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by E
Rated: E · Short Story · Health · #1567873
I believe that infertility patients will find more happinessleading to fluorescence.
On December 8 of 2009, the United Kingdom Kent Edison reproductive hospital, I heard loud and clear sound of babies crying, Firefly baby was born. La ville immediately ran into the delivery room, the mother looked at him Angel was smiling. Nurses, doctors, pointing arms of the baby, right Kilian laughs, ‘Kilian President, thank you really needs to make the fireflies - which it sent to you a cute baby.’

Angel, 28-year-old, and her husband lived in the United Kingdom Kent Kilian. Kilian, 29-year-old, was a well-known fashion magazines Kent photographers. August 12, 2007, they entered a happy marriage hall. The wedding was held at Kent lake green, it was said three years ago, Angel, and Kilian met in this green land. Since the marriage, the two moved in-home garden, life was very sweet. Angel was very fond of green plants, especially broccoli. Kilian will help Angel in the balcony with the screen door closed to many kinds of broccoli, but also commonly used to still table, Kilian done broccoli salad, Angel is full of praise after each eating. Kilian often take Angel to the Napian green, recalling their love of the past, Imagine a better future.

But the fly in the ointment is that, the two married a year later, Angel had no signs of pregnancy. Kilian's parents think they do not want a child, always repeatedly urged. In March 2009 the evening of 10 Angel of abdominal pain has committed, Kilian will be done again digestible nutrients of broccoli soup to her make up the body. Meal or no signs of abatement, Angel of abdominal pain is more severe, and looked pale. Kilian felt that the serious situation, hastened to the fastest speed the Angel sent to Edison reproductive hospital.

Professor Kay-la-ville was examined a week later, the couple received the test results, the Angel of the ovary there is a vague mass, initially determined that ovarian hyperplasia, is likely to lead to ovarian following naturally does not pregnant patients. To hear this, Kilian anxiously asked, ‘Doctor, now there are ways to treat it?’

Lavelle, Professor silent children, said, ‘The most direct way is to use laparoscopic surgical removal of tumor as early as possible. However, your wife's tumor in the ovaries, so removal will have on future fertility caused great impact.’ Base Sweden 1, but also sad and anxious, he successively asked, ‘Doctor, that there are other ways? Do not have a cure disease and to retain both reproductive capacity means it?’ la ville, Professor sternly told them, ‘ In accordance with your wife present symptoms, mass is relatively small, so I still recommend conservative treatment, you can always come to the hospital to conduct regular observations to ensure that everything goes. ‘

Kalian and Angel Heart were all to be a little down. However, the shadow of the disease, the family, Kilian heart was very heavy.

In the evening of March 20th, when the Kilian came home, Angel had been lying on the bed again because of abdominal discomfort. Kilian also take off your shoes drilling quilt Angel smell Kilian thick down-body, no response came, it was Kilian his grasp ... Suddenly, Angel uttered a painful scream, she forced open the Kilian, using quilt clutching his stomach, eyes closed.

Kilian quickly pull up Angel, put on clothes, rushed to the hospital Edison. Just-la-ville doctors on duty, after intense examination, la-ville cast off the mask, comfort Kilian said, ‘Do not worry, in married life, the swelling occurs because of movements of the reverse, and sometimes even stimulate the mass, so your wife will feel pain. As long as the sex life after the attention of the frequency and range of motion like. Moreover, these days, your wife's ovarian mass increase did not occur, or worse, so we still continue to observe, and then do the appropriate treatment, so as to avoid unnecessary harm. ‘

My love life is limited to a large extent affected the Angel and Kilian's feelings. Kilian often work things, to worry, often affectionate with his wife would like to solve this problem bother lotus, they think of Angel's screams and doctor's advice, were dropped, but not sex life, but also do not see the child's hope, Kilian heart has become increasingly depressed the next.

March 27, Kilian home a headlong into the study, and Angel would knock on the door came in, in order to Kilian brought a cup of coffee, Kilian was a show of hands overturned cup tempered shouted, ‘I do not drink! Please you not to use the coffee to me! ‘Angel caught off guard, spilled cola wet her dress. She froze a moment, where a loss said, ‘My dear, how can it? Feelings today are not you?’ ‘You do not have! Ask you to leave me quiet.’ Kilian painfully cover your cheeks, fill our minds with all is not education, children and the mother's exhortations.

