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by Emmie
Rated: E · Non-fiction · Children's · #1572988
my summer this year
This is a story about is a girl named Emily, me. I have three neighbors Jacob,Sean and Cole. I'm a tom boy so all most all of my friends are boys. This summer the economy is bad so my family is not going on vacation. My friend's mom works all most all day and I am not aloud over unless an adult is there or my older brother. Which I hate because my brother doesn't really like going over there. My friends won't come here because they got a new game and they are all most all ways on it. Cole is not on it really but he watches TV a lot. When they end up coming over I don't really want to play or I'm busy. It is like a hobby for them to play or beat video games. I'm all most bored all day sometimes we play poker or black jack or no peek um which I thinks my brother Ben made up. Today is the 19th of June I'm sitting here writing my story. I went out to eat today at apple bees. It was ok but I was felling bad. After that we went to wall-mart I didn't get anything. later today I'm go to get a manicure I'm not really in to it but I like spending time with my mom so it's ok. I will tell you how it goes. Wow it was better then I thought my nails are still a little wet but it's ok. Today has been great I'm going to see cousin in Gainesville. I hope I'm having chicken legs. I had chicken legs it was great. My cousins are spending the night so right now(10:33PM June 19th) I'm on my laptop writing what happened tonight. but hurt that is normal for me. It still hurts. I hit it my knee metal. When I walk I have to limp. June 20th I just woke up about half an hour ago. Two of my cousins are up one is still asleep she'll woke up any min. Back from the pool I had fun but now my eye hurts. My hair is still wet. I cleaned my closet for Father's Day. That will be my dads present. Oh and for lunch I had a tuna rap. My mom took me to get ink with her i got to look at stuff but I couldn't get any thing. Then I got ice cream it was chocolate chunk. When I got home my friends where doing something. I went to see what they where doing. They where picking weeds so I decided to help. Once we went in we played halo. I killed them about 28 times before we got off. Today is father's day June 21st. All I have done is gone to church oh and had lunch. We are going to go out tonight for dinner with my dad and uncle. Tell you how it goes. It was nice I had shrimp. After words we went to my grandpas house to say happy Father's Day. We play out side some and gave him are cards and left. It is June 22nt and I have had breakfast and played on the computer. Oh ya and my friends are at camp. I will not be able to play tell like 5:00 or 6:00. I mite play some card games with my brother. Just got back from the hospital from seeing my grandma it was fun. I'm happy because she is coming home tomorrow. I had a salad for lunch it was ok. I went over to my friends house and played on the games some and went out to dinner. I had Zax Bs. After we eat we wachted tv oh and cole is sick. It is June 23nd. It's 7:53 and I just had a shower. Soon I am going to go some where with me mom. More will be added as summer goes on. Three days tell boot camp. That will give me more to the story.
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