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City and coutryside for the vertically challenged members of our society.
I am here to address a problem that has been growing in our community since the beginning of The Ringling Brothers Circus... little people. Sometimes refered to as midgets, the little people of the world have no place they can truely call home, because no home is truely built to their specifications. Think of a world with mushroom huts and firefly powered traffic lights; little streets, equipped with short curbs and small trees. We of course can upgrade with regular houses designed by them and for them. If they choose to construct their own houses we of course would not be able to assist. Hammering a nail through plywood would be far too tedious with such small tools. Regular sized equipment such as; chainsaws, table saws, hammers, nails, and tool belts would not be able to fit in or out of the doorway.

Constructing their own homes is what we are leaning towards because local carpentry, electrical, and plumbing businesses can open. Since they will have smaller streets they will need smaller cars. This is our only set back. I've spoken with Toyota, Hasbro, and Tonka. Toyota has since, been the only one to respond.

The ideas are endless and I'm interested in hearing more, here's a few of mine; Shorter stairs and lowered ceilings; smaller football, basketball, and golf balls so these objects can be handled one handed. Lowered basketball goals so the taller of the little persons can perform cute tomahawk slam dunks during the championship. That's right! Professional sports! NLPBA and the NLPFL would be the first little persons professional sports associations. Team names like The Rascals, The Runts, or GIANTS just to name a few. LEGO built prisons. Big and Tall Stores. The circus clown would be a five foot three inch freak of nature. Lowered toilets so there is no run and jump to take a squat, or the ever so popular pole vault and land. Their own president. With mini chopper and\or Air Force 1/4 to boot. Different weaponery. Well not reallyu different weapons we'd just rename guns in accordance to the size of the average little person. For instance, a .22 caliber pistol would be converted to a .9 millimeter handgun, the .357 magnum would become a shoulder harnessed rocket launcher, and the shotgun will most likely be mounted on their tanks.

Building this will not serve as a problem, but the location has lead me into alot of red tape. I'm not sure if the recession has a hand in this or not. If I could, I would use my backyard. It's about 30\30 yds and would hold over five million little persons, but I am a renter. My landlord wants nothing to to with this, selfish.
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