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Uta finds 2 Fetuses one of which is a "Dark Sister"
Chapter 13 Dark Sister

Scene 1 of 13: Climatus tells Pluto she went to see Bedelia.

When Pluto came down for breakfast his mother was pensive. This was unusual and enough to make her son inquire.

“Something on your mind?“

She smiled, ”Oh, just something Olivia and I were discussing.”

“Does it involve me?”

“No, it doesn’t.”

He served himself up a good breakfast with biscuits and gravy and toast and bacon and a couple of glasses of juice, some tea and goats milk.

“Such an appetite,” Clematis commented.

“Big Day” Pluto answered.

“There will be a large turnout, you can expect that.”

“Will Dad be there?”

“He didn’t say.”

“How about you?”

“I can’t. We have the bazaar and the auction and the ladies depend on me so. But I promise you this, It’ll be the last one I ever miss.”

“I’m relieved actually. There’s enough pressure already. I’ll fill you in on the details later.”

“I went to see Bedelia last night.”

“Awww Mom! Why’d you go and do that?”

“Because I wanted to meet her and I wasn’t going to wait around until you finally got around to introducing her.”

“So, what did you think?”

“She’s a lovely girl. You’re lucky to have her for a friend. I invited her for dinner on Friday. You‘re to pick her up at seven.”

“Does dad know?”

“I plan to tell him tonight.”

“This isn’t going to turn out well.”

“This is going to turn out just fine, leave that to me.”

“Whatever you say. Did you really like her?”

“I really did, I thought she was delightful.”


Scene 2 of 13: Bedelia tells Pluto about Mom's visit.

When Pluto got to the gym, Bedelia was waiting at the entrance. She was holding Molly.

“Hi Pluto,” she said, smiling.

“Heard you had a visitor last night,“ he replied.

“Yes, your mother and her security detail showed up. Was I ever surprised. You have a very nice Mom. We talked and separated strands for over two hours; Which reminds me. Lean over. I have another braided loop for you to wear.”

“Pluto inclined his neck and she placed the loop over his head.”

“Aren’t these expensive?” he asked.

“They’re a gift from your second Mom.”

“So you know about her?”

“Sometimes I stop by her house and we visit."

“Well are you ready for the big day?”

“Yes, I can’t wait to get started.”

“Then get dressed and meet me on the field. We can warm up together.”

On the field, as they went through their exercises, Bedelia said. “I noticed that you spend a lot of time lifting the stones.”

“Meister Demetrio got me started two years ago. I failed so often he must have realized I was frustrated. He taught me how to lift and told me take out my hostility on “The Rocks,” as he calls them. It works.”

“Will you teach me how to lift?”


“Because I have to get stronger if I want to use a heavier bow.”

“That’s a good idea. To stop an Orc, you'll need a bigger one.”

“I’m worried.”

“Just relax. All we can do is fail and I've no doubt we’ll eventually get through this; If not this time then next.”

“Not about today, silly; About Friday.”

“Mom told me you were invited for dinner. I’m looking forward to it.”

“Why are you lying to me?" she said, looking him dead serious in the eyes.

“Sorry, I spoke unthinkingly," he replied. "My Dad and I don’t get along very well and we try and give each other as much space as possible.”

“You don’t think he’ll like me. Do you?”

“He’s not a very likable person, Bedelia, You might as well prepare for the worst.”

“Is it because I’m a monkey?”

“Monkey Flunky! He’s going to find something about you he doesn’t like. He always has with me and it will probably be no different for you. Personally, I don’t give a damn what he thinks and I wish we never had to have this conversation.”

"I’m glad we’re having it. I hate surprises. Frankly, I’m rather looking forward to the whole evening. Will you show me how to drive the livery?”


Scene 3 of 13: Pluto and Bedelia go for Hat Trick.

At noon they walked out onto the field. The stands were packed and many stood around the fringes of the track. At the sight of Pluto and Bedelia there was a ripple of applause.

