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Dialogue-only contest entry
"What was that?"
"What was what?"
"That noise. There it is again...hear it?"
"I didn't hear anything."
"Sounded like something bumped up against the house. Around by the back porch."
"Like I said, I didn't hear anything."
"Like you would over the television. There...there it was again. Did you hear it that time?"
"No. Do you want me to go out and take a look?"
"No, Henry, I want you to just sit your fat butt there on the couch watching the game while I go poking around the yard with a flashlight and a golf club."
"Was that sarcasm?"
"Good Lord, Henry. Yes I want you to go out and take a look. Jesus Henry, nevermind, I'll check it out myself."
"Sit down, Marianne - I'll go look and see. Will you please keep an eye on the game for me while I go out there?"
"Do you want me to...my God there it was again...what do you think it is? Sounds like it's moving towards the back door."
"Well...I'm sure it's the wind, I guess...can't think of what else would be out there."
"You think we should call someone?"
"Nah. Just give me two minutes, I'm sure an awning came loose, or someth..."
"HENRY! Did you hear it that time? My god, it's right outside the door."
"Honey, it's fine. Just get back away from the window. Go back into our room and grab the phone."
"The phone's right here. What should I do, call 911?"
"I think so. Get back away from the door, back into the hallway. Call 911 and tell them you think there's a..."
"Oh my god, Henry, the phone is dead. What do we do? Henry, did you hear me? What do we do?"
"Marianne, calm down, let's just think for a second. Let's just...oh no. Oh please no."
"Henry? Henry? What do you see? Henry, please say something. I can't see from here."
"Marianne, you're not going to believe this."
"HENRY, what was that crash? HENRY, what's going on? Henry, why won't you answer me? I'm coming around the corner now. Oh, God, Henry, oh no please no. Henry?...Henry, where are you?...Henry?"
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