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Jake has strange blood type any venom come in contact with him he will be mutated

Sally Sallam waited in the waiting room. Her baby was now 1 year old, ready for his first blood-test. The door screeched open.
"Mrs.Sallam, you can come in now." The Nurse said gently and led her into the room. Her baby cooed in delight as he played with the toys in the other room. The Nurse searched for the results.
"So have you decided a name for him yet?" The Nurse asked.
"Yep. I've decided to name him Jake." Sally said.
"That's a nice name." The Nurse said as she pulled out the file.
"But, something came up on the test, soemthing very strange." The Nurse said.
"Oh?" Sally said.
"It's very,um, how do I suscribe it, its has a virus,unlike any other.The virus somehow turns the person into a a superform when the infected blood comes in contact with venom. Whatever you do, you must never,never let him be in bitten by a snake or a spider."The Nurse warned.
"What? I never heard of anything like that before." Sally, said, shocked.
"It's very rare, in fact, this is the first time this clinic have experinced this case, or perhaps the world." The Nurse said. The nurse walked over to Sally.
"Now I strongly suggest you don't tell anyone about this. Very bad things can happen if certain people know about this." the Nurse cationed. Sally sighed,went into the other room, picked up her baby and left.
" Have a good day." The Nurse said cheerfully. As soon as she was gone, The Nurse went into the file room. She went into a secret door in the back. From there she opened a trap door.. then she went to the back of the cellar and took out a file. At the top was in fancy letters, "Bloodinfectoasis." Below was a list of people who were infected by the diease, which were only two people. The Nurse wrote another name down there, Jake Sallam.

End of prolouge

Jake hopped off the bus steps and walked through the deep snow. School was out for Christmas hoildays and he couldn't wait to get home.
He wasn't far from home now. He walked up the steps of his home and opened the door.
"IAM HOOOOOOOOOOOMMME!!!!" Jake hollered. Sally Sallam,Jakes mother, came down the stairs putting her hair in a ponytail.
"Hi Jake!" Sally said cheerfully and hugged Jake.
Hows my little boy?" Sally said in a sweet tone.
"Mommmm, let me go." Jake groaned. He was turning 14 in a few days, he was too old to be pampered like a little kid.
"Not untill you let me hug you." Sally said in a even sweeter tone.
"Never!!" Jake sneered playfully and started to struggle harder. But Jake was short for his age and Sally hugged him anyway. It seemed like forever untill she let him go.
"So how was your day?" Sally said as Jake grabbed an apple form the fruit bowl and took a bite into it.
"Well, Sarah slipped in the cafitera and her food spilled all over the class bully. He declared a food fight! You should have been there, it was like raining food!" Jake said, pretending to silp in order to demonstate.
"Oh I don't think so! i wouldn't want to ruin this new blouse!" Sally laughed.
Jake's mother worked as Bright Future Inventions. Her job was to come up with ideas and present them at the companys monthly meetings. So she had to dress fancy for work. Sally grabbed a banana from the fruit bowl and kissed Jake goodbye.
"I have to go to work. And trust me, there is more fun stuff to come." Sally said. She winked at Jake before she slipped out the door. Jake watched her car roll away in suspicon.
What is she up to? Jake thought.

Jake weaved through a batch of balloons as the doorbell rang. Jake opened the door to find his friend,Tony holding a box wrapped in bright yellow wrapping.
"Hey,Tony! Come on in!" Jake said cheerfully. It was the day of his birthday party and it was just about time for the cake.
"Sorry Iam late, there was a traffic jam and I slipped in a snowpile." Tony panted and shook snowflakes out of his short blonde hair.
"Close the door,Jake, the breeze is going to blow out the candles!" Mrs.Malcom called.
So Tony and Jake sat at their places at the table. Jake stared nervously at the flames melting the blue and green striped candles.
"Make sure to blow out all of them,Jake!" Steven, Jakes life long friend warned. Every birthday Jake ever had he had blown out all of the candles on the birthday cake, and ironically, no girlfriends yet, except one. And Jake did not intend to get another girlfriend either.
Soon Mrs.Sallam started singing "Happy Birthday", with everyone slowly joining in. Butterflies fluttered In Jakes belly with embarrasment once the volume of the song filled the room. Once the song died down and everybody waited for him to blow out the candles, his stomach felt ready to burst with a hollow,tense feeling. He blew as hard as he could. Steam replaced the flame as it died out, but to his dismay, one candle remained lit. His friends burst into hoots and laughter as Jake turned red.
"So whos the lucky girl, Jake? Cindy?"Ben, another friend teased. The room was slinced by his comment. Even Sally looked shocked. Cindy is a girl at school, she was buetiful,with aburn hair and brown eyes, but she was as mean as a raging bull. Many boys had fallen for her, but Cindy only used them and broke their hearts. She was popular among the girls, but hated among the boys. For a boy to be compared to her on any way by somebody was pure raging insult. Jake steamed with fury, his fists clenched, trying with all his strength to hold back his temper. Even Jake had beeen broken by her once.
It was the night of the dance, when a romantic song played and Jake and Cindy danced to the tune. She asked for some punch and Jake went to the food stand to get it for her. When he got back, Jake had recited her favroitue love poem for her. But she was looking at a handsome boy, and poured her punch over his head.
"You know,you're not looking you're best today, you know how I hate it when you don't try your best for me. I think I'll see you later, with someone more handsome." Cindy said coldly. Then she walked toward the handsome boy and flashed a look of annoyance at Jake. Tony and his friends helped him recover form the shocking sting, but Cindy still looked down on him as one of her emontoinally struck victims.

