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This is an assignment about my character.
Task One

Character Name: Leanne Donne

1) Age: 15

2) Birthplace: Newbury Park, California

3) Marital Status: Single, never married

4) Children and ages: N/A.
Lives with her father. Mother deceased.

5) Living arrangements (i.e. lives with wife and three young children, rents a ramshackle apartment alone, has a tent in nomadic tribe with three concubines): Father and she live in a single residence.

6) Occupation, including name of employer if applicable: high school student at. Marshall High School

7) Degree of skill at occupation (beginner, really competent, experienced but a bumbler, etc): fair student but she doesn’t study. She skims by, majoring in English.

8) Characters feeling about his occupation (loves it, hates it, regards it as “just a job”, has mixed feelings, is actively seeking other employment, etc): Tolerates school, but hates all the students. Loner.

9) Family background (whatever you think is important: ethnicity, siblings, parents, social status, clan affiliation, total repugnance toward everybody he knew before the age of twelve, etc): She’s Caucasian, middle-class. No siblings. Her father is an illustrator for magazine ads. Her mother died in a fire. (Rumors whisper that Leanne was responsible for both the fire and her mother’s death.) She never has friends over, except Bobby, her best friend and now sweetheart.

10) What three of four things does this person value most in life? (i.e. Success, money, family, God, love, integrity, power, peace and quiet)

1. Bobby
2. Fire
3. Her father
4. Solitude

11) What three things does she fear most?

1. Being sent away (mental hospital)
2. Losing her father
3. Losing her friend, Bobby

12) What is this person's basic underlying attitude about life? (i.e. "things will usually turn out all right," or "they're all out for themselves," or "it's best to expect nothing because then you won't be disappointed," etc.) It stinks. Everyone is out to get her.

13) What does she need to know about another person in order to accept that other as "all right" and trustworthy? She’s never trusted anyone except Bobby and her father. No one else could get close, even if they tried, which they don’t.

14)What would cause this person more pain than anything else possible? Betrayal by Bobby.

15) What would this person consider the most wonderful thing that could ever happen to him? Being accepted.

16)What three words would she use to describe herself, accurate or not?

1. Smart
2. Good Writer
3. Loner

17) How accurate is his self-description? Very accurate. Leanne is right on. Unfortunately, what she’d never use to describe herself is SANE.

18) What organization most embodies this person's values? (i.e. Mensa, Daughters of the American Revolution her church, Aryan Pride, PTA, etc) Rebel without a cause

19) Does he belong to this group? Yes / No. If not, why not? At this point in her life (where the book starts) she’s not a rebel. She’s only alone, persecuted, and unhappy.

Perhaps the place she would fit in best would be an institution where she could get some help.

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