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Liope refuses to consider an abortion
Chapter 14 Decisions

It had only recently began to dawn on Kulrick the full extent of the Witches involvement in the broader context of world affairs. For example he knew that the family of the Witch Olivia had settled in Tristan over five hundred years before. Through intermarriage they were related to everyone. He knew that she Wintered with the Latonions. That the family was heavily involved in banking and finance to such an extent that they annually forgave about half the cost of operating the country. They also meddled in the genealogy of the Elves and this aspect of their behavior is what most troubled Kulrick and he was not alone. Still it was an entitlement that a Patron Witch had gained years before, on a promise to provide financial assistance as well as arrest the population decline of the Elfs.

Following the Federation Victories in the War of Annexation there had never been any treaty to end the war. The two sides had simply been so exhausted that they ceased hostilities. To be sure there were skirmishes and occasional battles to take a fortress or secure some terrain advantage or another, and there incursions from time to time to test one another’s defenses but neither side felt inclined to seriously renew hostilities. The Snagar were bred and roamed the no man’s land that grew up between the Emporium and those of the free tribes and the Fortress of Myrocenea had been taken by the Confederation ten years earlier, but this was done to straighten out the trace of the border rather than try and initiate new hostilities. It had been a gamble, but Emporium chose not to make it an issue. Still the cost of maintaining a military on a high state of alert was burdensome and the willingness of the Banking and Finance Industry to bear half the cost was welcome indeed.

During the war the losses to the Elves and their human Confederation Allies had been extremely high. At the succession of hostilities the four major tribes were on the verge of extinction and the normal rates of reproduction could not replace attrition even though there was a dramatic drop in combat fatalities. Elves and dwarves lived a long time but they died in battle at the same rate as their human allies and they could simply not stem the hemorrhaging that was driving them to oblivion. Into this came the Patron Witches that offered both financial help and a solution to the population issue. They promised that if the Elfs participated in their Population Restoration Program that they could reverse the decline and restore the vitality of the Elfen and Dwarf races. They accomplished this by selective breeding among, witches, humans, elves and dwarfs. When the Coven identified a breeding pair they issued what was termed a “Calling.“ The two were brought together in a coupling and the offspring were called Elvenhumes or among the Dwarves, Dwarfenhumes. These offspring had more vitality, sex drive and creative energy and could and did reproduce at a much higher rate than elfs and dwarfs of old. The down side was that the offspring lost most of their telepathic powers and lived only half as long as their forefathers. Each year the Tristan Council would meet at the Exchequer and in exchange for the annual stipend would extend the “ Calling permit for another year. This became more and more of a politically sensitive issue each year as the situation corrected itself and if the financial need hadn’t been so great the practice would have been ended long ago. This year there was reason to hope that it might be abolished because the need for continuing it appeared to be coming to an end.

Kulrick was violently in opposition to the continuation of the practice and his position as chair of the council was tied to his political position on the issue. Kulrick was what was termed a “Blue Blood.” This meant that his family line was “untainted” by any dilution of the blood. This claim he lost when he married an Elvenhume named Climatus, however their union did not bear offspring. Several years afterward he had received a “Calling” and mated with the Patron Witch of the City, Olivia. She bore him a son named Pluto.

One of the aspects of being High Councilor that Lord Kulrick hated most was having to go annually to the Exchequer and extend for another year the Calling he so despised. In the Exchequer was a long and brightly polished table. At the ends sat Lord Kulrich and Lady Olivia and along the sides the Council and representatives of the banking industry.

Lady Olivia: Once again the time is at hand for looking to the financial vitality of our nation. As always there is the matter of the stipend. This year it has been calculated and the check is ready for transfer.

Lord Kulrick: Once again the time is at hand for extending the law permitting a continuing of the calling. I had hoped that this year the need for this practice would be put to rest but I see no evidence that this is not to be the case.

A page stepped forward from each end of the room and picked up the folder in front of Lady Olivia and Lord Kulrick and carried them from one to the other.

Lady Olivia: Are there any other issues to be addressed?

Lord Kulrick: Yes my lady, perhaps you might share with us how much longer the “Calling should continue.

Lady Olivia: It should continue my lord, as long as this government, through its ineptitude, places the future of our people at risk.

Lord Kulrick: Please define this ineptitude you refer to Lady Olivia, so that so that we all can address it.

