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Rated: 18+ · Monologue · Arts · #1563997
My Trip to The Dentist.
(word count: 984)

Well, I’m going to tell you here why I didn’t write anything for some days here. The main cause for that was, wisdom tooth. Yes, I had it removed. I guess I can be called officially, stupid now.

I’m OK.. thanks for asking though you didn’t. But it is weird how those dentists make money! They should go to jail! Honestly! They gain money from people’s pains and make them suffer! (doesn’t that go as well with lawyers? Well, just wondering!).

The bad side of the story, or let’s say, one of the bad sides of the story as there are more than one, is that I had to go by myself since I didn’t have anyone to drop me there. The place of the clinic was easy, as the receptionist told me on the phone. She described it to me… and I didn’t get it at all, so I had to ask many other people if such places that she mentioned do exist on the lands indeed or not, then I had to ask about the way to that place. I think when that lady said “it is easy to get here” she meant by a chopper or by some other means known only to Michael Knight and his car.

The clinic was placed in a market… no seriously, it is in the middle of a market place where all clothes shops and electronics are there. I was thinking: “don’t tell me my doc will run down here from the clinic and look for some electronic tool that he missed just to complete my treatment!!!.” However, with my amazement I had to climb up and I got in. The first thing that stroke me is, the voice of the receptionist do not coincide with her body or character! I remember that one sweet voice on the phone, but I did smell stupidity when I saw this receptionist!

She said: what’s the good name?
I said: T. J. Shemaly
She said: how can I help you?
For a moment I thought it is an IQ test and she was testing me or something! So I said with a wise-guy’s smile: he he he, I have an appointment baby… (here I almost went on winking but then I did really gaze upon her body… and said to myself should I wink or yell SOO-EEEEEE!). I was shocked really… she did mean that question indeed. She asked about my name and recorded that and then she asks why did I come (or how can she help me)!

However, after this HAPPY meeting with the lady, I had to go and sit and wait for my time to go in. They had a nice TV, and they were showing some channel about animals. It was nice, very nice, and my nerves calmed down. But I should’ve known the hidden meanings behind this animals show!!!

I got in, the doc was nice he greeted me nicely and made me sit on that amazing chair. It is better than my lazyboy I tell ya. He examined my file and my crimi… I mean medical history and then said: how do you feel now? Any pain?
At that moment I thought he is asking about my condition in past few days, but I think he was asking about the “future.” I said: until now, no. Then he said: we have to remove your wisdom tooth, as it might be the reason for all that pain that you experienced in the past and it is pressing on the nerves, and (here my mind stopped comprehending what he was saying as it was all about medical stuff!). Finally, to get rid of all of that I said: OK!

The first thing, usually, a doctor uses an injection for some sedative work, you know. But in a country like this, classified as one of the 3rd world countries, such procedures might differ a… bit. Below, I’m ENLISTING the methods used for my case:
4 injections
2 shoes!... the first time I see shoes used as sedatives!
1 sandal
2 slaps

He was almost going to hold my neck and say: BE NUMB YOU IDIOT!
Anyway, after such procedure and I couldn’t know whether should I be numb or yell from the pain… the guy brought a drill!! I yelled: Doctor! What are you doing for God’s sake! He simply said: I’m hanging a portrait for you to watch it and relax! I’m very thankful! Indeed!

The thing that I did not understand yet, my wisdom tooth was in the upper jaw, but why did he give inejections to the lower jaw, this is something beyond my humble understanding…

Now after trying everything he has to take off the tooth, he failed. Thus, he called for some other doctor around and he said to me in a calming tone: he is specialized in surgeries like this, I was like “WOW! AMAZING!”

Everything was over, thank GOD! And I went then to the reception to pay for my pain. Is this place sadistic or what? I’m straight, believe me, but I have to pay for my pain! I went outside then and feeling nothing on my right side. I fell down on the stairs going down and I received it all on my right side of the face and there was nothing! No Pain! Well… the pain was inside only! But outside? Nothing!

After falling down I found out myself lying on the ground under some ladies passing by and they started to slap me… what a beautiful day I have here! They thought I’m trying to harass them, oh my goodness! They should ask me to harass them and beg for it!!!

Finally, I got back home and I’m trying to undestand now how did I drive all the way back… this is another puzzle I have to write something about later on maybe.
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