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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #1571062
Another Piece Of The Story Stemming From The One On My Myspace Page.
This Piece Of Acheron’s Past Is Set Almost Directly After The Sixth One.

Apollymi Gasped As She Felt The Weight In Her Chest Lift. Without Being Told, She Knew That She Now Could Leave Kalosis. Leave…“No!” She Screamed As She Realized The Significance Of That. There Was Only One Way For Her To Gain Her Freedom. Apostolos Was Dead. Those Three Words Chased Themselves On Her Head Until She Was Sick From It. Unwilling To Believe It, She Ran To Her Pond And Summoned The Universal Eye. There, In The Water, She Saw Xiamara Lying Dead On The Palace Floor And Apostolos…From The Deepest Part Of Her Being, A Scream Of Rage And Grief Swelled And When She Gave Voice To It, It Shattered the Pool And Rocked The Garden Around Her. “I Am Apollymia Thanata Deia Fonia!” She Screamed Until Her Throat Was Raw And Bleeding. She Was The Ultimate Destruction, And She Was Going To Bring Her Son Home…May The Gods Have Mercy On Each Other, For She Would Have None For Them.

Hades, The Greek God Of Death And The Underworld, Stood In The Center Of His Throne Room, Staring In Disbelief At The Newest Arrival Who Lay In One Of The Darkest Cells Of Tartarus. And He Hadn’t Put Him There…He Looked At The Timepiece On His Wrist And Ground His Teeth. It Was Still Three Months Before His Wife Would Be Returned To The Underworld To Be With Him. But He Had To Speak With Her. “Persephone? “ He Called, Hoping His Mother Wouldn’t Be Close Enough To Hear Him. The Old Demon Would Have A Stroke If She Caught Them Together. Not That It Would Be A Bad Thing…If Only It Would Kill Her. And Image Of His Wife Flickered Beside Him, “Butterbean!” She Said Out Loud, “I Was Just Missing You Something Terrible.” She Said As She Reached Out To Touch him. He Really Hated The Nicknames She Came Up With For Him. Thank The Gods That She Only Used Them When They Were Alone, Otherwise He’d Be The Most Mocked Of All Gods. But He Could Forgive His Wife Anything, “Where’s You Mother?” He Asked. “Off With Zeus Looking Over Some Fields, Why?” She Replied.

Good, The Last Thing He Needed Was For Demeter To Come In And Catch Them Talking. But That Brought Him Back To His Current “Dilemma.” Anger Swept Through Him As He Gestured Toward The Wall That Showed The Cells Where His Prisoners Were Kept, “Because I’m Getting Really Sick Of Cleaning Up The Messes Of Other Gods And Right Now I’d Love To Know Whose Ass I Need To Bust Over This Latest Fiasco.” He Said As She Solidified Before Him. “What Happened?” She Asked As He Took Her Hand. He Led Her To The Cell Where They Could See Inside, But The Occupant Inside Couldn’t See Them. At Least, That Was The Normal Case, In This One, Who Knew What The Occupant Could See. He Pointed Towards The Red And Blue Fleshed Archdemon In The Back Who Laid Flat On The Floor, “Any Idea Who Killed That And Sent It Here?” He Said As Her Eyes Widened. “What Is It?” She Asked As He Moved In Front Of Her. “Well, I’m Not Entirely Sure. I Think It’s A Archdemon…Wolf-Demon…Maybe. But I’ve Never Seen Anything Like Him Before. He Came Here A Short While Ago And Hasn’t Moved. I’d Try To Destroy His Soul And Send It Into Complete Oblivion, But I Don’t Think I Have All The Powers To Do It. In Fact, I’m Sure That Just By Trying, All I’d Do Is Piss Him Off.” He Said As She Looked Him In The Eye.