Angel closed its doors going out sadly. She did not know what was wrong. Married so long, Kilian is the first time she made such a big fire. Thin think about it, has recently become Shaoyanguayu her husband did not, as before, as gentle and thoughtful, often absent-minded, a man quietly ecstatic.

That night, Kilian in the study had the night, Angel sleepless night, Kilian could not sleep the same. The next day, face to face capacity haggard, his eyes swelling of the Angel, Kilian not help heart health apologetic, in every possible way to beg his wife's forgiveness. Angel tears, her husband said, ‘Kilian, my dear, all the pain and bear with us please? After all, we are husband and wife ah. I will cure disease, we will certainly have their own children a good it? ‘Kilian reluctantly to his wife smiled, shook his head,’ No, baby. is my bad, please forgive me. ‘

Although this matter subside, but Kilian shadow hanging over the minds of him and restless all day. Slightly non-liking, they will blame Angel. They are often not coupled with sex life, the couple's feelings gradually as before.

Angel of sadness there can be no complaint, she is often the lake green, slowly alone had a better recall. At that time, early in April, one to the evening, more and more fireflies will appear in the lake, flying everywhere. Angel with open hands, these lovely falls on her palm in the past, Kilian will be here to accompany her, but now? Angel did not help but fall tears. ‘Firefly, you know Kilian why change it? You tell me please? I gave birth to a child as soon as possible please? I do not want to lose Kilian ...’ She hands the fireflies are collected into her dressing-ri I hope that they can accompany herself.

Home, Angel put the fireflies flying home in the balcony. The Firefly will be flying in the air and flashing light at a slightly, and sometimes still in the raising of the Sealand spend Angel, a circle of the halo, such as starlight flicker, glow a dream-like radiance. Kilian seemed to have been attracted, and he excitedly said, ‘Honey, when you move the fireflies come home ah? So beautiful! As we have known each other for that good night ... ...’ Kilian turned his head, his wife is also looking forward to watching him, the beautiful fairy Angel Huang Ru, Kilian for a time carried away, clinging to the Angel. He holds Angel to the bed, affectionate caress his wife. Suddenly, the Angel of the brow slightly Yi Zhou, Kilian stopped immediately, ‘how, my dear?’ ‘Does not matter, Kilian, to continue okay?’ Kilian was bored, he has done up and dressed, sighed, ‘sleep early, my dear.’

Momentary tenderness and no complete save their love. Kilian Angel or not to see signs of pregnancy, but how should we do? Mother called for information, Kilian troubles every day, and sometimes even unwilling to face Angel, often citing the work, in the company overnight.

In Kilian, when a bad mood, Angel or Firefly as partners to find. Firefly life is very short, an average of only five days at home in Angel, Firefly, dew and pollen intake is limited, so every other two days Bianba Angel Firefly family collection back and taken a number of new Zaiqu back, try not to let it die in their own homes.

May 20, 2009, Angel suddenly found herself pregnant. Angel will go to the hospital Edison reproductive checked, it really was pregnant! Angel was so happy that she wanted to go back to tell Kilian the good news quickly.

Kilian has been doing a good job at home, had dinner waiting for her. Kilian After struggling for so long, decided to properly comfort her with her research, to work together, we must cure his wife's illness. Angel returned home to see her husband, they excitedly clinging to him, and excited, ‘said Kilian, my dear, you can have a baby soon. I was pregnant!’ Kilian Yi Leng, Angel thought that he did not respond over, repeated loudly, ‘Really, my dear, I'm pregnant! I have already checked in to the hospital!’

Contrary to Angel's surprise, it seems that were not happy with Kilian. Instead, he was offended, like, like pushing an Angel, ‘What did you say? You are pregnant? You do not have ovaries following infertility it?’

’Yes, I hope we have a child, but Angel, and we do not have any success the past two months of sexual experience, how can you get pregnant? Do you understand? How the child may be the two of us individual?’ She was going to open, but was interrupted by Kilian, ‘Angel, I can not think, you actually will be ...you actually would betray me!’

Angel extremely surprised. She never even did not think their husbands do not trust themselves, will think he wsa out of orbit. She shook her head. Kilian pointed at her stomach, said bitterly, ‘This is the proof! Your stomach as evidenced by the children! You know, I did not use the sperm ... ...’ ‘No, Kilian, I will not ... ... ‘Angel Kilian anxiously holding hands, trying to calm him. But there is no use, Kilian break away from Angel, turned stairs, walking, ‘said Angel, you are too let me down! You have other people's children!’

