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A day in the life of a five year old girl... (a view from a long, long way away LOL)
...and Fred

I wake up in the morning
and patter down the hall.
I jump into my Mommy's bed,
she never lets me fall.
Each day begins with giggles,
covers pulled up to our head...
... and Fred.

I have to clean my room each day
but Mommy helps some too.
I make my bed, pick up my toys,
and pictures that I drew.
We straighten up the books
that we've already read...
... and Fred.

Sometimes we go out shopping
at the Safeway grocery store.
Sometimes we just stay home
and play games upon the floor.
I like the times we snuggle,
reading favorite books instead...
... and Fred.

At six o'clock Daddy comes home.
He swings me in the air.
We hug and kiss and laugh
and then he sits me in my chair.
After dinner time he helps me
to make sure the kitty's fed...
... and Fred.

At bed, I get my jammies on
and then we say our prayer.
I get a good night kiss...
and so does Fred, my teddy bear.
As I drift off to sleep I smile
'cause sweet dreams lie ahead...
... with Fred.


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Challenge: Write a poem written from the point of view of a five-year-old girl.

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