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Auschwitz, http: //www.geocities.com/mat_group/ , by T. J. Shemaly
By the coldness of the snows
that doesn't stop blowing
Stood there a group of fellows
they said they're mourning
Gathered from all the nations
and yelled so high for something

They say Auschwitz is the name
so hard in the heart it feels
Auschwitz the hard one to blame
the one of unexpected deals
Walk by O passer by in manner the same
might a tear of you falls and heals

Oh Birkenau how many did cry
to keep those devilish smiles
Oh Auschwitz how many did go by
talking to your bricks and tiles
Ashamed? or your sounds were cut off?
but to the graves I sat away from guiles

It is not about Christian or Jew
or a Muslim or pagan made so new
My friend it is a story of a human
dispaired of a different hue
Keep in your mind old Auschwitz
or another Auschwitz will be made so new

And I wish with my words so humble
that the Man will understand in his rumble
It is a story of sorrow and happiness
not what he or she believes for a bundle
Dear human, you made me despaired
what could be there after the Nazis, a mangle?
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