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A man discover the painful truth of a broken heart.
I never beleived in a broken heart till she said it was time to go
We had grown apart
The vine of our love which once was so tightly entwined
Had somehow manged to detangle itself and was now heading in different directions
My charm which had once softened her to malleable clay in my hands
Now grated against her nerves like a rusty hinge
My jokes which had her in tears of laughter
Now fell like lead balloons leaving me standing on stage
With the merciless hecklers throwing their barbed jeers
I don't love you anymore, that's when I heard it break
It tightened in my chest, the muscles around it went into spasm
It stopped beating and the blood was still in my veins
The air left my lungs and panic started a riot in my brain
I dropped in agony as it ruptured
I screamed in pain as the muscle tore
My disbelief was shed like I was being skinned alive
Leaving me exposed to the horror of the broken heart
The pain is not so intense now, but it is no less severe
It is an aching hole that says "You can never replace what you have lost"
It is a burden that has to be held
A burden that threatens to unhinge your sanity
Strip your reason and leave you at the whim of your mad despair
What can fix the broken heart
Is it the hope of healing new love that comes as an angel of light
To wash away the pain in it's purity
Or is it just a cancer that eats away, until death comes as joyous release.
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