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Bride-torturing & burning are common among the Indian wealthy families. Horrensous
Hang the in laws who burn brides

The Supreme court of India had earlier said that death penalty should be applied to those who burn brides. Its latest arbiter dicta, in favor of the extreme punishment for those who kill the daughter –in-laws is noteworthy as a comment on the social scene, born of anger and frustration. These heinous domestic crimes have not shown any sign of abetment irrespective of the enactments against dowry deaths and the modernization of our society.
Further, the number of hapless women whose funeral pyres have been lit up within the houses by the in-laws has been on the increase here. It has increased from about 6785 cases two years back to almost 8100 cases now. The number of cases reported of torture and cruelty against women are around 76000!
While domestic violence takes pace in all strata of society, the bride burning instances are more or less confined to the wealthy few. It looks that man’s avarice has no end. The more you have the more you wish. And the more you torture, the more you believe you will easily get. This is horrendous. A woman is not married as an eternal source of income. She is not a golden duck who lays golden eggs or if the in-laws think so they are inhuman and cannibal likes to be put to death. The long history of this perversion show that the in-laws take for granted that torture is an easy means to make quick money. Why not the husband go out and work hard or smart and make money to satisfy the lusty demands of his family? Why should he be a party to the torture and burning of his bed-mate!

Statistics show that again it is the well off families who dare to kill the female fetuses so that they have only male children. Later they can make these males as a ready source of income for the family. This is a vicious mentality devoid of any human sentiment. For them the killing of a female fetus and the killing of a mature girl are at the same plateau. They want money at any cost. To what extent the can this new legislation help? God alone knows. The crime of the offending families is not considered abhorrent or even unusual. Further they do not face any form of censure or ostracism form the society. The campaigns against taking dowries have not yielded any result so far. Further few of the religious people seem to chastise the faithful from such horrendous crimes.

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