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A comparison to an autistic child and a penguin.
Not All Birds are Meant to Fly

Not all birds are meant to fly,
but given a chance some will try.
This is a saying my son loves to say,
which is odd in a very special way.

You see, my son has autism,
and speaking is a struggle for him.
So, hearing these words he loves to utter,
it makes my heart begin to flutter!

He reminds me of a little penguin,
and that is where his saying comes in.
Not all birds are meant to fly,
and watching him try, can make me cry.

He knows what it is he wants to do,
but looses control trying to tell me or you.
Expressing his feelings and using his words,
is like a penguin trying to fly like other birds.

They appear awkward, and out of place,
maybe that's why they like their own space.
In their own environment, you'll see
that the penguin is actually quite gracefully.

Our world is a place of black and white,
and not everything is always right.
So remember this, and wonder why
not all birds are meant to fly!
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