“So my Lord,” said Ubocastor. “A big day for you and your son.“

“I never expected to see this happen,” Kulrick answered. “My son has never been the warrior type.”

“Well today you get to see him go for the “Hat Trick.” Did you ever manage one?

“No, I came close, but never three in a row.”

“His partner is the Simian Elf. They say she is skilled with the bow.”

“So I’ve heard.”

“We have a sizable wager riding on the outcome.”

“How much?”

“Ten thousand Kopecks.”

“You didn’t.”

“I did.”

As the applause came upon them Pluto looked about. Miester Demetrio placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Your father is in the stands and seems to have brought the Council and half the city. Pay it no heed; Just go out and do your best; That’s all a man can do.”

Bedelia was holding Molly and spoke comfortingly. “Your Grandfather is here today and he's a very important person. Don't trouble yourself with worry, that the evil ones might hurt you.“ With that she tucked the doll into her service pack and cinched it down securely. Pluto took her hand and they walked together into the arena.

The first iteration began. Down the street came a Troll, a Goblin and Gnome. The Gnome was wearing a full Helmet.

As soon as Pluto noticed he chuckled. “Fancy that.”

They began dancing to the right and as they did their three adversaries aligned one before the other with the Gnome in front. They swept past the line and Pluto flat sworded, collapsing the guard of the Gnome and knocking off his helmet. Then he spun and Bedelia, coming around, fired an arrow. It zipped through the Gnome's forehead and he collapsed forward onto his face. They circled back until they had the Goblin standing in front of the troll. Pluto feinted down and swung sideways. The Goblin moved his shield a fraction too late and the blade lodged in his head. Pluto pulled the edge free and rushed forward, throwing the Troll backward and drove his blade home. The crowd applauded.

The second Iteration followed. Once more the Troll and Goblin appeared but this time the Bat Wraith speeded zig-zaging ,looking for an opening. Seeing an opportunity he darted for the throat. It was an instant too late. Before he arrived, Pluto pirouetted around and Bedelia loosed a second arrow. Point blank, the bat tried to evade but the arrow clipped through his breast and the wraith fluttered to the ground. Again they maneuvered the Goblin and Troll into alignment and again Pluto dispatched each in turn with ruthless efficiency. The crowd applauded louder.

The last iteration unfolded. This time there was a Troll, two Goblins and two Bat Wraiths. As they rounded the corner, Pluto began giving ground, retreating back down the street. As they did their adversaries spread out. The Bat Wraiths were the first to close and Pluto and Bedelia began twirling as they moved this time to the left. Each time Bedelia came around, she fired and each time a wraith fell. Behind them came the Goblins and again they aligned themselves. Pluto killed one and then moved on to the other. Finally, almost as an anti climax, the Troll showed up.

“Don’t you ever tire of this?” Pluto asked sarcastically. Then he closed as before and killed it with his signature move.

The crowd exploded and onto the field raced their fellow students leaping and shouting and waiving two bowler hats. They placed them upon the victor's heads and carried them off the field.

“They made it look so easy,” said Ubocastor and left the stands to collect their winnings.

Lord Kulrick remained seated as his fellow Councilors congratulated him. In his mind he replayed the sequences over and over, reliving the contest in utter disbelief.

That night Pluto walked Bedelia home and stopped to get some dinner. They spent a happy time together enjoying their triumph and the pleasure of each other’s company.


Scene 4 of 13: Kulrick and Climatus discuss dinner party.

At home Lord Kulrick and his wife sat down together for dinner.

“Tell me about the competition,” Clematis asked her husband.

“You should have seen our son. You would have been very proud.”

“And his battle partner?”

“The monkey girl is quite good with the bow.”

Clematis stood up trembling. “What did you call her?" she furiously inquired?”

“The Simian Girl The one with the extraordinary talent for telepathy. Who did you think I was referring to?”

