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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Supernatural · #1564479
Secrets are revealed 1st Place in Supernatural Contest
Shyla opened the car door with care to keep it from hitting the brush, She'd managed to avoid scratching the car when driving the almost non-existent path to her destination. She could have used her gifts to make a path but, just in case someone was out hiking and saw an unnatural phenomenon, she refrained.

"Are we there? Is this the place? I don't remember last year, I was just six, and a baby. Now I am seven and I can keep a secret better." Aryah literally bounced on the the back seat. As much as she could in her restraints.

"Yes, we're here." Before Shyla could unbuckle her own seat belt, Aryah had the buckles undone and opening the door. "Wait honey," she admonished.

"There isn't anyone here. You said so. We get to do this in secret," she whispered to her mother then hopped out of the car and shut the door.

Shyla, turned to the back of the small SUV. Aryah stood waiting for her bag wearing the miniature version of Shyla's cloak. Whirling it into place like a matador, she clipped the ornate clasp and stood while her mother donned her own cloak.

The two walked further away from the car through the forest. Their matching cloaks swirled as a breeze softly lifted the corners. The deep red lining of one and the blue of the other played tag with small plants they passed. Trees eventually thinned and fell away to reveal a large outcropping of rocks overlooking Lake Superior.

"This is a very pretty place, Momma." Aryah stood on the smooth flat rock.

"Yes it is. We've come here to practice our gifts in solitude away from prying eyes." Shyla scanned the surrounding area with her senses. She sensed no human near by. The weather warnings had driven even the most challenging hiker and camper to the warmth of their home or cabin. They were alone.

The soft glow of the setting sun made shadows from the trees their only audience. "It is time." The two moved to the stone ledge. Shyla took from the black cloth bag a number of stones. Their color would have reflected brightly had they been exposed to light, but dark ominous clouds obscured any light from the moon leaving only patterns visible.

Aryah opened her bag and took out stones, smaller than her mother's. Shya knelt beside her daughter, arranging them as she'd been taught as a young girl. Aryah's fingers placed hers on the slate rock. They stood and stepped back.

Lifting her arms, Shyla chanted aloud. Heat rose from her palms causing the air to quiver in response. Aryah stepped closer to her mother, facing the wind tossed water and raised her small voice to call the air to her obedience. The air shimmered, the wind began to swirl with heat and to mix with the cool air of the lake. It flowed around them and from them. Clouds formed over the lake, joining their brothers and sisters in the sky. They boiled as if a time lapse photography, dancing and whirling over the lake.

Aryah followed her mother's coaching, and with precise movements, the clouds darkened and rolled into each other, causing flashes of lightning. The flashes were back lit by other clouds, and she changed the colors from bright white to yellow and a green, then to a soft pink.

"Very good Aryah. The color changes in the air must be subtle. No one is going to think much of a summer storm with odd-colored lightning." Shyla crooned a melody as old as time; the air again shimmered and turned cool. So cool that when it reached the dark clouds, they fought the change, but Aryah added her voice, and the bolts of lightening shot from the clouds toward the small island that sat a few miles into the lake. The trees cried in fear, but the bolts stabbed the ground beside them. Flashes of color were released from the minerals in the earth. Hail fell to the churning, white-capped waves.

Aryah changed her song and a whirlwind formed, sucking up all the clouds, as darkness completely covered the sky. When the wind had died and the clouds were gone, the stars were revealed in a blanket of sparkling light. So many that Aryah gasped, "Momma, where did they all come from?"

"They have always been there. The lights from the city reflect in the sky taking away the darkness and the reflection of the sun on the stars and planets. Only when you are away from all other distractions, do you see everything clearer."

"That is why we find the light contrasts with the darkness to allow us to see in the true light," A deep voice spoke softly from behind them.

Shyla and Aryah whirled. Facing possible danger, Shyla quickly formed a protection shield around the two, but no opposing force came from the man.

He stood in the darkness for a moment, then with a wave of his hand, the air glowed and and became a light around them, encircling the three forms.

"Jakob?" Shyla spoke as the light revealed his face.


"Who is he, momma?" Aryah pulled on her mother's cloak. "I can't read his thoughts."

"You are a strong one like your father. I am your uncle, Jakob," He spoke, bending to her level, holding out his palm sideways, thumb down, two fingers out, two bent just slightly. She responded with her fingers touching his. The air around their hands glowed and faded.

Jakob frowned and pulled his hand back. He looked at Aryah and then at Shyla, who turned her head away and gave a slight nod.

Jakob stood "Why didn't you tell me?"

"You were too distraught over his death. Even in our comforting of each other you rejected me, sending me away," She offered her explanation.

"I didn't mean-" He saw hurt along with resignation in her eyes. She shielded nothing from him.

"Why are you mind talking and not letting me listen?" Aryah demanded, standing between the two.

"We were just clearing the air." Jakob laid his palm on the top of her head."I think we need to talk." He waited for Shyla's nod.

"Let's go. We need to get better acquainted." The three figures moved away from the dark waters and the cool crisp air.

The man in the moon seemed to smile.

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