Lady Olivia: I refer specifically to the assignment of Morgolic, an unbred blueblood, to a mission that very nearly cost his life. His essence contained properties unique to the origins of our people. I need not dwell on how our enemies would have put these properties to use. Further, had he been taken by the Snagar he would have yielded up the Sword of Orwald. It held eight (8) enchanted stones, not to mention a ruby, of great historical significance, that I need not elaborate further. It was only through the intervention of the Coven that his capture was avoided but at the terrible cost of a Sister’s death and the risk of her granddaughter. I would like nothing better than to leave the future of our race in responsible hands but I tremble at handing it over to the bungling of inept politicians.

Lord Kulrick: I am surprised you use this forum as a political platform. Had it not been for the action of the Cisterians, the sword would have fallen into Emporium hands much sooner than it almost did. We regret the death of your sister and the need to risk the life of a young girl, but we are still at war and to safeguard our liberty measures are sometimes necessary that offend our sensitivities. How easy it is in retrospect to judge the actions of others, and while I do not wish to absolve the council of all blame I can assure you that for every one we get wrong there are ninety-nine that work to the interest of our people, that no one ever hears about.

Lady Olivia: Speak to us about why you chose to put him at risk…surely there were others availiabe for the task. Was there no one else to entrust the mission? One who's death would not have incurred such a terrible price?

Lord Kulrick: Life in the world abroad is much more complex than a tea party in the city. In the ebbs and flow of the dark world in which I operate, there is much that is not as neat and orderly as the accounting legers of this imposing facility. Morgolic left Tristan many years ago to accompany his Cisterian Mother home. He only returned recently and his records remained abroad. We were glad enough for his service and were completely unaware of the vitality he carried.

Lady Olivia: I see….so it really wasn’t your fault. The blame belongs to some cherk! Is that what I’m being led to believe? And if the leaders of our council are not responsible then who is? This goes to the crux of my point…if we can’t trust our leaders in matters of such importance, then who else can we turn to?

Lord Kulrick: Since the Sisterhood knew so much about Morgolic then why weren’t we advised of his importance?

Lady Olivia: Had I known it, you can rest assured I would have brought it to your attention.

Lord Kulrick: So you discovered his importance after the fact just as we did?

Lady Olivia: It was not my responsibility! Were I to interfere you would tell me to stay out of your business.

Lord Kulrick: When has that ever detered you before?

Lady Olivia: Matters of State are your purview, High Councilor. If I look from afar, it keeps you on your toes and works to everyones advantage.

Lord Kulrick: If you are so dissatisfied with my service Lady Olivia why don’t you petition for my recall.

Lady Olivia: Your ineptitude, is a continuing reminder of temptation. However, as much as I dislike you personally, I have never considered you a fool, and I'll not risk worse by petitioning your replacement.

Lord Kulrick: Dear gads!, is that a vote of confidence?

Lady Olivia: Take it as you will, but be advised that had you bothered to glance into the stipend folder you would have seen a letter. In that letter it is announced that effective with the first snow, "The Calling" is abolished. That should make those happy, who forget that this “Terrible” policy insured the survival of our race.


Liope awoke to the smell of eggs frying in the Kitchen. She went downstairs and found her mother busing herself about. Orin came out of the back room and yawned, taking a seat at the kitchen table. Cateyln seemed to be in an exceptionally good mood.

"Good morning Pumpkin," she said. "Sit down and have some eggs."

She served Orin a big dollop and the smell waffled up into her daughters nostrils. Another scoop she plopped onto the plate in front of her. Liope grabbed her mouth and ran for the sink. She retched for several minutes until the spasms subsided.

“Upset stomach?” her mother asked.

“Must be," her daughter answered.

“It’s going around,” replied Cateyln.

Orin finished his breaskfast, drank his ale and wiped the plate clean with a piece of bread. Standing, he stuffed it into his mouth while putting on his apron. He leaned over and kissed Cate, giving her a knowing wink.

“Hope you get to feeling better," he consoled his daughter, as he brushed her cheek on the way out the door.

Liope began cleaning up the vomit in the sink. As she finished she looked out the window and saw Albiano approaching with something wrapped in a cloth. A knock followed.

"I wonder who that is?" said Cateyln looking about.

"It’s Albiano," Liope answered.

"Come on in," said Cate, "we’re just finishing breakfast and there’s still plenty to go around."

Albiano entered and walked over to the table, taking a seat. She laid the clothed object on the table.

