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My secret behind the my letter
                                                    “This is For You”

        This is me, the one who speaks to you right now.

While typing this one my heart is crying because I guess you won’t came into my life and I’m just speaking to no one.

      Every woman dreams for a man who’ll love them so much and I do dream about you.

I think lucky are those who felt being loved and shared their grateful moments with someone.

    Sometime I’ve experienced too much jealousy and loneliness, because my doubts that make me suffered heartaches.

I always asked myself that if the one I love does not love me back then you are not him.

It is because if you are him, you’ll never give me the feeling of sadness and the feeling of being left alone in the darkness.

      Do you know I have many wishes to tell? I wish that one day we’ll walk together while holding our hands and shows a wonderful smile with full of love.

I wish to see you in always fine condition and will never get tired of loving me. Lastly, I wish that you’ll always be here for me.

      I pray to God that one day a man will came by and give me some red roses while confessing his true feelings for me, then my tears of joyfulness will fall down as I accept his love.I guess it is an only a dream and another imagination. I might not destine to find true love. Hope that you’ll prove that love is still for me and this is for you..

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