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The genie always wins! LOL
Three Wishes

She knew her time was drawing near
but the old woman had no fear.
She had lived a reverent life.
Her gentle soul was free from strife.

It was another lonely night
when suddenly she saw a light
that seemed to fill the living room
and, from this source, a voice did boom!

"I'm from a place where dreams are spawned
and with the power of my wand
I'll grant you secret wishes three
before you face eternity."

Surprised, she thought for just a while
before her face creased with a smile.
"Now you might think that it's funny
but I've never had much money."

And from this tiny wishful seed
she got much more than she would need
as she watched the cash appear,
more than enough to last for years!

Within a nearby looking glass
she saw that time had come to pass
and so it didn't take a sleuth
to know her second wish was "youth."

And so the moment finally came –
her final wish she had to name.
She thought and thought and, as she sat,
she spied her precious faithful cat.

He had been companion and friend
so it seemed right, now, at the end,
that this genial and loving soul
should continue in that role.

"For my final wish - number three,
a wish more for him than for me,
I request that you, if you can,
transform my cat into a man."

With a flash, he stood there in his pride,
well endowed, with nothing left to hide.
She saw that look of love she knew
was still there in his eyes of blue.

With an embrace, he pulled her near
and softly whispered in her ear:
"You'll find the blessings will be mixed...
Now, aren't you sorry you had me fixed?"


Moral: The genie always wins *Laugh*
Word Count: 299
Line Count: 44

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