"What you got there wrapped up so nice?" asked Cateyln.

"Something I brought for Liope," she answered.

"What is it?" asked the young girl.

"Unwrap it and see,"

Liope walked over, took a seat and unwrapped the object. It was the hilt that had once held the ruby and stones. It was black and charred with a jagged edge where the blade had snapped off. Liope stood up, taking it in her hands and walked over to the window. She examined it closely in the sunlight. Shaking her head she said with a wry smile

“This was a beautiful blade when I saw it last… what did you do to it mother?”

“I’m sorry," Cate answered, "It wasn’t my fault, it was the lightening.”

“Thanks anyway, for bringing it by." said Liope, "I’ll give it to Dad and see if he can't fix it."

She took the sword and walked over to the mantle, propping it against the stone backdrop. There came another knock at the door.

"I’ll get it." said her mother, going to the door. Outside stood Uta , with a canvas bag.

"Come in! come in! we’ve been expecting you…. Sit down and eat, thereis still plenty left."

Uta dropped her bag next to the door, walked over and took a seat at the table.

"Where'd you go last night?" Cateyln inquired. "We had a bed for you, made up and ready to go."

"I had to go back to the cabin and get the rest of my things," she answered.

"What things?" asked Liope, a bit more abruptly than she intended.

"My medicine bag," Uta answered, pointing over towards the door. "The procedure won't take long and we should be finished before Orin comes home this evening."

Liope turned from the mantel, summoning her resolve and addressed the room in in a quiet voice.

“There isn’t going to be any “procedure.

There was a deathly silence in the room that continued for some time. At length Cate spoke up. "You know what that means don’t you?"

"It means I plan to deliver my babies."

"Or die trying, "said Uta.

"If that’s what it takes."

"Then I’ve done all I can," said Uta. She stood up, walked over and put her arms around Liope and hugged her. "Something told me this is how I'd be." Walking to the doorway she picked up her bag.

"Please, Uta, don’t leave me…I’m frightened!"

"You should be, "said the Midwife…" but don’t ask me to stick around… I’ve been through this before and never again."

"Please! Uta." Liope pleaded…. Don't go away!"

Uta opened the door and then turned to face the young girl. "Liope, let us take this burden from you, Please!"

"No! Liope answered, as she bent over holding her stomach… "If you’re not going to stay then get out…and take that Albiana with you!" She trembled before them, her eyes flashing in defiance, glowing red.

“Goodbye Liope, I’m sorry things had to turn out this way."

"GET OUT! Liope screamed, her eyes blazing with malice, Uta and Albiano scurried outside. As thy cleared the threshold Liope slammed the door so hard it sprung the hinges.

"I don’t ever recall you having such a temper," Cateyln recollected.


The council convened quickly.

Kulrick: I notified the Cisterian council of the situation. They have never had to deal with a Dark Sister pregnancy. They rebuked us for choosing to abort. They pointed out that Liope was a witch and not an Elf and how dare we make assumptions on matters of such import. If the human girl dies, then so be it. That was their position. In justification they reminded us of the benefits such children could offer. Woman who conceived Dark Sisters also concieved Wizards they pointed out. They covet a Wizard to sit one day on their Council. Follow up the thread Ubo and let’s try and sort this whole thing out.

Ubocastor: I would have been surprised had they taken any other position. After all, what is the death of a Valley Girl, weighed against the possibility she might deliver them a Wizard. Keep in mind that in their entire history a Wizard has never been born onto them. They covet the presence of one on their council as it is with the other three tribes. However, they owe Liope no debt of gratitude such as we do, for without her help and that of her mother.. what happened with Morgolic would have turned out much the worse…. So bad in fact that I shudder to dwell upon the consequences.

Kulrick: Well I can’t blame them either. You've been one of the Council's greatest assets and a Wizard in every sense of the word. Where do we go from here?

Ubocastor: Liope seems to have made her decision. Perhaps the Cistercians are right. Maybe a young witch is capable of delivering where an Elvin maid cannot. If there is any chance of that we must do everything in our power to help Liope succeed.

Kulrick: That crazy coven has been delivering witches forever. Maybe a Dark Sister is just more of the same.

Ubocastor: I hardly think the two are the same thing but maybe they come from a similiar origin. The line had to begin somewhere.

Kulrick: Good point. Perhaps it takes one to know one. But I can tell you this those women make my flesh crawl. Always meddling in things that are no business in. Look what they've done to our line.

