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LIMERICKS limerick poetry based on Nancy Drew books by Carolyn Keene girl detective poems
by Amriel Simpson

#1: The Secret of the Old Clock

Hickory Dickory Dock
Nancy put on a royal blue frock
Josiah fell ill
After making a will
That Nancy Drew found in a clock!

#2: The Hidden Staircase

Nathan Gomber was putting on airs
Saying the Turnbulls’ property was not theirs
Carson was taken
Whom Nancy found and awakened
While exploring some hidden stairs!

#3: The Bungalow Mystery

While rowing a boat at Moon Lake
Laura told Nancy and Helen about Jake
It was so sad
her new step dad
Was “Stumpy,” in fact, a fake!

#4: The Mystery at Lilac Inn

At Lilac Inn that sells chicken
Mary found Emily’s jewels easy pickin’
At the Dockville boat docks
Nancy Drew found the rocks
Behind a clock that was tickin’

#5: The Secret at Shadow Ranch

For Nancy, Bess, George, and Alice
Shadow Ranch in Arizona is no palace
There are foxes and bats
Nancy fires at a cat
Martha and Zany treat Lucy with malice

#6: The Secret Of Red Gate Farm

At Millie’s place, Red Gate Farm
Some renters are causing alarm
They wear white hoods
And are up to no good
Counterfeiting, and causing harm!

#7: The Clue in the Diary

At a house fire, Nancy looks
And finds a little red book
Her car gets a ding
New friend Ned finds a ring
Inventor-Joe (is) swindled by Felix, a crook!

#8: Nancy’s Mysterious Letter

A letter to the wrong address
From England is to “Nancy S.”
After the Emerson game
The girl with the same name
Is told of an inheritance mess!

#9: The Sign of the Twisted Candles

At an inn, Sadie is abused
Asa, though 100, is not confused
A candle was invented
That’s twisted, then Asa hinted
Frank and Emma make Asa feel used

#10: The Pass-word to Larkspur Lane

In the country, near Larkspur Lane
Is an asylum, but not for the insane
An unregistered bird
Had carried the codeword
For the entrance to such to gain!

#11: The Clue of the Broken Locket

Kitty and Johnny are bound
Although not parentally sound
To adopt stranded twins
But Nancy finds the parents when
A match to a broken-locket is found!

#12: The Message in the Hollow Oak

First prize in a contest no joke
In Nancy Drew would envoke
Romance up north
To Canada she went forth 
Finding messages in an old oak!

#13: The Mystery of the Ivory Charm

Nancy returns from a trip
To see a child being struck with a whip
Who gives an elephant charm
That keeps those from harm
All who from such take a sip!

#14: The Whispering Statue

In Sea Cliff Nancy Drew with glee
Says “that statue looks just like me”
When Nancy whispers
Swindled money is dispers’d
And a home drifts into the sea!

#15: The Haunted Bridge

At Deer Mountain where golf is played
The caddies are all afraid
They speak the most
Of a bridge with a ghost
(Of bed-sheets, it is made!)

#16: The Clue of the Tapping Heels

Annie raises kittens with zeal
And while helping others got a raw deal
Nancy’s captured by Fred
And found by Bess George and Ned
When she taps on a wall with her heel!

#17: The Mystery of the Brass Bound Trunk

Two girls are initialed “ND”
(One Nestrelda, one Nancy)
In a brass bound trunk
Are gems (not junk)
As stolen as they could be!

#18: The Mystery of the Moss Covered Mansion

Gun shots and other scary sounds
Caused by mountain lions, snakes, and hounds
Try to keep those harried
From stolen money buried
At a home where moss abounds!

#19: The Quest of the Missing Map

Nancy Drew surely is not daunted
Although a cottage is said to be haunted
Two map halves are found
And to an island all are bound
To find a buried chest Ellen’s dad wanted!

#20: The Clue in the Jewel Box

An inheritance causes contention
Miss Alexander then mentions
An enamel egg that’s pleased ‘er
that reminds all of Easter
and contains a secret invention!