“Well, Sweetie, My Advice To You Is If You Can’t Defeat It, Befriend It.” She Said As He Glanced Away At The Archdemon In The Cell. “Befriend It How?” He Asked As She Cast Him A Small Smile. Persephone Smiled At Her Husband Again, Who Was Far From A Sociable Entity. Tall And Muscular With Black Hair And Eyes, He Was Gorgeous, Even When He Was Befuddled And Angry. “Wait Here.” She Said As She Moved Behind Him And Entered The Cell, Making Her Way Slowly To The Unknown Archdemon. The Closer She Moved To Him, The More She Understood Hades’ Concern. There Was So Much Power Emanating From The Archdemon That The Air Was Rife With It. She’d Been Around Other Archdemon’s, But This One Was Different. His Marbled Blue And Red Skin Was Strangely Attractive As It Covered A Body Of Perfect Proportions. Long White Hair Fanned Out. He Had Two Black Horns On The Top Of His Head And Black Lips And Claws. And More Than That, He Wasn’t Capable Of Creation. He Was A Archdemon Of Ultimate Destruction.

Her Legs Trembling In Trepidation, She Reached Out To Touch The Archdemon. He Opened His Eyes That Were A Yellow Orange Encircled By Red. They Flashed From That To A Swirling Silver Color, Filled With Raw Anguish. “Am I Dead?” The Archdemon Asked, His Voice Demonic. “You Want To Be Dead?” She Actually Dreaded His Answer Because If He Didn’t Want To Be Dead, There Could Be Serious Consequences. “Please Tell Me I’ve Finally Made It.” He Said, Almost Begging. Those Desperate Words Tugged At Her Heart. Reaching Out To Comfort Him, She Brushed The Long White Hair From His Red Cheek. “You’re Dead, But As An Archdemon, You Live.” She Said Softly. “I Don’t Understand. I Don’t Want To Any Different From Anyone Else. I Just Want To Be Left Alone.” He Said, Barely More Than A Whisper. Persephone Smiled At Him, “You Can Stay Here As Long As You Like.” She Said As She Summoned A Pillow And Tucked It Under His Head. Then She Covered Him With A Blanket. “Why Are You Being So Nice To Me?” He Asked, Confused.

“Because You Seem To Need It.” She Patted Him On The Arm Before She Stood Up. “If You Need Anything, I’m Persephone. My Husband, Hades, Is The One In Charge Here. You Call For Us And We’ll Come.” She Said After She Stood Up. He Gave A Subtle Nod Before He Closed His Eyes And Returned To Lying Quietly In The Darkness. Mystified By Him, Persephone Returned To Her Husband, “He’s Harmless.” She Told Him. “Harmless, My Ass. Seph? Are You Insane? Can You Not Feel The Power He Holds?” He Said Firmly. “Oh, I Feel Them. Go Near Him And You’d Have Nightmares. But He Doesn’t Want Anything. He’s Hurt, Hades, Badly. All He Wants Is To Be Left Alone.” She Said Calmly. “Yeah, Right. Left Alone In MY Underworld? An Archdemon Whose Powers Rival Mine, Screw That, They Trump Mine. How Stupid Would I Have To Be? You Know There’s A Reason Breeds Don’t Mix.” He Said With A Renewed Tone Of Concern. “You Can Ally Him,” She Said, Trying To Calm Him Down. “Having A Friend Is Never A Bad Thing.” She Finished. “Until The Friend Turns On You.” He Replied Without Missing A Beat.

She Shook Her Head, “Hades…” She Whispered. “I’m Much Older Then You, Seph. I’ve Seen What Can Happen When One God Or Archdemon Turns On Another.” He Said. “And I Think He Poses No Harm To Anyone.” She Said As She Lifted Herself On Her Toes To Kiss His Cheek. “I Have To Go Before My Mother Finds Me Missing. You Know How She Gets When I See You During Her Time With Me.” She Said Calmly. “Yeah, And A Pox On The--” She Pinched His Lips Together Before He Could Let Fly The Insult. “I Love You Both, Now Behave And Take Care Of Your Guest.” She Said Before She Let His Lips Go. Only His Wife Could Get Away With Treating Him Like This And Being So Cavalier With His Body. But Then, She Held His Heart And He’d Give Her Anything. He Kissed Her Finger, “I Miss You.” He Said Softly. “I Miss You, Too. I’ll Be Home Soon.” She Said As She Took A Few Steps Back From Him. He Nodded Glumly, Then Cursed As She Faded Away From Him. Damn Demeter For Cursing Them To Live Half The Year Apart. But Right Now He Had A Bigger Problem Then His Wife’s Mother. And At About Six Foot One, That Archdemon Wasn’t A Small Problem.
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