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this is a tokio hotel fanfic
This is a story i wrote. Bill and Audrey are like penpals from 3rd grade and they are still writing to each other. they never met eachother. audrey doesnt know that bill is from tokio hotel. the concert tickets are fall out boy tickets that they both wanted to go to.

Hotel Tokio: Addicted
Chapter one: Ready Set Go!

So I had no idea who it would be. The concert was good. The freaky hair dude sang. My sister was freaking out. I showed my back stage pass to the security guard who let me through. Some kid with dreadlocks was pouring a bucket of water onto Freaky Hair’s head.
“Hurry up!” said Freaky Hair.
“I’m trying!” said Dreadlocks. He poured the bucket of water onto Freaky Hair’s head. His hair flattened.
“Now I’m all wet!” said Freaky Hair taking off his shirt. Wow, I thought. Then he took off his pants. He was wearing black AC/DC boxers. Wow, I thought, wow wow wow. I was cracking up. Freaky Hair turned around and looked at me.
“Crap!” he yelled and jumped behind the door. Dreadlocks came up to him and handed him some jeans and a shirt. Then Freaky Hair walked out and looked at me after he changed.
“Are you Audrey?” he asked me.
“Yeah.” I said
“Well, I’m Bill.” He said. I looked at his hair there were white streaks in it. He was extremely sexy with his hair down but I was really too mad to care.
“Why didn’t you tell me you were the lead singer of Tokio Hotel? I called you Freaky Hair for a week! What the hell! You should have told me that! I am sooo mad at you!” I yelled at him.
“Audrey, remember when I asked you the question about the secret. That was my secret. I said you would probably treat me differently.” He said calmly.
“I really don’t care about your excuses. I wouldn’t have treated you differently. It would have been easier if I had known. I mean, I…” he kissed me. I slapped him.
“You kissed me!” I yelled. He started rubbing his cheek. (I wonder why?)
“Yes I did,” he said. I pushed him into the wall.
“You think that’s gonna help anything?” I screamed.
“No, but your hot and I thought you deserved it.” He said.
“What?” I yelled.
“Here’s your ticket.” He said handing me my ticket.
I walked towards the exit. I turned around when he couldn’t see me.
“Damn!” he yelled slamming his hands against the wall.
“That went real well didn’t it?” said Dreadlocks.
“Shut up!” yelled Bill.
I was so mad at him for not telling me he was a member of Tokio Hotel. But I was even madder at him for kissing me. But my problem was, I kinda liked it.

2 weeks later

I was not ready for this. I had to see Bill again at the concert. And he had backstage passes for us to meet the bands. I really wanted to meet Trace Cyrus, Pete Wentz, and Patrick Stump. Hey Monday was going to be the first band to go on. I found my seat in the front row before the concert. Of course, Bill was there.
“Hey Audrey, what’s up?” he said when I got there.
“Don’t talk to me!” I said.
He didn’t talk to me for the rest of the concert. Metro Station was second, then All Time Low, then Cobra Starship. Then Fall Out Boy went on. After the concert me and Bill went backstage and met Pete Wentz.
“Hey Pete!” said Bill giving him a high five.
“Hey Bill what’s up?” said Pete.
“This is Audrey.” Said Bill pointing at me.
\ “Hi Audrey”, said Pete.
“Hi, I bet you’re a nicer guy than Bill”, I said glaring at Bill.
“Bill, what did you do?” asked Pete.
“I kissed her.” Stated Bill.
“Oh, okay.” Said Pete.
We talked awhile with Pete and then Patrick came over. We talked to him when Joe, Andy and Trace came up. I got a picture with each band member and Trace. After the concert, I needed a ride home.
“Bill, I don’t want to ask you this but, I need a ride home.” I said.
“Sure”, he said.
He drove me home.
“Why do you hate me so much?” asked Bill when we got to my house.
“Because I’m tired of people lying to me.” I said.
“The only reason I didn’t tell you was because I didn’t know if you would treat me the same way as you did. My friends all treat me different now that I’m a singer. And then you made fun of my hair so I knew I had to get it down by the time you came but I didn’t know you were there and you saw…”
“Yeah, lets not get into detail, AC/DC man. Fine I’m not mad at you anymore. Why’d you kiss me though?” I asked.
“I don’t know. Something just told me too.” He said blushing.
“Was it dreadlocks boy?” I asked him smiling.
“Oh! The dude with the dreadlocks is my brother Tom.” He said laughing.
“That’s funny. His hair is nothing like yours,” I said.
“Ha ha, very funny. You look nothing like your sister.” He said
“And that’s because I’m adopted. At least I have an excuse. That’s what I meant when I said I was tired of having people lie to me. I just found out I was adopted last January,” I said.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were adopted.” He said.
“It’s okay. I’ve got to go.” I said.
“Bye.” Said Bill.
“Bye.” I said.
“Wait, will I see you again?” he asked me.
“How would I know?” I said walking towards my house.
I really didn’t know what it was with him. He was different. He seemed to actually care about people. But that didn’t really matter right now. I had to be ready to face the hell at home.
“Where the hell have you been?” my adoptive mother screamed.
“I went to a concert,” I said.
“I didn’t say you could go to a concert!” she shouted.
“I’m 18. I can go to a concert if I want to.” I said.
“Well, as long as you live in this house you will ask me if you can go to anything and if you don’t want to listen to me you can leave!” she shouted.
“I’d live better if I did.” I said.
“Then why don’t you! Get out. Leave! Don’t you ever set foot in this house again though.” She said.
“Fine.” I said.
I went upstairs to my room. I opened the window.
“Bill! You still there?” I yelled out the window.
“Yeah! Why?” he asked.
“I’m moving out!” I yelled.
He walked up to the house and went inside. My adoptive mother started yelling.
“Who are you? Why are you here? I’m going to call the cops.” She yelled.
He just ignored her and went up to my room. I was already packing my stuff. It fit into five suitcases. Only one suitcase being my clothes. Two being CDs and DVDs and video games and books. We had to carry my xbox, wii, and playstation out separately. And everything else, we asked Carrie to store in her room so she could bring it to us later. Of course she freaked out when she saw Bill.
“Where are you going to go?” Bill asked after we got onto the road.
“Where are you staying?” I asked him.
“You’re going to stay with me?” he said unbelievingly.
“As long as you don’t try to seduce me!” I said.
“I might try.” He said.
“I might let you.” I said. He looked at me. I looked at him. We didn’t talk the rest of the way to the hotel. We didn’t really need to. The silence was nice.
When we walked into the hotel room with my bags, Dreadlocks was dancing around a pole in the middle of the suite.
“Tom, what are you doing?” asked Bill.
“Pole dancing.” He stated. “Why’s she here? Are you trying to seduce her?”
“Is she seducible?” asked a guy who walked into the room. Bill looked at me. I looked at him. He cracked up.
Later we watched Saturday Night Live. It was fun. The guy who asked if I was seducible’s name was Georg, there was another guy named Gustav, and Dreadlocks was Tom. They were the guys that Bill told me about in his emails and letters. And the members of Tokio Hotel.
Bill slept with me. That sounds wrong but we didn’t do anything. I’m serious. It was a king size bed and he was at one side and I was at the other. And both of us had our clothes on. Although it was the best night of my life.
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