#21: The Secret in the Old Attic

Phillip March is emphatic
That to pay music royalties is pragmatic
All sing to Fipp’s songs
And Nancy Drew rights the wrongs
Finding evidence in an old attic!

#22: The Clue in the Crumbling Wall

Nancy searches for the fiancée of Walter
And never, ever does she falter
She and her friends crawl
Over crumbling castle walls
While Hector Keep tries to halt ‘er!

#23: The Mystery of the Tolling Bell

To Candleton Nancy and friends zoom
Where a ghost rings a bell of doom
Drugs show Nancy elves
And the girls learn (themselves)
A fake perfume business doth boom!

#24: The Clue in the Old Album

Miss Struthers’ child Rose has gypsy kin
And dolls and jewels are stolen, then
Nancy Drew takes the case
And puts them back in their place
(As she has a boat race to win!)

#25: The Ghost of Blackwood Hall

Jewel fakers do not stall
Rigging a ghost at Blackwood Hall
Howard and Joe
Think no one will know
But Nancy finds stolen jewelry behind a wall!

#26: The Clue of the Leaning Chimney

A fake Chinese pottery ring
Kidnaps Lee and Moy Eng
A chimney does lean
In their shop, where it is seen
Copies of vases that are Ming!

#27: The Secret of the Wooden Lady

Captain Easterly needs help to buy a ship
So to Boston Nancy Drew makes a trip
A ruby had been put in
A lady that is wooden
And Nancy  helps find it (before Flip)!

#28: The Clue of the Black Keys

Nancy and Professor Terry
Have part of an obsidian key
With two others it unlocks
A mysterious box
That’s filled with green energy!

#29: The Mystery at the Ski Jump

Mitzi Channing skates on TV
Who steals Nancy Drew’s ID!
She sells stock and furs
Whose validity is unsure
And is caught near a jump for a ski!

#30: The Clue of the Velvet Mask

Nancy goes to Gloria’s masquerade
Where silver objects are displayed
Velvet hooded thieves steal
The items with appeal
‘Till Nancy Drew lends aid!

#31: The Ringmaster's Secret

In Nancy Drew Lolita can confide
And gets Nancy a circus-job on the inside
Nancy investigates the ring-master
Who steals money and causes disaster
By putting between Lolita and Pietro, a divide

#32: The Scarlet Slipper Mystery

Nancy studies ballet (not to be a starlet)
Henri and Helene in to the U.S. are let
Where they teach a class of dance
But stolen gems are found (from France)
Hidden inside a painting of shoes of scarlet!

#33: The Witch Tree Symbol

Thieves steal antique furniture with glee
And leave frightening symbols when they flee
But their plans are soon aborted
As Nancy Drew’s not thwarted
By a hex sign painted on a tree!

#34: The Hidden Window Mystery

To Virginia Nancy Drew and her friends go
And, in searching for an antique, do not slow
In illustrious Ivy Hall
Where wild peacocks call
Is found Sir Richard’s valuable stained-glass window!

#35: The Haunted Showboat

In the swamps aboard a river-boat
A ghost is heard at night that seems to gloat
But Nancy Drew and her friends find
What pirates left behind
Gold, that is now theirs to tote!

#36: The Secret of the Golden Pavilion

Nancy Drew and her dad Carson fly
To the nation’s newest state: Hawaii
Where a ghost hula dancer scares
And Kamuela asks if Nancy dares
To give translating Polynesian clues a try!

#37: The Clue in the Old Stagecoach

A western town Nancy and friends approach
Where Miss Strook says folks encroach
Trying to find
What Abner left behind
Stamps and an antique stage-coach!

#38: The Mystery of the Fire Dragon

In Hong Kong Che Chi’s kidnapped, and it is dire
By those using the symbol of a dragon of fire
But Nancy’s lipstick is also red
And she writes an S.O.S. to Ned
When she becomes an unwilling flier!

