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Rated: ASR · Script/Play · Psychology · #1565600
A conversation between a stifled artist and her Id.
Myself and I


Daisy- mid twenties, timid shy painter burned by a past love.

ID- Daisy's alter ego, closely resembles Daisy

Michael- mid twenties, an artist


Daisy's apartment

Late evening

(An apartment, relatively boring but for the paintings in various stages of completion strewn about along with paints and brushes covering most empty space. A parakeet tweets quietly in a cage against the back wall, next to a window. The kitchen and bedroom are stage right.

Daisy a girl in her mid twenties enters with a fake smile. She sets down her purse and walks to the birdcage. She is wearing blue jeans and a white shirt with her hair in a sloppy ponytail.)

Daisy: (falsely cheerful) Hey sweetie. You wouldn't believe the day I've had. The bookstore was so busy today; all day I've been dying to come get home and paint. How about another portrait?

(She pauses almost waiting for an answer then sighs and picks up a paintbrush and makes a few broad strokes in a deep purple then drops the brush. She shakes her head then walks into the kitchen. As she does this, the lights go off for a few moments. Meanwhile the sounds of a water faucet can be heard from the kitchen. The lights go on revealing a woman lounging on the couch, dressed in tight black pants, a black tank top and her hair pulled back in a tight pony tail. (ENTER ID) She bears a striking resemblance to our Daisy but there's an air of confidence to this one as she leans back casually as if she owned the room.

Daisy walks back into the living room cup of tea in hand. She seems preoccupied and oblivious to the woman on the couch for the moment. Daisy sits in the chair adjacent to the couch and stares into her tea. ID looks at her with a mixture of contempt, amusement and disbelief.)

ID: Look at me.

(Daisy looks up in a slow labored movement. She closes her eyes, exhales then opens them now seeing and acknowledging ID on her couch. Eyes wide she is about to speak but is interrupted by ID)

ID: Before you open your mouth and begin babbling like an idiot, let me introduce myself. I'm you. The part of you that you are too afraid to be. I'm everything you wish you were and don't realize you already are.

Daisy: Am I going Crazy?

ID: (laughs harshly) Going? Honey, You're already there. Your mind is not in your head anymore. It's out and running about now.

Daisy: Why now? Why did I snap now?

ID: I'm tired of living in a cage. I've been locked up in your head since you first learned to be scared.

(The bird in the cage begins to chirp wildly and loudly, Daisy looks over her shoulder to the cage behind ID with a worried look.)

ID: (solemnly) Since you figured out how much it hurts.

(She pauses for a moment dwelling on this. Daisy closes her eyes as though the words cut her.)

ID: (with renewed confidence) So you locked me away and tried to make a pretty life for you to curl up alone in.

(Daisy doesn't want to hear anymore. She gets up and begins to pace rapidly between the cage and the painting from earlier.)

ID: You try to paint but only get frustrated with your inability to finish anything. You can't finish because you have no idea what you want anymore. You're afraid to want for anything now.

Daisy: (turns to face ID, angry) So what do you want from me?

(ID stands and walks past Daisy, over to the bird cage. With her back to Daisy she places a hand on the cage and says in a quiet solemn voice)

ID: Freedom. (She turns to face Daisy) I want to be free again. I'm suffocating in that damn cage. I want to live. Show some initiative, confidence, enjoy life, take risks again! (quiet for a moment) Do this and we'll both be better off.

(Daisy sits down and sips her tea quietly)

Daisy: You don't understand how hard it is. I had a perfect life back them with him but people change and things change. I've learned to live alone-

ID: (cutting her off) You learned to live in fear.

Daisy: (fiercely) Call it what you will! At least I'm safe.

ID: You're like an ostrich with your head in the sand. Can you honestly be happy like this?

Daisy: (looks around, searching for the inspiration to lie to herself. Finding none, she sighs) No.

ID: (gently) You can never be happy in a cage...

(Daisy buries her head in her hands as the lights go out then come back on. ID is gone in the same way she came. Daisy sits for a second then looks up in an almost panic. She jumps up and runs to the birdcage. Daisy flings it open and releases the bird out the window. She stands gazing out the window as the sun is rising and a new dawn is upon her.)


The Park

That afternoon

(Daisy sits on a bench taking in her surroundings. In just the few hours that have passed we see a drastic change in our Daisy. Her hair is down, she wears a bold red top and sits relaxed and at peace. A man in his mid twenties sits on the other end of the bench. (ENTER MICHAEL) He wears dark blue jeans and a dark blue shirt. He carries with him a sketchbook and art supplies. As he sits, he prepares to draw. Daisy looks over at him intently. She hesitates for a moment then closes her eyes. She nods, remembering the night before. Daisy approaches him)

Daisy: (motioning to the sketchbook) You an artist?

Michael: (laughs, slightly nervous and unsure of himself) Ah just an amateur, actually… (timidly taking the next step in the conversation) How about a portrait?

(Daisy smiles and nods, as Michael turns to face her better.)

Daisy: The name's Daisy

Michael: Michael…(almost amazed to be saying so) you have beautiful eyes, Daisy.

(Fade out as Michael begins sketching Daisy as the two laugh and talk further. The content chirping of birds can be heard.)
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