Clematis threw down her napkin and started for the door.

“What did I say this time?” inquired her husband, catching her by the arm.

She pushed him back violently.

“You called her the “Monkey Girl” she spat; " And I swear to the gods, if you ever refer to her again by that name I will leave this house and never set foot in it again."

“I’m sorry, I meant no offense…I agree the comment was tactless but there was no one present to hear it but the two of us.”

“It was vile and obscene and you should be ashamed to utter it, though your head was stuck down a toilet.”

“I apologize. I’ll amend my behavior and never again repeat those words. Now what brought all this on?”

Clematis recovered her composer and returned to her place and sat down.

“I’ve invited Bedelia to dine with us on Friday night. Your son is delighted. It’ll be an opportunity for you to meet her.”

“I’ll be on my best behavior.”

“Do you really think it matters what your behavior will be? The young woman is telepathic….telepathic with a sensitivity and range that is most extraordinary. Do you think you can deceive her with false talk? Do you think it’s as easy as saying, “Oh, Bedelia, how nice to meet you when your mind is thinking…obscenities?”

“I see your point.”

"Your rude and vulgar character will ruin everything. Your son and I will be embarrassed in front of one of the loveliest young women I’ve ever met.”

“Put your mind at rest over that. I’ll have Ubocastor put a cloaking spell over what seems to be an inherent prejudice of mine. We do it all the time when diplomats and ambassadors come to visit.”

“Now listen to me, Husband of mine, and listen well. This is an opportunity for you to do some fence mending with your son. Don’t squander it.”

“I hear you. I was planning on doing that anyway.”


Scene 5 of 13: Uta reports Liope's pregnancy to Council.

Uta left the house and went outside. She crossed the street to where Albiano waited at the Corral.

"I tried to listen in, but anything close to Liope or her mother is being blocked out."

"Come, let's find some high ground, you need to report to the Council right away."

"What happened?"

"I’ll fill you in on the details as we go; I don' want to say too much around the house."

They walked together to the West, over the stream and up into the High Pasture.

"What is it?" asked Albiano at length.

"Liope is pregnant…."

"Oh my goodness," she replied. "Is there no end to the story?"

"It only gets bigger," she answered.

Uta went on to relate what she had learned from Cateyln and what had transpired in the house.

"Send your report to the Council…. Tell them I’m awaiting an answer."


Scene 6 of 13: The Council reviews news on Liope's pregnancy.

The Council convened in haste.

Kulrick: "I thought we'd come to the end of all this…"

Ubocastor: "Only to discover that it's only the beginning."

Kulrick: "Exactly!…. Join hands my friends…Ubo pick up the thread."


"There are actually several new developments. Number one, we now have the first hand account from Morgolic as to what actually took place. How he managed it is a testimony to his resourcefullness. He passed the relic to the girl and gave her the stones for safekeeping. This meshes with all the rest we've discovered."

"Next we have the story Cateyln related to her daughter. She describes what happened in the battle along the Paladino road, albiet, from a slightly different perspective. The details, however, match well with our own record of the events."

"We were not aware of the extent to which the witches have been orchestrating the genealogies of elves, dwarves and men. We knew they were pulling some strings but not to the full extent of what they have been working to accomplish. Even though we have been accomodating and seen evidence of it for a long time, we failed to put all the pieces together. That is a deficiency on our part that we need to correct."