#39: The Clue of the Dancing Puppet

At a theater Nancy Drew is attacked
By a ballerina puppet that is packed
With stolen jewels
But Nancy’s no fool
She catches crooks and still has time to act!

#40: The Moonstone Castle Mystery

Nancy receives in the postage a moonstone
Then to the town of Deep River is flown
Where a castle is being used
By threatener Rudy, who abused
Joanie, who should rightfully own!

#41: The Clue of the Whistling Bagpipes

A magazine article about Nancy is such tripe!
And in Scotland nightly sheep are swiped
But Nancy hits thieves where they live
Greets Lady Douglas, her relative,
Wears a tartan, and learns to play bag-pipes!

#42: The Phantom of Pine Hill

In Ohio the Rorick home on Pine Hill
Of a phantom ghost is getting its fill
But it is Father Jenkins and Fred
Trying to find gold instead
Of the family, who searches for it still!

#43: The Mystery of the 99 Steps

Josette has a dream of Paris France
Falling 99 steps in a trance
It turns out she as a kid
Had seen an alchemist’s shop hid
That is fake, and uncovered by Nance!

#44: The Clue in the Crossword Cipher

On Carla’s wooden plaque a monkey’s tail
Points to a treasure of great avail
After some sleuthing by Nancy Drew
The site is found in Peru
Following criminals are captured and put in jail!

#45: The Spider Sapphire Mystery

To Africa Nancy Drew went, who tried
To find where Lillia’s lost sibling may hide
Tizam is found, who knows
The location of Swahili Joe
Who stole a sapphire with an ancient spider inside!

#46: The Invisible Intruder

Tourist sites that did well now don’t boast
And consider selling when haunted by some ghosts
Until detective Nancy Drew
Connects potential buyers to
The hauntings, and shell-theft along the coast!

#47: The Mysterious Mannequin

Carson receives a rug that when studied shows
Woven in the fabric, words of prose:
“Bring a mannequin back to Turkey”
But the clues are somewhat murky
The mannequin is Aisha, who used to pose!

#48: The Crooked Banister

Rawley Banister makes phony real-estate sales
Is arrested, and then escapes on bail
Though a robot’s wrath is kindled
Money’s found to repay the swindled
In a vault behind a crooked hand-rail

#49: The Secret of Mirror Bay

A green sorcerer scares who would encroach
A secret “cold light” formula for to poach
Happening near Otesaga lake
Where a ghost is found to be fake
It’s Anne on stilts, searching for a child‘s coach!

#50: The Double Jinx Mystery

Apartments rise up from the rubble
And a construction company brings a farm trouble
With a symbol, fear’s incurred
And posion’s fed to rare birds
The jinx is seen by Oscar to be double!

#51: The Mystery of the Glowing Eye

At Anderson museum a glowing eye
Tries to sap from Nancy Drew the will to try
To find what happened to Zapp and Ned
As she is sure they have not fled
As over-head heli-copters fly

#52: The Secret of the Forgotten City

Nancy learns of a lost Nevadan city
With treasure, enough to make one giddy
Stone tablets she is told
Point to sheets made of pure gold
If she can but translate petroglyphs so pretty

#53: The Sky Phantom

Bruce Fisher teaches Nancy Drew to fly
Roger Paine is missing and no one’s sure why
Turns out that Roger got
Too close to a revolution plot
Hiding secret weapons did the Sky Phantom try!

#54: The Strange Message in the Parchment
Junie’s dad shows Nancy a parchment
Painted sheep-skin for which much was spent
That shows angels at sea
Nancy Drew finds to be
By the mother of a kid-napped child, sent

#55: Mystery of Crocodile Island

Roger invests in a farm for crocodiles
But hasn’t heard news for a while
To Florida does Nancy travel
And a scheme begins to unravel
Stealing cameras is more the farm owners’ style!

#56: The Thirteenth Pearl

Nancy Drew and Carson travel to Tokyo
To investigate pearl theft and come to know
Not only Kampura and Benny’s greed
But how a Tamairesa seed
Can be implanted in an oyster for a pearl to grow!

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