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A new take on poetry in an artsy form using the same word to end and start sentences.
Limbo is the position where all you see is your own reflection
Reflections of who you aren’t and what you could’ve been, adorned in velvets
Velvety and white diamonded, they stop your thoughts and send you flitting
Flitting over every memorized moment; remember that haberdasher?
Haberdashering on the south sea coast who was filled with garrulity
Garrulous like the longest day of your life and all you feel is laze
Lazy about everyone and thing because you missed that moment so pivotal
Pivot less from there to here so now you are stuck and constricted
Constriction is all you know and all that you live, you’re incapable of exodus
Exodus to the place you long to be more than anything, home
Home is what you want; where I am and I am of course juxtaposed
Juxtapositioned and sprinting in the opposite direction, leaving you disheartened
Disheartened from all you learned from your so-called talebearer
Tale bearing all that you loathes hearing of the only one you admire
Admired in a way that was so outrageous you were a stumbling bacchanal
Bacchanaled on my spirit and soul, you tried to keep me, doused me in plaster
Plastered me with your affections; I can’t stand it so I must go
Going till there is nothing left of me and you lose your sense of sight
Sightless in your world where all you have you must kipper
Kippering everyone and thing because you don’t want to be alone in limbo.
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