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Nukkumatti hitches a ride with Winter
    I shuddered as the old rig sputtered to a stop.  Snowflakes swirled and the airbrakes hissed as I ran up to the door.  Even though not many rides had come by I had second thoughts as I looked across at the driver.

    "My name's Winter."  he said.  " Hop in.  I can take you to the middle of March."

    I looked up the road behind  us  hoping to see someone else coming but there was no one as far as I could see.

    "Make up your mind.  Ride or walk."  he bellowed.    As the truck lurched up the road, I thought we would both be trying to catch a ride very soon.

    " Looks like we're going to be together for a while."  he said.  " Might as well get to know each other. What's your name."

      I  didn't want to tell Winter too much about myself.  I  had heard stories about him from some of the others.  They said he had a way of getting a hold on you and dragging you down.  He was right though, it did appear we were going to be travelling  together for awhile. 

    "My name is Nukumatti."  I said with a shiver.  " Some humans call me a dream and some call me the Sandman."

    " I've heard of dreams." Winter said.  " You're one of those that come in on the Cosmic Wind.  I hope you're one of the good ones."

    I looked over at the old man.  I could tell from his chiseled features that he had seen a lot.  "one of the good ones,"  I thought as I drifted off to a nap.

    The Cosmic Wind  carries many travelers.  Thoughts, ideas, wishes and dreams are just some of them.  Just like everything that lives,  there are good and bad of all.  The bad ones keep the human race from peace, while the good ones are constantly bouncing off each other and help the world search for answers.  Even though some are considered useless or fleeting,  we all have a purpose and a destiny.

Some of us will become reality, while some will stay just out of reach to make mankind think just a little bit harder.

    "Yes," I said as the truck bounced over a pothole, " I am a good one."


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