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Humans altering physics, who dissappeared off the face of the earth a few years ago.
~Downfall of the Rifters~
         The cause of the fall of the Rifter world may have been undecided. Some have said the monarch was a wobbly one to begin with. Others refer to the rumor about two human girls distupting the delicate balance between reality and extreme-reality. Much of the Rifter population has been wiped out so much investigation was not thoroughly conducted. However, some surviving Rifters, such as myself, would like to know how it really happened. How our precious world came tumbling down in our eyes.
         Before any of the details, one must be sure of the definition of a Rifter. A Rifter is a human being with the ability to alter the visual and mental prospect of a living creature. Some get so talented, they can create precise illusions but the rest of us, the normal ones, can make a regular person have an extremely blurry vision or go into a temporary coma. The first Rifters, who married Rifters and had Rifter children, were beyond powerful, but that was a long time ago. Most Rifters now have human blood in their ancestry, and therefore do not possess the talent genetically to create extreme-reality.
That brings us to the question of: what is extreme-reality? Some think it was a myth or legend made up to keep the Royal Rifter family and other upper-class clans distinguished from the common Rifter. Be that if it may, extreme-reality is a state of mind in which the person in control and the companion he (or she) chooses immerse into a virtual realm. Not only mentally, but also physically, any trace of them disappears as if they didn’t exist. Today’s scientists may refer to it as traveling into a parallel universe or a different dimension, but the ancient story of extreme-reality was said to have consequences as well as enterprise to the persons who are privileged enough to enter it. No one in recorded Rifter history has ever managed to enter extreme-reality, but that’s all about to change.
I have pieced together information, files, and lost memories with extreme difficulty for the past few years in order to produce an account of what really happened when 70% of the Rifter population disappeared off the face of the Earth. I may have said I was a survivor but what I meant was that in my theory, I am one of the few Rifters who were left behind when the others were thrown into extreme reality. Who placed them in Extreme Reality? Why? Since no one had taken the responsibility to find out, I have taken the liberty to bring justice on those who were wiped out clean.

In loving memory of my grandparents: Devon and Nikki Tower,
And my parents: Nick and Tori Tower.

-Victoria Carolyn Tower,
Heir to the Rifter Throne,
Chief of Rifter Department of Justice

