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John takes matters into his own hands.
    The hard, cold slab of marble table sits between me, and my pal, Darryl. He is probably the only friend that has stuck by me through this whole issue with Angel. My eyes avoid his, knowing what I'm about to do. I don't want him to see. The spots on the marble are semi-interesting actually. Each line of black encloses a some gray or white colors. I focus on this, instead of the future.
    Am I doing the right thing?
    "Hey, dude, you alive?" Darryl asks. "You look like you're in another planet."
    "Maybe I am." My eyes glance towards him. I can't make him suspicious. "Just kidding. I guess I'm thinking about Angel."
    He rolls his eyes. "I thought she was your ex-angel."
    "She is. I still think she's an Angel though."
    "You know you're going to have to get over that slut."
    I wince. "Don't call her that."
    "She's dating Dante now. You can't compete with him. He's a complete meat head, but you can't face him. He's on a whole another level then you are. I mean he is the football star of the entire school."
    I interupt his unhelpful rant. "I get your point."
    Darryl sees the anger fuming off of me and apologizes. "Sorry."
    "It's okay."
    "I think we can find you another girl that will be interested in you. Look at all the hot chicks at this party. Half of them are single." His sinister smile forces me to grin slightly.
    "I actually think that's the best offer I've had in a while. Why don't you go looking and bring back anyone you find for me."
    "I think I will." He stands up, pushing up from the marble countertop. "I'll be back in ten." He walks off without further conversation.
    I sigh. A sigh I know to be of relief. Now I can do what I came to do. What if I'm wrong? She may not even care if die. She probably isn't even here. I hop down from my wooden stool. My feet carry me to the glass door that Darryl walked out of without closing it. I step out into the night air. The cool wind grazes my face.
    My muscles relax. The loud drumming music soon hits me afterwards, but I welcome it. The loud voices block out my pestering thoughts. The thoughts that make me want to back out, which I know I cannot do. How could I be such a weak person?
    A weak man?

    I stay in the doorway, searching for the one face that means the most to me. The one that used to love me; hold me.
    Almost a minute later I spot her glorious gold locks of hair curled for this special night. Maybe not special, but fun night. I small wind causes her hair to flow in the wind like the true angel I know her to...no. She is no angel of mine. I know it.
    Next to her is Dante. The buff jock who looks like he's on steroids. I bet he is.
    I feel a roar form in the back of my throat. I hold it back the best I can. I race to the side of the house where my car is parked. I run to it now with all the strength I have. My leg muscles strain as I barely avoid slamming into a couple making out in the shadows. I almost yell at them for their stupidity.
    "Get a room," I mumble.
    The guy flicks me off.
    I don't care. I drag on to my Ford truck. Well, my dad's, but he let me barrow it.
    What if I hurt him by doing this?
    The thought makes me shudder.
    Angelique won't be the only one affected by this. Patsy would get hurt to, but I can't focus on that. I'm hear for one thing, and one thing only. I will prove to Angel she made a mistake.
    I open the trunk where my dad has his trusty ladder he uses for painting houses. I smile. Good old dad helped me out with a big problem.
    Earlier the thought of how I was going to climb on the roof hadn't occured to me. The ladder led me to this easy and effective solution.
    I smile. Nothing is going to stop me now.
    I pull my helper from the truck and carry it under my arms to the house, avoiding cars as I go. As long as I don't hit one, I'll be fine.
    Finally, after a minute of side stepping cars, I hit the house. I step slowly along the house. If I don't find sturdy land, I'll have to go to the other side. Near the front I see a perfect spot. No gravel or loose dirt. I unlatch the ladder to allow it to go full length. After locking it in place, I set it on the stable soil. Good work.
    Carefully I place my right foot on the first rung, and then my left. I hop up and down, checking to see if it is surely stable. It is.
    I start my slow climb up the ladder, knowing the end is soon to come.
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