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Me And A Gun



The faint sound of a heartbeat can be heard followed by the sound of trains arriving and departing at a station.
The muffled sound of random announcements over the public address system are echoed throughout


A close up of MR. DRAPER’s lifeless upper body lying face up on a Ambulance stretcher with his mouth and neck covered in blood. Various close ups of blood dripping off the side of the stretcher and Drapers expensive shoes and watch show them shuddering and jolting as the Trolley is being wheeled hurriedly up curbs and over bumps.

Draper, a man in his late fifties is being wheeled along a train platform as passengers and staff look on from the adjacent platform.
A train sits on the platform, it’s exits and entrances are being guarded by police officers directing people away from the area.

                                                                        MR DRAPER (V.O.)
                                                                All my life I've dealt with death...
The passengers on the adjacent platform are ushered off the platform by the police and told to go about their business.

                                                                  MR DRAPER (CONT’D)
                                                  ...You could go through you’re entire life and never think about
                                                        what it means to take one...

Back to Draper being wheeled along the platform, Draper opens his eyes and looks up at the night sky, the stars are bright and the moon full..

                                                                MR DRAPER (CONT’D)
                                              ...On the night of my 22nd birthday i asked myself for the first time,
                                                and the last, when I've made all the money i can from this lifestyle...


Three plain clothed officers are looking over a cascade of blood on a nearby window and another is looking down at the floor. We move along his line of sight and stop at a gun on the floor with a circle around it.

                                                                MR DRAPER (V.O.)
                                                    ...What happens next? When it’s no longer a question of money,
                                                      what possible reasons will there be to continue.

Back to Mr Draper on the hospital bed, he looks to his side towards a tunnel exit on the opposite platform. He see’s the back of a beautifully shaped women in a show time dress and coat leave the station, but disappear just before she turns the corner

                                                              MR DRAPER (CONT’D)
                                    For power, for friends, should i trade lives for favours? Then i thought you know what!
                                      Draper looks up at a paramedic, as he expressionless face turns and looks down at him,
                                    he see’s part of his head is covered in blood seeping out of a small hole, part of his jaw has also
                                appears missing. The paramedic looks away and then looks back at Draper seemingly normal

                                                                MR DRAPER (CONT’D)
                                      These days, what fucking reason is there to do anything.

Draper is wheeled through a corridor and out into the street heading towards an ambulance, he see’s a young girl holding a mothers hand walking hurriedly along the road, they walk behind a car and when they emerge the girl has vanished

                                                                MR DRAPER (CONT’D)
                                                  I wish i could go back and whisper in my ear, ‘you’ll see’ ‘One day killing will be as   
                                                  easy as breathing, then you’ll only be taking from yourself’
                                                  Draper looks up at a billboard for a shopping mall, the man on the poster is giant
                                                  sized and standing above a miniature version of the shopping mall. The poster has
                                                  1970 aesthetics with the words COME AND SEE above his head. A bus drives in front of it
                                                  and when it passes the poster has changed to a modern bland perfume advertisement.

                                                                MR DRAPER (V.O)
                                                    .        ..And It would all lead to this.

Drapers face looks panicked and saddened

                                                        MR DRAPER (CONT’D)
                                              This reflective sickness, drowned out by one memory, hurting more then a bullet.
                                              That same old song, whispering in the darkness like a solitary speaker in a pitch black ballroom

Draper’s stretcher is lifted off the ground and into the back of an ambulance, just before he loses
sight of the outside world he catches a glimpse of a fat middle aged man in a dressing gown sitting on a bench eating popcorn. His face however is drenched with blood
                                                                            MR DRAPER (CONT’D)
                                                                      This wasn’t it though, i knew it.

Draper is looking around the ambulance, Draper looks around the Paramedics and looks to his side he see’s a warm faced women in a blue jumper and a scarf, holding his hand

                                                                              MR DRAPER(v.o)
                                                              Never do anything in life, unless you are fully aware of what you may change,
                                                              or what you may leave  behind. These words, told to me years ago resonate so bitterly now,
                                                              knowing once they were so quickly dismissed.

The ambulance goes over a bump and for a split second the lights turn off, when the light returns, she has vanished.

                                                                        MR DRAPER (CONT’D)
                                                        The night i nearly died, that's all it was. It wasn’t the end. Now we are here, and I'm
                                                      about to tell you how it all began. I’m here now because some guy didn’t do a proper job.
                                                      Needless to say, I am still here. What changes could i have committed to had he not have pulled
                                                      that trigger i will never know.


                                                                        MR DRAPER (V.O)
                                    That’s how i view life and death, the catalyst that shapes the corners of our fates
The ambulance speeds off down the street, through the traffic and into the night.

                                                                  MR DRAPER (CONT’D)
                                              For the longest time i joined the corners together. I affected so much, i changed the way
                                              the world turns, Ironic to think 30 years later, that all i ever had to gain was a small sum of
                                          cash and one night feeling the devil breathing on my back. I’m going to tell you everything father,
                                            As the ambulance leaves our view we move up above the city as it begins to snow.


                                                                        MR DRAPER (CONT’D)
                                                        then you can make up your own mind.
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