Ubocastor: They saved us from extinction.

Kulrick: But the price! the price! Damn them all to Hell!

Ubocastor: Let us pause while you catch your breath.

Kulrick: Breath indeed.... so what do we do now?

Ubocastor: We do whatever we must. You will have to order Uta to stay, whether she wants to or not. Don’t forget that we all benefit is she succeeds. Uta has more experience in what is about to happen than anyone and Liope is going to need all the support she can get.

Kulrick: I'll tell you who is going to benefit. It's those damned Cistercians. They're not too happy about our attempt to nip this thing in the bud, without consulting them first.

Ubocastor: Their sentiments and actions are beyond our control. We must tell tell them what Liope decided and they can deal with it as they choose.

Kulrick: What about the Dark Sister? This is going to be a first. Has anyone thought about the consequences of bringing one into the world?

Ubocastor: That is entirely new ground for which there is no precedent. We will have to deal with those consequences as they present themselves.

Kulrick: Very well, bring the Cistercians up to date , and let Uta know that she stays with Liope for the duration…., however distasteful and unnerving she finds it.

An hour later Uta had the decision of the Council. She wept. At length the midwife composed herself and returned to Nirvana with Albiano.


Cateyln answered the the door and was overjoyed to see her friend.

"Come inside while I tell Liope you’ve back. LIope! Liope, Uta has returned."

"Wonderful!" cried Liope, clapping her hands as she came down the stairs, "I was atraid you'd deserted me."

"The council gave me permission to stay," answered Uta. " If you're determined to go through with this, then I have some ideas that we need to begin discussing."

Liope raced across the room and embraced her. "Thank you for coming back, I was so scared that I’d never see you again."

"I'll not leave your side until this is over, regardless of what the future holds."

"Now I must apologise and pray you both forgive me...said Liope thinking back, "I was so rude, I don’t know what came over me."

"Let’s all have some tea, shall we?" said Cate. "History is about to be made. First we have Morgolic the Audacious Elf and now we have Albiano, the Brazen Bandit. What should we name you Uta?"

"I’m sure you’ll find something appropriate."


Miranda mourned the loss of her son Cracious. Sorrow ate at her from inside. Her husband Malcomb swore vengence and and applied himself to getting even. The problem was that he was also king and had to seperate his personal feelings from his responsibilities as Head of State.

His wife was a high Witch, daughter of Hilda, patron of the Cisterian and Latonian Elves. When Miranda's time of appointment was at hand she was assigned to Everett, prince of Nobowiwa and heir to the line. He was headstrong and hard to get along with. It was no surprise that the courtship was rocky and things didn't work out between the two. They were singularly ill suited even though Miranda tried to make things work. Finally she discovered he had another girlfriend and left him. Ashamed to face her mother, she went to her cousin Olivia. There she discovered she was pregnant. A daughter was born named Climates, however the child had no magical presence. Shortly thereafter Everett became King and Hilda told her daughter to come to Cisteria and try things out with Malcomb. He too was heir to a throne. This turned out to be a much more suitable match. Malcomb worshiped the ground Miranda walked on and he became the love of her life. She bore him a son Cracious and two daughters. One was Trilla and the other Marigold. Trilla was borne to greatness and Marigold, like her half-sister, was an elvenhume with no mage gift.

When Climates was eighteen, as custom provided, her mother gave her the Scarab to wear for several months. This was part of the tradition, even though Climatus lacked a magical presence. The blood relic proved indifferent to her stewardship and Cracious was sent to retrieve it. With her half sisters, Trilla and Marigold, the Scarab showed the same ambilivance however, it seemed to enjoy being with its steward, Cracious.

When Morgolic turned up alive the Cisterians were very interested in finding out the whereabouts of Miranda's heirloom. When they found out about Liope they were stunned. In the beginning there was some speculation about a virgin conception but the idea never gained momentum. On the heels came the news that it was not just any girl but the daughter of Cateyln heir to the first line of the Nirvana Coven. In the world around the Valley of Men a sense of interest was kindled and people raised their eyebrows and wondered. Then it was discovered that two embryos of Cisterian and Latonian blood had been conceived amid speculation that one was destined to become a Wizard. Despite mourning for the loss of Cracious and his men this news was an absolute sensation. Then all hopes were dashed by the discovery that the other embryo was a Dark Sister.

