some bleeding. As the pain subsides lower yourself completely down onto his phaylus untile it seats fully in your womb."

"Yes? Yes?"

"Then withdraw from him and from a wash basin take a wet cloth and clean your bodies of the discharge."

"And then, and then...?"

"Once again mount his manhood and surrencer to the excitement that follows. When he seeds you, wait for him to finish and then remove the fetters. When you call to us, we will help get him to the river where you can spend the night together. "

That night Albiana had vivid dreams. She saw herself walking through the forest when suddenly a Minotaur appeared. She startled it and the beast looked up, his face filled with green slobber. He turned sideways leering. Then he snorted, beckoning her to follow as he walked liesurely back into the forest. His testicles were swollen and his prideful staff swayed from side to side.


Scene 10 of 10: Liope and Young have second Date.

Liope and Young Jernigan took a long walk that night along the river.

I'm so happy," she said.

"Me too," he answered taking her hand.

It seemed natural to Liope and she began swinging it with hers.

"I have good news."

"What is?"

"My mother will soon be coming home to live with us."

"That should put Orin in a good humor," said Young Jernigan.

"Maybe you could join us tomorrow night for supper?"

"I'd love too. And maybe you could drop by and do the same."

"I'd like that."

They continued on until at length they reached her house. They paused at the threshold both uncertain what to do next. At length Liope took his hands and leaning over, kissed him on the top of his head.

"Come early so we have more time to talk next time," she said encouragingly."
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