When the Angel with the upstairs and found the room cabinets and drawers had been turned, he was a mess, Kilian rummaging around like crazy, like, ‘tell me who he is who he is! I'll take him to the come out! ‘Angel to stop living Kilian,’ Kilian, do you keep a cool head! do not have that 'he', Kilian! I never betray you! ‘But no use, Kilian while stopped tossing about, or complain to the Angel Needless to anger, we must force her to clarify the facts.

Angel felt very sad. Crimping her strong grievances, one for the Kilian repeatedly stated his loyalty to one side Kilian persuaded to accompany her to hospital for examination. ‘Go to the hospital a check everything clear ah, my dear. You know, I stomach the child is your ah.’ Kilian glasses fell off heavily, ‘do not need to! This child, was not mine, certainly not mine! ‘

Angel is a Sleepless. The next day, she was up early to take milk, happened to bump into the milkman came, he saw the Angel eyes red and swollen, then interest greetings, thank Angel turned being met Kilian alert eyes. Angel Pour the milk in the glass, the words heard Kilian asked, ‘just and that people are talking about?’ Angel said quietly, ‘Kilian, do not vexatious please? He just asked rhetorically, just waiting. Is this, too, betrayed it? ‘Kilian interfaces Road,’ Yes, you can send workers polite greetings milk, you can ask up doing the postman polite, you can also take advantage of my absence to your old lover Go home! ‘

‘Kilian, please go too far can it?’ Angel sincerely looking Kilian, ‘We go to the hospital, go now, okay?’ She came forward to look directly at Kilian silent eyes, ‘went to the hospital, you will know, I am innocent. OK? ‘To see Angel so inclusive and hear she is so sincere tone, Kilian agree to nod.

They came to Addison reproductive hospital, when they heard the news of pregnancy, Angel, la ville very excited, congratulations couple, and immediately on the Angel to do a comprehensive inspection, so that they can listen to the good news two days later.

Way back, Angel received a phone call from her former colleagues to go to Kent work, so want to come to visit about. Angel happily agreed. Hung up the phone, it has been silent Kilian suddenly said, ‘I do not welcome him to visit. Angel, I want you to reject him.’ Angel said, ‘Why? He is my friend, we do not see many years. ‘Kilian without any explanation,’ No! As long as the men on the No, I will not allow any man come to our house to visit. You immediately find a reason to refuse him. ‘Kilian can not be heard to discuss the tone. Angel's tears could not help to burst out.

‘Kilian, you stop.’ Angel opened the door, Ben out. Came Napian green lake, the Angel can no longer could not help weeping. Such a long period of grief, desolation and resentment, frustration intertwined. Just then, Ji Ruila over Angel's hand, ‘Come with me to go home all right?’ Angel hung up the phone, Mama said, tears. Kilian went on to say, ‘Angel is my bad, you will forgive me please? I should not doubt you, but I could not help ... ... because I care about you. You told me to go home all right?’ Angel hold him burst into tears, ‘Kilian, I really miss our old me. Even without kids, we would be very happy. I have never betray our oath ... ...’

May 30, 2009, along with Angel, and Kilian to obtain test results, doctors told Kilian-la-ville, ‘Your wife's ovaries no longer a problem! This was a miracle.’ She was so happy that almost jumping up, ‘Kilian, do you hear? Are you healthy! I have you had any brains.’

Kilian knows that he is overdone. More regret is that they are so suspect that his wife, let her being wronged. However, his heart is still in doubt, why the efforts of more than a year after marriage are not the results, while Angel comes to the past few months, the couple emotional crisis, they have almost no sex life at the time pregnant with a child?

June 10, Angel went alone Edison reproductive hospital routine prenatal care to her husband's suspicions told la ville doctor, crying, ‘The doctor, you help me answer? As I have often abdominal pain, so my husband and I basically did not do what the sex life, it is no wonder Kilian doubt me; but I am also very frustrated, because I have never, and others having an affair. ‘Doctors thought, asked the Angel,’ Madam, can you tell me This month you do not have a little contact with it? ‘Angel slightly a meditation and said,’ I have had two ... ... but no ejaculation Kilian, half-way to give up. ‘

June 14, 2009, Angie in Kilian, accompanied by Edison once again came to the hospital, Professor Lavelle received them, the face of this young couple. It turned out that during sexual intercourse, even without the completion of ejaculation, but men may also be due to excitement sperm flow out and into the female genital vagina, resulting in pregnant women.