"Her assessment that we "fouled up" in sending Morgolic on the Gorge Mission, is an understatement. This is another mistake that we need to reflect upon. We never should have chosen him for the task, particularly since he was "unbred"

"Liope’s grasp of the true ownership of the stones in also correct. They are rightfully hers. Walinda’s attempt to wrest them away was out of order. So was karla’s touching, without permission, not to mention Albiano’s go ahead, for breaking into the Smith house. We are getting sloppy in our work and if it continues, I guarantee our ineptitude will come home to roost. While our shortcomings cannot be undone, at least we need to mitigate the damage to whatever extent possible. We need to send the Three Conspirators, (That's how they're being referred to) to make a formal apology, and see if some sort of a peace offering can be arranged"

"The most significant new finding, however, is Liope’s pregnancy. The poor girl has yet to be told the full significance and I'm sure the consequences will be disappointing to many. As you know, Uta discovered not one, but two fetuses in her womb; A male and a female. The female is a Dark Curse. On that I don't need to elaborate much... In a nutshell, If the pregnancy isn't aborted soon, Liope will die. There have been enough of those cursed pregnancies in the past, to dictate exactly what needs to be done. In no instance have any of them ever been carried to term. In each case, where they’ve been allowed to continue, the fetus has strangled taking her mother with it. The last took place less than twenty years ago and left Uta a shell of her former self. We owe Liope her life for helping Morgolic but we will be hard pressed to send Uta any Healers since they're tied up elsewhere."

Kulrick: "She'll have to make due with what she has. Tell her to deal as best she can and to make haste in taking the appropriate action."


Scene 7 of 13: Uta returns to Liope and Catelyn recommending abortion.

Less than an hour later Uta received her instructions from the Council.

"Let's get back to town," she told Albiano at length. "Putting this off isn't going to make it any easier."

An hour later they were back in Middletown and knocking at the door of the Smith's house. Cateyln answered the door and ushered her friend inside. Albiana resumed her post across the street.

"I’m glad you’re back." said Cateyln…." Where've you been? Liope has been badgering me with questions."

"You bet I have," said Liope coming down the stairs. "Lets sit down and discuss these matters further."

They sat down at the kitchen table.

"Are you absolutely certain that I’m pregnant?"

Uta took a deep breath.

"You aren’t only pregnant my dear, but you carry twins."

Liope gasped…. "Two?" she repeated in disbelief?

"One is a Dark Sister."

Hecate buried her head in her hands, "Of the Elven type?

"Of the Elven type."

"What does that mean?" demanded Liope.

"That means unless you have an abortion, you’re going to die."

Liope sat motionless in a stunned silence.

"The Council has ordered us to act quickly. We need to accomplish the procedure soon."

"Mother! Are you listening to what she's saying. They want to kill my babies."

"Now calm down just a minute. There's no other alternative. This isn't a sweet cuddly bundle of love, for god's sake, it's a Dark Curse. A death warrent is what you're carrying ."

"Will someone please explain to me what a Dark Sister, Curse or whatever you call it is."

"A Dark Sister is an embryo defiecient in love. Most fetus are nurtured in love and a mother is well equiped to handle that. Since it's natural for a mother to feel love for her child, she's filled with a nurture of happiness and joy. This is exactly the opposite of what a Dark Sister yearns for. Such a child is born into a world of hate and pain. The more she experiences it the more addicted she becomes. As her tolerance grows her craving becomes insatiable. In the end the pain the child brings to her mother is so excruciating her heart stops. By the time it reaches the forth month, it's too late to save either."

"How horrible."

"You can't imagine the least of it. It's a horror so overpowering that your worst nightmare pales in comparison. I've had first hand experience and should know. Twenty years ago an Elfin maid conceived one. As soon as we realized what had happened we started making the necessary arrangements. Naomi, who was as sweet and kind a soul as ever walked the forest was coming to the end of her bearing age. It was her last chance for a baby. To our dismay she refused. I stood at her bedside to the very end…. listening to her talk to the fetus as the time of awareness came upon them both. The child cursed her as it strangled and Naomi welcomed the quick death that followed. I have never witnessed such a malice or endured such sorrow. If you have any thoughts Liope, of trying the same thing, then put them right out of your mind. Don’t delude yourself into thinking you can succeed where others have failed."

"She’s right honey," said Cateyln. "There'll be other opportunities for having children and further it will save us some of the grief that will come upon us otherwise."

"What other grief are you referring to?"