Journal One

Carolyna James watched the sun disappear over the hill. She sighed and a tear dropped down her cheek. Her long blonde hair was pulled into a braid. Lyna’s green eyes sparkled in tears. The girl next to her was just the opposite. She had striking chestnut-brown eyes and raven-black hair. Her name was Victoria Stiles. She was Lyna’s best friend. Both fourteen-year-old girls had tears in their eyes, but Victoria was perfectly still, not moving an inch. They sat on the highest hill of Channing Falls, Montana, mourning for the loss of Lexi.
         The funeral was a sad one. No one talked. No one smiled. Lexi’s parents, Devon and Veronica Tower dabbed their eyes. Lyna and Victoria had escaped the funeral. Alexis Tower was too much of a happy, cheery person to have a horrible, solemn funeral. It was like the entire small of Channing Falls ran out of happiness when Lexi died.
         When Lexi died… how could that have happened? Lexi, so full of life and laughter, was gone. How was it possible? Victoria had yet to grasp the fact that her Lexi was gone. Lyna couldn’t believe it either. Yet, one horrible night when Steven, Lexi’s brother, had crashed his car… both he and his sister faced the fatal consequences. One drunk driver was all it took to kill two teenagers, to ruin two lives. Steven was going to college the next year, but it only took one drunk driver to destroy his dreams, his goals, and his life.
         “Let’s go back to the funeral,” said Lyna, wiping her eyes. Victoria looked away.
         “Why?” she said, “Lexi would have hated her funeral.”
         “I know,” Lyna assured her, “But she’s our Lexi, and we should be at her funeral… to say goodbye.” Victoria sighed and nodded. She knew Lyna was right.
         When they were back at the Towers’ large mansion, Mr. and Mrs. Tower approached Victoria and Lyna.
         “May we speak to you, girls?” they asked. Both nodded and Lexi’s parents led to Lexi’s old room. They stood outside the door and paused.
         “When Lexi was a baby, she had a twin brother. He was a little different than us so we sent him to a special school. After his sister’s death, Nicholas agreed to come back and live with us,” explained Mrs. Tower. Mr. Tower opened the door to Lexi’s room and a boy sat on her bed primly. His eyes were milky gray, but they shone with sorrow.
         “Did Lexi know?” asked Victoria. She seemed to accept this without much surprise. Lexi’s parents nodded.
         “Lexi never mentioned a twin brother,” said Lyna, nodding in acknowledgement at Nicholas.
         “I was kept a secret. Lexi was my sister and she loved me. She didn’t betray my secret,” said Nicholas. His voice was smooth. It was not high but not deep either… somewhere in between.
         “We will be right back to tell you why we brought you here. Meanwhile, Nicholas and you shall get to know each other,” said Mr. Tower. They both left the room. Lyna and Victoria were alone with Nicholas Tower.
         “Why were you kept a secret?” blurted Lyna. Victoria’s face was neutral. No one could guess her emotions.
         “Because of this,” said Nicholas. He began to meditate. The pupils in his milky gray eyes disappeared. The room started to spin for Lyna and Victoria. They both felt dizzy. Then it became very cold. Victoria could feel frost on the tip of her tongue.
         Nicholas’s pupils returned and the room became normal again.
         “In my society, we are called Rifters. We can control nature and the human mind. I was sent away when I was a child because my powers were uncontrollable and dangerous. I return to Channing Falls today.”
         “Three months, I shall give him. Three months until the day the sun sets and the moon rises. Then he shall die,” said a small girl of eight. Her cold eyes of blue glistened in malice.
         “I want his talent badly,” she repeated once more to a boy beside her. He was about eleven. With dead eyes and an expressionless tone, he replied,
         “Yes, your highness, I suppose his talent would suit you better if you’re to be the most powerful Rifter princess in history.”
         “And do you think sucking the talent out of every Rifter is a good way to do it?” asked the princess. The boy was silent. He really didn’t think so. However, if he didn’t want to end up dead, he wasn’t about to say otherwise.
         “Well, Aiden?” she insisted.
         “Yes, Princess Camille Constance Laurie, your plan is a genius one,” said Aiden, the princess’s companion. The spoilt princess twiddled her finger, which control the ball of golden twine dancing in mid-air. Suddenly, the door to the throne room opened and in came a woman with the same cherry red hair as Camille Constance Marie.
         “Evening, darling,” she sang, “Your father wishes to see you.” Then with the twisted expression, she added, “It has something to do with her.” Camille Constance Laurie knew her mother she was referring to her father’s other wife, Queen Veronica. 
         “Yes, mother, tell him I shall be there shortly,” Camille said casually. As her mother left the room, she stood and beckoned Aiden.
         “Come Aiden. We must go see my father, but just between you and me, I must attempt to slip some poison into that pig Veronica’s wine tonight.”
         “I hear she carries a child. Is that so wise? Would your father not be angry?” asked Aiden. The princess laughed ruthlessly.
         “Honestly, Aiden, do you think I’d let her child live while it would be ahead of me as the heir to the throne? No, no, that would not do at all, Aiden. The thing to decide is if I shall get rid of that thing’s mother as well. It’s too bad Mother cannot be queen.”
         Aiden did not dare to add that her own mother could not be queen because she was considered an un-Royal by the Rifter by-laws.
         “I suppose we should make haste to see your father, princess.”
         “All right, I am coming.”
         The funeral was over and all the guests were gone. However, Lyna and Victoria were left behind. Mr. and Mrs. Devon Tower were seated properly on their oyster white sofa. Mrs. Tower’s blonde hair was cut short to where there were small spikes on the sides. Her eyes were dry, but it looked like she had run out of tears. The gray pant suit she wore went very well with her glistening string of pearls. She looked very put together, but obviously she was struggling not to fall apart inside. Her husband sat tight-lipped with a solemn expression etched upon his face. Both Mr. and Mrs. Tower were blonde and blue-eyed. Lyna James and Victoria Stiles were seated across them, not daring to speak. Finally, Nicholas stepped into the room and broke the uncomfortable silence.
         “Is everyone gone?” he asked.
         “Yes, darling, come sit down,” Mrs. Tower said.
         “Mrs. Tower,” began Victoria.
         “Please, call me Veronica,” she said. Her painted red lips barely moved as she said this. She beckoned Nicholas to come sit next to her. Nicholas took a seat next to his mother and coughed awkwardly.
         “Um, Veronica,” said Victoria, “What do we have anything to do with this?” Lyna wiggled next to her.
         “Nicholas,” Mrs. Tower said, facing her son, “Would you like to tell them?”
Nicholas nodded.
         “Steven and Alexis weren’t killed by a drunk driver. They were killed by my half--sister, Camille Constance Laurie. They were murdered.”
         Victoria and Lyna gasped. Lexi murdered? Impossible!
         “WHY?” squeaked Lyna.
         “You see, my father and mother are the King and Queen of Rifters. In our world, it is traditional to have two spouses. My half-sister is princess because Steven and Lexi were born as non-Rifters and I reclined the throne. I am the real heir but I refused it. Camille Constance Laurie hates the fact that my mother is queen. To avenge her, she killed Alexis and Steven. She didn’t know where I was.”
         “We fear Camille Constance Laurie will go after Nicholas next. I am with a child which the princess has targeted. Devon and I have agreed we will need to disappear for awhile for the child’s sake, but Nicholas is in grave danger. We realize the princess cannot assume the throne without bringing destruction so Nicholas might possibly have to take the throne after Devon.” Mrs. Tower said, “The princess knows Nicholas has refused the offer to become heir but she doesn’t want to take chances. She will try to kill him.”
         “How old is this kid?” asked Victoria.
         “Eight,” replied Nicholas.
         “So you’re going in hiding from an eight-year-old girl?”
         “She may be young, but she is the most powerful, dangerous Rifter in the world with nothing but the most malicious intentions.”
         Lyna stared at Nicholas intently. Finally, she spoke. “All right, but you haven’t answered our question. What does this have anything to do with us?” Devon and Veronica exchanged looks.
         “It’s time,” Devon Tower said quietly.
         “B—” Veronica began to protest. Devon shook his head. Veronica Tower turned to Lyna and Victoria.
         “There are secrets in this town. Horrible secrets of the past,” she said, “It starts with a prophecy.”
         Indubitably, Camille Constance Laurie began to hatch a plot. It was a rather complex one that Aiden could not keep up with no matter how many times the princess hit him on the head with a book.
         “Honestly, Aiden, you must keep up with this,” she said, “How am I supposed to take over the Rifter world if my accomplice doesn’t follow?”  Aiden didn’t mention that he was not her accomplice because he was merely her servant and play-mate.
         “Sorry, your highness,” apologized Aiden. Princess Camille Constance Laurie hit him again with a rather heavy book. Aiden cringed but did not say anything.
         “Sorry isn’t good enough!” shrieked the spoiled princess, “Let’s go over this again!” Aiden stifled a groan as he sat through the princess’s explanation of her diabolical plan to take over the Rifter World.
         Note: It would be helpful now to stop and go over exactly who Aiden Glade was. Aiden was born into a good family of powerful Rifters. However, when he was ten years old, his parents died of mysterious circumstances which had never been investigated. Considered an important asset, King Devon allowed the young Glade, who was the son of his late friend Edmund Glade, to reside in the castle. A few months later, he was dubbed the official playmate and assistant of Princess Camille Constance Laurie. As if it was his choice. No living creature with a living breathing heart would willingly choose to contribute their lives to the princess. Aiden used to be a timid boy with a delightful sense of humor. Emphasis must be added to ‘used to’ because one would not understand the basics in the nature of the princess if it wasn’t pointed out the change in Aiden. His conscience was numbed as the princess ordered him to do things that were unfair and cruel. There wasn’t any point in defying the princess. If you disobeyed her orders, she w0uld simply use her powers to torture you as she forced you to complete the task in aggravating pain. I have paused and informed you of Aiden Glade because he was a very important factor in the downfall of the Rifter society. Here I must end Journal One which has established the main points of the events that will follow and also because I must keep my journals short. If it falls into the wrong hands, havoc can wreak through the human world where us Rifters reside in secretly. Please stay tuned for Journal Two.

