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women cannot control emotions, husbands feed them & hence they can beat

Wife beating allowed in Quran!
Quran authorizes husbands to beat disobedient wives. This is found in chapter 4, verse 34. Additional sanction can be found in prophet Muhammad’s traditions and biographical material. Moslem men take this directive to persecute the women. Many people have criticized Islam because of this harsh sanction
This command is not only a harsh way to treat one’s wife; it portrays the degraded position of married women in Islam. This "Islamic" wife beating is harsh, unethical and incorrect.
Islam places woman well below her husband. Islam views the woman as inferior to the man and as such, places her in a subservient and subordinate position in the marriage relationship. The man is allowed to discipline his wife because he is her superior and responsible for her. He has the authority to beat his wife if he feels she is being disobedient. Wife beating originates from this theological thinking.
. In a Christian marriage the husband is given the role as head of the household and the wife is expected to submit to the husband’s leadership. However, she is his equal in terms of social status and not inferior to him. In Islam also the husband is the head of the marriage but he is his wife’s manager too. Women are considered to be "in-between a slave and a free man". Slaves are not equal to their masters; rather they are subservient, managed, and controlled. Similarly, Muslim wives are inferior to their husbands and are managed and controlled.
Women lack self control
Muhammad’s viewpoint of women was that they lack self-control and thus for their own good, and that of the societies’ good, they must be subordinate to and managed by their husbands. Wives must simply obey. In Islam a man gives his bride a dowry through which he is accredited the right to manage and beat his wife. By accepting his money a woman is extending her husband the right to regulate, control and beat her if necessary..
Prophet Muhammad urged his followers to treat their wives well and the Quran’s chapter 4 is full of these sincere admonitions. He did not want to see them beaten without cause and he wanted good marriage relationships. These do not mitigate the authority he gave men over women or the position he ascribed to women. Wives are to be under the man’s authority. If she persists in disobedience to his wishes he has the right, and the responsibility, to beat her to bring her into submission. If she does not mend her ways he can divorce the woman.
Due to this stand, women are treated barbarically in many of the Moslem countries. Untold suffering has been heaped upon women.
Women are perceived as the private property of the men. A man can buy as many wives as he can afford. Even when there are many wives there a number of wealthy Arabs enter into temporary marriages with very young women. Of course they will be compensated for their ‘service’ These hapless women will have to remain unmarried as no follower of this religion wants to marry a woman enjoyed by another Further, many of the men who to London or Paris or Moscow to live with white ladies whom many of them have a craze. All the time the wives back home will be waiting patiently for the arrival of their husband confined within the four walls of the house delivering and bringing up children Many of these children grow up without even seeing their father.
They cannot go out without the Purdhah drive or take up employment. When they return from their foreign sojourns they may have contracted some deadly diseases and they will pass the same to their innocent wives.
In many of the Arab homes there are jail-like rooms where a disobedient wife is kept under solitary confinement. She is not provided with food or water and the husband occasionally goes in to kick, beat and push her against the walls. The poor woman suffers the ordeal and prays Allah to give her deliverance from this life.
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