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I'm betting my life that you will be curious enough to be a voyeur of my life.....
It's a simple premise really.... the basis of all entertainment, that I can provide a product that will provide interest or experience that you'll value in one or many ways.

I'm both ordinary and extrodinary. It can be a trip that we share; you, me and my copilots Moose and Rose (the dogs).

To be frank I think my product would have to be called "faction" the truth, my experiences, as I remember them...the dates and names may be changed to protect privacy or just by bad memory (like spelling it's one of my many foibles).

So, what makes me extrodinary? I have been at deaths door many more times that most people. I can tell you a storey that will make you laugh, a storey that will give you hope, a storey that can be a learning experience, can stir your various passions. Stories of daring, and failure, of hope and despair, recovery and loss. Sensual stories that weave a texture without sexual content. Do you want to know what it's like to fly? To drive a formula car? Coming to understand oneself?

How often have you read a book and thought....I wish I could ask.....

Ironically while words are one of my greatest strenghts in a seeming parallel to my life when I need them most they leave.

My writing will be my "singing for my supper"....to find out why you'll have to ask.

To know what may be in my "toy box of treasures" you'll have to ask.

Ask about my dinner date with a 3,000 mile error in address...but I kept it anyway.

At age 14 what was I doing locked in a basement in Europe though I lived in another part of the world, how'd that happen?

What do you really want to know?


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