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The Sweetness Of Love
Slowly burning precious memento.

Although I tried so hard, I didn't get far.

This vicious betrayal has left me hollow.

Following whats marvel, begging for sorrow.

Reveling inertia contained in depression.

To this moment I delegate regression.

Come sing along to this unwritten song.

The sweetness of love, that will never go on.

As I move along, I do what is wrong.

Prison, just another residence.

Unaffected by punishment, all that's left is judgement.

As no one has the right, I make the rules.

Topping the list, this truth to resist.

Going for the kill shot, were condemned to this life.

Mutilation of the psyche, there is nothing left for me.

Soothing ancient tragedy.

Corrective directive quikcly reflective.

Tempted attraction, minutes of action.

Breathing, grieving, reinventing meaning.

Leaving, deceiving, generating reasoning.
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