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Small fight, big consequences...

It's always the little things that get on your nerves.
When you're least expecting it, life can throw you curves.
We had a silly argument over, what, I can't remember
and from this tiny spark ignited, like a glowing ember,
an escalation to the point that I left in a huff.
My final word still haunts me – I simply said "Enough!"

In the darkness of the night, the pain of leaving you
ripped at my heart. I knew my anger was untrue.
How could I have been so stupid to throw it all away?
I vowed that I'd apologize the very next day.

I bought you yellow daisies because they're your favorite.
I even had a speech prepared, I hate to admit.
I was focused on the words. In my mind they would repeat.
I didn't see the car as I ran into the street.

When you least expect it, events can form a chain.
Lying here the last thoughts coursing through my brain
were "Now you'll never know I'm sorry"...
                                    ... as my life flows down the drain.


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