"It won’t be long before you start to show and what then?"

"I’ve been thinking about that."

"They will want to know who the father is."

"I suppose they will."

"They will take you before a hearing in the Municipal Hall."

"I know, I know."

"And put the question to you."

"I've got the picture, mother!"

"If you don’t tell, they'll stick your head in the bucket of water."

"Stop! I know the process. You don’t have to remind me."

"Plus, Young Jernigan will be coming tonight for dinner. You do like him don’t you?"


"There now, everything will be fine… soon it'll be over and you’ll have a bright and wonderful life, waiting in front of you."

"You've been gone a long time mother."


Scene 8 of 13: Guiles proposes to Martha.

When she came out, Martha was crying…

“Don’t cry, please don’t cry,” he implored.

“I’ll be fine,” she answered, dabbing her cheeks. “Just frackin fine. Now I’m damaged goods and no man is going to want me.”

“I want you,” said Guiles. “I’ll always want you… I love you.”

“Don’t say that if you don’t mean it…. This was as much my fault as it was yours… What we did has nothing to do with love.”

“The heck it doesn’t, answered Guiles… I’ve loved you since we first met.”

“You have?”

“Yes, and that’s not all.”


“Will you marry me?”

“I don’t even want to think about a proposal, until after you cool off.”

“Whatever you say, but I don’t need to cool off…I’ve already made up my mind.”

“You have?”


“Do you really love me?”

“How often do I have to repeat it?”

Taking his hand she walked back over to their makeshift bed. With the heels of her hands she pushed herself up and swiveled around. Laying back she looked at him with imploring eyes.

“Lets start over,” she suggested.

He crawled on top and felt her fingers close about him.

“Love me,” she whispered.

He pushed forward and it slide fully inside.

“I love you,” she said emotionally, “with all my heart.”


Scene 9 of 13: Young Jernigan and Liope take a walk.

That night Young Jernigan came over and had dinner with them. Orin seemed quite taken with the young man but seemed anxious to get to bed early, claiming he had a big day tomorrow. Cateyln sat next to him holding his arm as he smoked his pipe. Uta excused herself and went outside and joined Albiano.

"Why don’t you and Young Jernigan go for a walk," suggested Orin. " If we’re not up when you get back then see that you lock up."

Young Jernigan stood up, wiping his mouth.

"That was a great meal Liope, he complimented, you're a great cook."

He put on his coat and handed Liope her cape. Opening the door he ushered her outside and they headed off towards the river.


Scene 10 of 13: Kulrick and Climatus talk about Scarab implications.

That night as they lay in bed, Climatus was doing her needle point while her husband was reading dispatches. He noticed she kept itching her breast. Then he saw the Mithril neclace disappearing into her night gown.

“What’s that you’re wearing he asked

“Read this she answered handing him the Scry-Velum message.

When he finished Kulrick looked over at his wife stroking his chin.

"You know where Miranda's original Scarab wound up?"


"Her son Cracious gave it to Morgolic for safekeeping. He gave it to Liope to safeguard in the moments before the Snagar closed in on him. Not only that, he gave her the stones off Orwalds sword.

"That’s interesting."

"Oh, but it gets better. Liope is pregnant with twins and one is a Dark Sister."

"That's so sad."

"Worse than that, we fear she'll refuse the abortion."

"That would be a tough decision. Is she married?"

"Would that she were….then her husband could make the decision. As it is she’s living with a mere boy for a common law husband. I doubt she's even told him what is going on.

"Doesn’t she know what's likely to happen?"

"We sent Uta to examine her and she explained all that.

"A tough decision."

"I wonder what happened to the Scarab she got from Morgolic?" Kulrick asked.

"The word from Cateyln is, it's not longer serviceable."

"Wonder what that means?"

"I have no idea."

"Mind if I see it what one looks like?"

"Not at all," said Climatus unbuttoning her gown.

"Kulrick looked closely… that things really bit down on you. Hurt?"

