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A love poem from a time long gone by.
                            To walk on the airy beams on light and life.

                                                      To touch, to hold, to kiss,
                                              to walk on airy beams of light and life.
                                I hold you in my arms and dare to dream of exquisite nights.
                      Such is my fantasy when I see a sylph-like shape dart near me into the woods.
                                          Quickly I follow, but come no closer to you.
                                            Finally, I stand perplexed, hands on hips.
                                                I hear you giggle and I turn around.
                                I am closer, but still too far to discern if you are woman or fairy.
                                        You glide through the woods, but I am not far behind.
                                                        Then suddenly I lose you.
                                                    I wander deeper into the forest,                                 
                                              trespassing where no man dares to stand.
                                                I move forward, and enter a small glen.
                                You stand before me, a shimmering evanescence of beauty.
                                            Dark brown hair cascades on your shoulder,
                                      framing a perfect face dominated by large green eyes.
                              A garland of white and purple wildflowers is woven through your hair.
                            Your translucent dress adorned with live butterflies reaches your ankles.
                                            I am transfixed by the power of your glamour.
                                            You back away, moving to the darker woods.
                                I gesture for you to come closer, but you shake your head no.
                                Then you smile, and the twinkling light in your eyes says yes.
                                                              How am I to know?
                                                                What am I to do?
                                            I turn, and you beckon me into an airy glade.
                                Shafts of light penetrate the darkness to reveal a grassy area.
                                        Your hand seeks mine and pulls me to the forest floor.
                                    I am touched by the Queen of the fairies and cannot resist.
                              You put your hands behind my head and pull me to your waiting lips.
                                              I close my eyes and drink your sweet nectar.
                                                      Morning comes and you are gone;
                                                          was it real, or just a dream?             
                                    A long silkin hair on my chest tells me that it was no dream.
                              I must find you again, for no mortal woman would ever feel the same.
                                                        I would walk on beams of light.

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