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a love story that involves Doraemon and year 2020.
                                      Doraemon is my Cupid

                                        By Lizelle Tabaquero

                          “ From present to past and future.”

          It was me Luiza and I’m here to tell you about my “high-tech love story”. It all started in the year 2070, when Fritz Roy decided to leave his present time to go from the past, which was the year 2020. The main reason was for his grandfather’s one birthday wish. It was to bring me in his time while I’m still alive and before he die.

          I doesn’t regret to meet him because he became so  kind at me. He was a man from the future and a man who never leave me alone crying. When he finally told me about his true objective here in year 2020, I totally became mad. He even mention things about his grandfather from the future.

        His grandfather was the person who requested him to become my friend, his name was Conrad. Conrad and I love each other so much but it’s  been 3 years when we broke up. He now had a girlfriend while I don’t have any lover. However, I’d never thought that he will still love me till he gets too old.

      I know that Conrad and I are not meant for each other. It makes me cry to know that at the age of 21, I’ll die earlier than him. Fritz told me about that and Conrad wants to see me now. I think he really misses me so much. The time machine was only discovered in the year 2060 and there should be a permission, therefore Conrad doesn’t even had a chance to see me while he was still young.

      I don’t want to believe Fritz about that but there are many evidences that he was a man from the future. I saw it with my two big eyes. He uses a big spheroid machine to go through my nearest destination. Therefore, it really hurts to know that my dreams to be a successful person and to get marry will not come true. Maybe, he was true… Not all people who are positive thinker can control their destiny.

    While I’m looking at Fritz’ eyes and nose, it reminds me of one person, which was Conrad. It was true, they are blood related. The only difference was their hair. Fritz had a curly hair while Conrad had a very straight hair.

“ How could he, for saying those words at me?”

But… I should face the truth that sooner or later I will die.

      So  after a long journey of visiting the seven wonders of the world I decided to go at  Fritz’ present time, which is my future. There I saw Conrad. He is now too old. Today is May 14, 270 and today is also his birthday in the hospital.

    He was very happy to see me alive but after 7 hours, he died while holding my hand. I cried out loud and everyone were also crying. I love Conrad so much, even if he is now older than me. After that, we returned to my year 2020, which is my present.

      Fritz requested me one more thing. It is to stop loving Conrad in my present, because he might not marry Jessi, his grandmother in the future.

Certainly…“ I promise to do my daily routine again so that I will not change my fate to enable fritz to be born in the future.” I replied calmly to him before he go home.

    While I am walking in the sidewalk , I saw a Doraemon watch. It reminds me of Fritz, who always sings the Doraemon song when I’m sad . I also remember that there is a Doraemon seal in his time machine.

    It was exactly October 10, 2020. I know that I will die now because I heard Fritz and her mother talking about it, but things changed. I didn’t die … Fritz came and saved my life.


  He cried in front of me and hugged me. After that, he said that he doesn’t want me to die because he loves me. He even added that I’m in Conrad’s heart and Conrad is in my heart. So we should be together, stay forever, and grow old.

    I can’t understand my heart while he was saying those words but I thanked him for sacrificing his future just for me. I gave him the Doraemon watch that I bought as a remembrance. However, it makes him  cry. He walks away while looking at it.

“ Fritz, I know you can find your own happiness.” I said silently.

    Many days ago, my destiny brings me to newness. Conrad and I became lovers again, but my heart is now searching for Fritz. Though I know that he will not return anymore in my time, I again broke with Conrad. It’s too late to realize how much I love that man from the time machine.

  I tried to be brave again. I again stayed alone. Eating alone and playing  in the worlds of fun alone. It’s so sad to be alone in this world, but it’s my choice. However, a few minutes ago, someone shoots the ball in the basket that I am playing. As I turned my head, it was him, “ Fritz”.

  He kneels in front of me and talks.

“ Without Luiza, I can’t find my true happiness because you're my life in the present and past. So please, let me stay forever in your time.” He sweetly said.

    I hold his hand as a sign of my acceptance. I love him and he loves me. There it ends our high-tech love story. “ After many years I became a successful mechanical engineer and became known in the world for making the first ever  time machine and for owning the Doraemon Company. Fritz and I became married and had 2 children.

Now, I believe that Doraemon is my Cupid.”

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