"It itches," she answered.

"It’s still alive, after all this time...can you believe it?"

"Its biting into my breast, what do you think?"

What I mean is do you think its still viable?"

"Who knows, but to the Coven, these relics are venerated.

"I hear they've been passed down from the four heros of the Confederation."

"That's what my mother told me."

"My father knew Orwald."

"You’re kidding."

"No he served with him. Left him in charge of the fortress at Nirvana when the four rode off into that blaze of glory."

I'm familiar with the story. Any female born of a Witch is reminded that that one day she might be a chosen one. At least that's what my mother told me."

"How is she holding up with the death of Cracious?"

"I think getting the scarab back will help some, but Cateyln has been very supportive. So have Olivia and Matilda."

"Is that a silber stahl chain?"

"Mostly I think but it has strands of platinum and Mithril."

"It's worth a fortune."

"Its enchanted…. Ever seen one?"



She took the chain and began stretching by massaging gently and pulling apart. The chain elongated until it hung twice as long as before. Then Climatus began massaging inward and it began to shrink until once again it was the size she wanted.

"Woah!" Said Kulrick, "Where did you learn that?"

"Twenty years ago I wore my mothers. The one Cracious had. She showed me the trick."

"I’ll be damned," said Kulrick shaking his head.

"What if I were to become pregnant, like Liope?"

"What with a dark sister?"


"You know the answer to that."

"What if I said I wanted to try and deliver."

"Why are we having this discussion?" Surely you don’t believe that Scarab nonsense. We’ve been married twenty years without children. Surely the opportunity for that is long past."

"Answer the question, my Lord."

"I'd order the pregnancy aborted."

"And if I objected."

"I love you clem… more than anything else in this world. I don’t want to upset you over some hypothetical question."

"I love you too…would you press your right over my objection."

"Id rather you be alive than gratefully dead."

"I’ll take that as a “yes” she said rolling over and turning down the lamp."


Scene 11 of 13: Orin and Cateyln discuss future.

"I won’t say I haven’t missed you said Orin."

"I wish there'd been another way, replied Cateyln."

"I was pretty mad when you left."

"I deserve to be punished."

You do! If I could have laid my hands on you, there’s no telling what I'd have done."

"You have me now and I won't blame you. I've much to atone for."

"I'd never hit you… you know I love you too much for that."

"I’ve always known that."

"But you made me mad! and I still am; now that you remind me."

"If not with your hand, perhaps there’s some other way you want to punish me."

"Yes indeed! You can expect that soon and I promise you I won’t hold back"

"Orin, I want another baby."

"Fine. All you have to do is marry me!"

"Oh please, Orin! We’ve had this discussion before… don’t start in on me."

"In the Municipal hall, in front of everyone."

"Why? I can do everything for you, that a wife can."

"Make up your mind. You can sleep with me or upstairs with Liope."

"Don’t be cruel, don’t make me beg."

"If you want me that way, then you have to marry me….I’m sorry but that’s the way it is."

"Very well, if it means that much to you."

"It does."

"Are you still mad at me?"

"Damn right I am. Now go get cleaned up and ready for bed."

"Yes my husband."

"Before this night is over, you'll have atoned in full."

"Please be gently."

"You’ll be feeling the effects, for the next week."

Scene 12 of 13: Young Jernigan and Liope take a walk.

Young Jernigan and Liope walked side by side.

"Did I do something wrong tonigh?"

"No. You were just fine. I think my father likes you."

"I hope so. How about you?"

"I think we need to take things a bit slowly."

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"It means we need to give each other more room to breath."

"Do I feel a chill…. Have I done something to upset you?"

"You’re starting to smother me and I’m not ready to get serious."

He turned suddenly taking her in his arms and kissing her roughly on the lips.

"I wish you hadn’t done that!" she snaped, pushing him away.

"I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me"

"Take me home, Young Jernigan, take me home this instant!"

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