The original is the case, Kilian Maosedunkai, repentance hung his head. He took Angel's hand, extremely sorry.

In the Angel's B-report card, the la-ville found a strange phenomenon. Angel of the ovaries and fallopian tubes similar between the shedding of the stratum corneum material, la-ville, after careful observation, Professor concluded that a long Angel ovarian mass and increasing phenomenon occurs once and tubal adhesions wrapped together and tilting capsule coverage live in the surface. La-ville in accordance with their years of clinical experience, determine this is because the bacterial infection caused by recessive non-specific inflammation of the ovary, rather than ovarian following infertility. Recessive non-specific inflammation, because the defense mechanisms of ovarian decline in the strength, streptococcus, staphylococcus and other invasive pathogens, resulting in ovarian adhesions, and even ovarian cysts, which like ovarian tumor, but also, and it had similar abdominal pain, anal bulge, etc. symptoms. Because ovarian cysts, and adhesions are not obvious, it is difficult in the first detected by conventional medicine, so that he mistakenly thought it was the beginning of ovarian infertility of the following.

However, Angel did not receive any treatment of the case, why then membrane shedding, inflammation of the ovaries, mitigation and gone out? Lavelle, Professor baffled. If it is early ovarian swelling fast, you can adjust their own diet to eliminate, but few have heard of ovarian inflammation to eliminate their own examples. In the end, what is the reason for this?

Professor Kay-la-ville described in detail to her recent lifestyle, Angel will be truthfully told the professor, since the test results came out her husband's strange reaction to his own time and fireflies will be accompanied by the daily loneliness ... ... when they heard here, la-ville Professor generated interest, ‘What did you say? Accompanied with the firefly?’

Obtaining the consent of Angel, and Kilian, la-ville on the evening of June 20 came to visit. She catch the one loaded into the bag and saw Angel planted broccoli when asked, ‘Madam, do you eat broccoli?’ One-sided Kilian interrupted, ‘Yes ah, her favorite food It is this vegetables. ‘Lavelle carefully observed a moment of broccoli on the surface, in turn carefully stuffed into the bag.

Back later, Lavelle put broccoli on the micro-display instrument, under careful observation, found in an active protein, this protein is active broccoli itself does not have, and by a variety of amino acids, vitamins and minerals composition. After testing, Lavelle confirmed that the substance is luciferase, and his forecast. Luciferase is the nature can produce enzymes collectively referred to as bioluminescence, is located in the body of fireflies is determined by fluorescence produced by oxidation. Angel Zhuolai fireflies are often smoked broccoli pollen, in the consumption process, the body will secrete fluorescein out under the effect of oxidation produces luciferase, and the body immersed in flowers. Like to eat broccoli An Qiqia clever to luciferase ingested, it produced at the Angel in vivo pharmacological effects. Study confirmed that under the conditions of infection and inflammation, inflammatory cytokines by activating transcription factor pathway activation, inducing chemokines, adhesion molecules and other inflammatory mediators resulting in inflammatory response. The luciferase transcriptional activity of the cells the expression of transcription factors hinder impact and reduced the activity of transcription factors, thus inhibiting the expansion of inflammatory factors on the inflammatory response play a role in suppression and mitigation.

The early years, la-ville was once published in the special issue in an article on the luciferase, luciferase developed has an important role in anti-inflammatory health care, such as the internal environment can help the body to the collation and maintain the blood alkaline, anti - inflammation, digestion decomposition, blood purification and to promote the role of cell metabolism, and so on. Today let him excited is the Angel food luciferase secret cure for infertility, is proof of the efficacy of luciferase. In addition, the luciferase gene can also be inserted into the virus genome, by detecting fluorescence can know that the virus genome expression in infected cells. This will be a benefit to mankind of medical discovery.

When Angel and Kilian, after hearing the news, and finally all the doubts were swept away. The husband and wife are reconciled, reunion and reconciliation, to concentrate on inputs to meet the baby's work. Last until today, December 8, 2009, Firefly was born a baby smooth.

In the medical profession, this news also attracted the attention of many reproductive specialists, we have to find new ways of treating infertility Seoul excited, some have predicted, this will be the reproductive sector, a landmark research results, luciferase will Gospel for many infertility patients. In January 2010, the United Kingdom ‘reproductive Study Series,’ estimates that the world reported the news, Firefly, grabbing a new favorite in the medical profession. I believe that infertility patients will find more happiness the road leading to fluorescence.

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