Tony noticed Jakes distress and jumped into action.
"Well,Ben, you seem to be intrested in cold blooded reptlie girls, is that why you were crushed by her at school?" Tony said, a tone of outrage in his voice. it was true, Ben was one of Cindy's latest victims.
The boys hooted as Ben blushed.
"Iam so-sorry,,J-Jake, I just f-forgot." Ben stammered.
"Thats okay." Jake said,forcing himslef to calm down, but the hairs on his neck still trembled with rage and shock.
Sally ordered the boys to go to the living room to open the gifts, even thought the cake wasn't touched. Nobody protested, everybody seemed eager to carry on with the party. Jake flashed a look of thanks to Tony.

Soon Blue,yellow,green and red sparkling wrapping paper and black,purple, and white ribbon was scattered on the floor. Most of the presents were opened.
Tony had gotten him the new Mario game for The Wii. Jake was always a Mario fan, ever since he was five.
Steve had gotten him a black and white cat poster. Jake loved cats, but could never get one because his mom was allergic, but Steve had gotten him cat posters for all of his birthdays,the closest he could get to have a cat. Yes he could have gotten a stuffed cat, butboys weren't into stuffed animals much.
Ben had gotten him a Xbox controller. Jake had a lot of Xbox games he liked, but latley he had spilled juice on his only controller,wrecking it. He hadn't been able to play his games since. Ben looked at him anixously, waitng for his approval and forgiveness. Jake nodded and thanked him for the gift, then Ben relaxed. Jake saw on Ben's expression that he was truly sorry about his comment, and Jake wasn't a person who held a grudge easily. The his other firends got him a 101 Pranks Book, a cat keychain, and a Xbox game. then it was time for his mothers present.
"Mom, you didn't get me clothes, to open it in front of the boys!" Jake begged. Jake would die of embarssment if Mom gave him a red sweater with pink hearts and purple stars in front of all his friends.
"No." Mrs.Malcom said. She handed him the present with a gleam of excitement in her eyes. The box was wrapped with silver wrapping and shined with blue sparkles when they were exposed to light. The box was no bigger then his hands. So it couldn't be clothes. Jake breathed a sigh of relief. Jake lifted the box top and picked up three small pecies of paper.
"Thats it?" Steven said, clearly dissapointed. But Jakes eyes windened with excitement.
"Plane tickets to Africa!!" Jake exclaimed.
"Yup. Were going on a Safrai!" Mrs.Malcom confirmed. The boys cheered congratulations to Jake.
"Don't get eaten by any loins,Jake!" Tony joked.
Then Mrs.Malcom spoke.
"Well, one of you will have to look out for loins too. I bought a third ticket to bring one of your friends along. With their parents permisson of course." Mrs.Malcom said. Everybody looked expectingly at Jake, except Ben. Even though he knew he was forgiven, he didn't expect to be chosen. thats what Jake liked about his friends. They were good sports.
"I will pick,Tony." Jake said. The boys hooted in delight.
"Now you'll have to watch out for loins too!" Ben said.
"If their mother agrees." Mrs.Malcom added quickly.
"Remember to keep in touch!" Steven reminded them.
Soon the wrappers was cleaned up, the cake eaten, the leftovers put away, goodbyes said and the party was over.
"So when are we leaving?" Jake asked.
"Were leaving in two days. So when you wake up,start packing." Mrs.Malcom said. She got up from the living room couch and kissed Jake on the foorhead,
"Goodnight,sugar." Mrs.Malcom said.
"Goodnight." jake said and followed her up the stairs to the bedrooms.
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