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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Death · #1572048
A challenge from lutz06~ A threat lurks and a Dolvine Wolf searches for the cause.
Great for warning people when I'm working on an item. *Smirk*

         An old man was walking down the sidewalk to the river's edge. His skin seemed to lose color every day and his white-grey hair seems to lesson as well. A Dolvine Wolf watched as he went down to the river. Something about him seemed to differ from all the other humans. Deciding to risk exposure, the wolf did the only thing it can do to learn what's happened. It decided to use communications by means of telepahy.
         Looking up, the man searched for a way to locate that voice. He noticed a fairly good-sized black wolf just visible within the tree shadows. Seeing there is nothing to fear, he decided to continue on. Then the wolf decided to try again. To its advantage, the man was suffering from a brain disease.
         What happened? the wolf peered deeply into the man's face.
         "Danger on the bank, must find it."
         What was lost? suddenly the wolf found its advantage.
         "The weapon..."
         As the wolf watched, suddenly the man fell down. He appeared to have completely lost color in the skin. Alarmed, the wolf decided to go near to see what's wrong. If there was any movement signaling that it could be caught, it ran away, vanishing into the shadows. The man was laying there, peacefully. A young dark boy saw the wolf coming out of the candy store and gave a yelp. Immediately his mother came. It was too late. Nearby a building exploded into pieces, collasping on itself. The humans started to run, seeking shelter. There was one thing to find out- what was the weapon that old man mentioned.
         Dolvine Wolves are considered, by superstitious people, the black dog who is followed by bad luck. In most cases, this was correct. The wolves couldn't help what happens though, they feed off animals and try to save lives. This time it was a race against time for preventing a mysterious illness from spreading to others and wiping out a portion of the population.
         "Mommy, I saw a black dog. After seeing it, the building blew up," that boy told his mother, still crying.
         "It's okay. There's no such thing of bad luck and good luck. That dog must have been in the wrong place at the wrong time," she replied, trying to comfort her son.
         Having followed that boy, the wolf sensed something was wrong. All of a sudden the boy went from crying and shock over what just happened to aggressiveness. He was then complaining about a headache. The mother took a few steps back, seeing the unusual change in behavior.
         "Help!" she cried, looking around.
         Then the wolf decided to move in on that young boy. It knew there was something causing chaos and the boy was now a victim. Telepathing to the mother to stay away from her son, it ran, knocking the boy down, to the shadow of one of the closest buildings. Then it decided to use some of the dark powers it possessed to run from there to the river's edge, in search of that weapon. Time was passing by quickly and the balance of nature needed to be restored.
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