When the Cisterian Council received word that the abortion had been taken off the table, Malcomb summoned Truaxe, an old friend and warrior. When they met Trueaxe offered his condolences.

"Everyone in the Kingdom shares your grief My Lord."

"I know," said the King graciously. "However, mine is not the only loss. Other families share the loss of sons and daughters and know well my grief. No doubt you 've heard..." he continued, changing the subject, that an amazing thing has happened in Nirvana. A witch is with child, or should I say, with children. Amazingly, they are Cistecian and Latonion. The male has our blood, destined to perhaps become a Wizard and the other is a Dark Sister."

"A most remarkable tale." replied Trueaxe, "Something as unprecented as it is believable."

"You doubt the stories going around?"

"Until I touch and listen, I must admit to some skepticism."

"You'll soon have the opportunity to discover the truth first hand."

"What am I missing sire?"

"For better or worse my son set in motion events that could portend great things."

"Is there a role for me?"

"I'm sending you to Nirvana. I would go, but I fear for Miranda."

"How's she takning it?"

"Consumed by her grief."

"Her service to our people is beyond praise."

"Yes, that's true, and while the price was seen as too high, by many, it was worth every sheckel. Ladies who should be settling into matronhood are now having babies. Something vital springs up in the blood of these elvenhumes. Can't keep their hands off each other...no reverence for the old ways." A smile came to his lips.

"All that you say is true my lord.... Tell me how I can serve?"

"I want you to take a detail to Nirvana... you know, to look out for our interests. I'm hopeful but the odds are not long on that young witch's survival. While I fear to get my hopes up, I take no counsel with it. Rather I will put my faith in hope. Just imagine if you will, the wonder if she delivers these two children. Think of what that can mean for our people. I can't spare you any young warriors, but choose a guard of honor from the older men, who can no longer stand the rigors of the forced march and who no longer have any domestic responsibilities. Select only those who can still swing a sword and draw a bow. Choose wisely for I want a guard, that will lay down their lives in the service of this woman, being called, the Queen of Light and Darkness. Keep me posted on all developments and if any waver in their duties, send them home immediately. I have a gut feeling that your mission will become one of import and I want someone in Nirvana, who I can trust."

"I'm honored my Liege. I''ll return, untainted by excuse."

"...Of that I'm certain."


Young Jernigan was disconsolate.

“Where did I go wrong he asked himself?”

He took to working long hours in his father’s bakery, and when the work was done was seen after hours, running along the river. The town's people, who had seen a romance in the budding, noticed the change and wondered what had happened.


Dumar the Deputy could not get what he'd witnessed off his mind. He kept seeing Liope levitate Karla and throw her across the room. The dire warning from Liope, was not lost on his memory. He absolutely believed that if her magic could so toss an Elf, her threat to make him a caterpiller was equaslly valid. As a result he kept the secret to himself even though he wanted to share it with Orphious. He was sitting in his house, worrying the matter, when there came a knock at his door.

“Who could it be at this hour?” he asked himself and went to see who it was. Imagine his surprise to find a young and attractive girl standing on the threshold.

“Who are you?” he asked in a gruff voice; the one he often used to sound officious.

“I’m Lilith,” replied girl. “I’m new in town and need a place to stay.”

“Where are you from?” asked Dumar.

“My father was a miner, she answered, who passed away last year. Times are hard and my mother told me it was time I found my own way.”

"I’m sorry for your misfortunes,” replied the Deputy. “You can stay tonight, but tomorrow, we'll have to find you more suitable accomodations.”

“Do you need a housekeeper?” Lilith inquired.


Climatus was nervous. She was late for her period. She was experiencing nausea and this morning when she looked the Scarab was dead. Inside the setting only the husk of an empty shell remained. "Is this what Cateyln meant by “Unserviceable?” she thought to herself. Had Liope become pregnant as a consequence of wearing it. Was that why her Cateylnaunt felt obligated to offer hers in exchange?" Her imagination raced with questions and possibilities. Finally she could bear the suspense and worry no more and decided it was time to pay Olivia a visit.

"What brings you over at this time of the morning?" asked Olivia in her melodious and soothing voice.

Climatus filled her in on the details, and expressed her suspicions.

"Easy enough to find out ,"said the Witch. "Come over and sit down and let me take a listen. I've been a part of so many pregnancies that I feel as qualified as any midwife."

