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by tj16
Rated: 13+ · Novella · Teen · #1571316
Sometimes appearances are misleading.
    Dante's hands graze my lower back and attempt to stray lower. I heave away from him. "Don't you even think about it." I close in again.
    His movements start to become more hurried and vulgar. He literally starts humping my leg like a dog looking for a playmate.
    My attempts to calm him down fail. I decide to sway with the music and try to ignore him. John was a way better dancer than this player. Dancing isn't always about humping the air.
    I pull his arms off my back. "I need a drink." I start to leave and stop for a second. Maybe he will be kind enough to find one for me.
    "Find a beer for me too." He looks around. Possibly searching for someone else to hump not dance. Pig!
    My eyes spot Patsy rushing through the crowd. She passes the last of the people, who stare at her like she is crazy, and she walks into the shadows.
    What is she doing?
    I follow her.
    Secretly I envy Patsy for her innocent demeanor. She walks around with this happy smile on her stupid, unknowing face all the time. Yeah, she is book smart, but she definitely isn't street smart.
    I watch Patsy run smack into a couple in the dark.
    "Oh I'm so sorry," she says.
    A girl laughes at her. "Whatever." A guys voice follows with her laughter.
    "You can shut up." My voice booms with confidance I've learned to fake.
    "Who are you to tell me off?" The girl places her hands on her hips, as I come closer. "The police?"
    "I should be with the way your acting." I flip back my hair.
    In the dark, I barely see her boyfriend wrap his arms around her. Maybe trying to make her stop. It doesn't work. "What the hell are you talking about, skank?"
    Classic name calling. Lame. "I'm talking about how your grouping your boyfriend in the dark. You should have more respect for yourself than that."
    "Why am I arguing with you? It is such a waste of my time." She walks away, pulling her boyfriend behind her.
    I stare at Patsy, waiting for a thank you. I doesn't come.
    "Who are you to judge other people. At least they were in private not like you and Dante."
    "One he was the one acting like and horn dog. Two I never did anything to hurt you, so what's your deal?"
    "You hurt John. That hurt me." She walks off without anymore talk.
    I frown. Did I hurt him that bad?
    In my heart I know I did.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1571316