Some are angered by my investigations. I sit here typing this in a hotel room in minimum light. Why am I so damn determined? I owe to everyone to do this, but before, you might find it interesting to know what happened shortly after I completed compiling Journal One.
         November 16, I came home one chilly evening to find the door of my apartment wide open. I am struck with panic because I left it locked tight when I left. Where was I that day? It shall remain confidential for now, but when I checked my apartment for theft, nothing was stolen! Nothing! Not one single thing was taken from any of the rooms in my apartment. I sat down in front of my computer and realized someone had turned it on. Who broke into my home and why? Perhaps the answers lay in my computer. Scanning through my files, I found a folder in my documents labeled “open me”. I open the folder and it’s filled with documents about a particular boy, who’d be a man now, I suppose, by the name of Edward Jest. I opened the first document and looked through the whole identity of this man. Soon, I read through all the documents. The last one was just a page with the words: “Get out. They’re out to get you.”
         Who are they? Why are they after me? I can only assume it has something to do with my journals. However, whoever warned me has given me enough information to pull together a background for Edward Jest. All I can say now, is that Jest was the fourth corner to this prophecy.
         The following day as I was driving to the city library for some research, I was pursued by a black minivan. I felt the need to flee. Why? Perhaps instinct or common sense. I feel it’s no longer safe for me to stay at my place. My whereabouts remain unknown for now as I change location every few days.
         The information gathered on Edward Jest seemed confusing but soon I began to see how he played a key role and tied together well with the story I am struggling to reveal. For now, everything is difficult to assume correct, but soon everything will clear up. The Royal family’s name will be cleared and the true nature of the Great Disappearance shall be revealed. Before I do so, In must continue the second journal for I must go to great lengths for readers to understand… the prophecy.
         The following information is top-secret and not to be shared with anyone for now. If you are reading this and you are not authorized, please close your eyes. There will be a fatal blow in the back of your head in a matter of seconds. It’s nothing personal. It’s just business.

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