Kneeling she listened, going from side to side and from top to bottom. Then she repeated the process. Then she looked up with a frown of uncertainty.

"What do you think?" asked Climatus.

"I wish we had Uta here, but she's at Nirvana with Liope. Vera, however is available and quite good. Excuse me for a moment while I speak to Rogoletti." In a few minutes Olivia returned.

"The squire has gone to find Vera. I think we should have some tea and pass the time discussing the possibility you might be pregnant. I don’t want to alarm you, or get your hopes up or frighten you in any way way, but since we have the time, lets discuss the matter as if suspicions are right."

"You think I’m pregnant?" don’t you.

"That is my preliminary diagnosis, but before we go off the deep end, tell me your feelings if it turns out to be true."

"I suppose that Kulrick would be happy. He’s waited a long time. It would be nice I suppose to bear a child of my own."

"What if instead of one it were two?"

"So much the better….the more the merrier, I always say. Did you hear two heartbeats?"

"I’m not sure, lets wait until Vera gets here." Changing the subject said, "Wasn’t that something….Pluto pulling off the double hat…who would have ever imagined…" They digressed into talking about Pluto and Bedelia until they heard the door open and Rogoletti came in with the midwife.

"Vera, this is my friend Climatus. Sounds to me like she might be expecting and I was hoping to get a second opinion."

"So nice to meet you," said Vera. "'You're the wife of the high chair and I see you continously up and about. Oh I do hope Olivia is right. You're still in the prime of your life and I am forever at a loss why more women don’t consider, at least through their eigthith year."

The Midwife removed her shoes and got to her knees and began to listen to Climatu's stomach. She followed the same procedure as Olivia, and went through the sequence twice. At length she looked up. A look of sadness swept over her face.

"What is it?" asked Climatus.

"Twins," replied the midwife...."and one of them is a Dark Sister. Did you tell her Olivia?"

Climatus burst into tears. For a long while she was racked by sobs until at length she began to calm down.

"Thank you Vera… we would be grateful if you kept this to yourself. Climatus will want to be the one to tell her husband. Don’t want him finding out some other way... you understand?"

"Of course I do, Olivia… I don't gossip and have never betrayed the confidence of my calling."

"I trust you implicitably, replied Olivia. I appreciate your coming so promptly… please leave us now to discuss these new developments."

Climatus sat dejectedly. Olivia came over and held her hand.

"I know you will find this hard to believe," said Climatus, "but from the beginning, I suspected this might happen."

"I believe you."

"When my husband told me what happened to LIope, I somehow felt the same was in store for me."

"Perhaps your gifts are not as insignificant as you've always thought."

"This is the outcome I was anticipating."

"I’m so sorry."

"Sorry? Don't be that... don't you see. This is my destiny."

"Do you really believe that, or are you trying to convince yourself?"

"Something in me cried out in joy... my tears were born of hysteria, not anguish."

"Maybe you need to step back and think about this..."

"Please believe me. I even asked Kulrick what he would do if I were in the same way as Liope."

"What did he say?"

"That he would insist on an abortion."

"That’s not really such a bad idea considering the consequences."

"What about Liope? She isn’t dead yet."

"No, she isn’t and the good new is that she seems to be making some progress, but then again, she isn’t an elf."

"I'm a quarter Elf. Probobly have as much Witch blood as she does. If she’s willing to take the risk why can’t I?"

"Because she’s in Nirvana where the Coven calls the shots. This is Tristan where a husbands say is final."

"Please help me Olivia, If they force an abortiion on me, I swear they might as well kill me too Help me please, Don’t let them do this."

"Are you prepared to flee Tristan?"

"Yes, of course. But where can I go. The borders are sealed fast and the gates move daily about. Nothing goes in or out without the approval of the Council."

"Yeah right..." she said sarchastically, "There's plenty that moves in and out without the Council knowing. Don't get your hopes up but there might be a way if you 're determined to go through with this. Keep in mind this course will probobly be the death of you and it will not be a pleasant passing. I want you to think carefully about this because it will not only affect you but those who become complict. If you choose to go through with it you could be banished. Are you prepared for that?"

"I would not want to put others at risk for helping me."

"Then forget the whole thing. If you decided to try delivering those babies there are no if ands or buts. You must bring with the decision a single minded focus to see it through regardless to the consequences to yourself and those around you. There will be no turning back.. Make up your mind and decide soon. I will begin to make the necessary arrangements. "

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