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I am writing about which Fairy Tale Princess I am.
I always have my head in the clouds. I think I may have been born in England in a castle in the 1600's. I like to think that I was a Princess. Why do I think so, you ask? I was an only child. My mother spoiled me. I didn't get a job until I was 20. I was in college for two years earning an Associates Of Arts Degree in Journalism. I had everything I wanted and I still do. I have a Prince Charming.Some people think I am special and love me. I love them, too. My grandparents spoiled me in my early years. I was in beauty pageants. I always tried to be kind to others and try to hold my head high. I never tried to think I was better then others. I only behaved liked that others weren't so nice to me. I always loved Princess Diana. She had beauty and grace. She cared about every one. She tried to be normal and never acted like royalty. Where is this item I have written going? Alright. I will tell you. I am going to compare myself to fairy tale Princesses. I will try to decide which one I am. I don't like the word Diva. This isn't about Divas. This is about Fairy Tale Princesses. I am trying to decide which one I am.

Snow White. The ebony hair Princess. She had an evil step mother. Her step mother was jealous of her beauty and had a hunter take her into the woods to kill her and bring her heart back in a box. The hunter couldn't kill her so he left her in the woods. Snow White cried and was scared. The animals took pity on her and they befriended her. I am an animal lover and animals love me. I have that in common with Snow White. Snow White lived with seven dwarfs and cleaned up after them. I have lived with roommates and I cleaned my husband's place before we were married. Snow White ate a poison apple and drifted off to sleep. She was rescued by a handsome Prince. He kissed her and she woke up. Was the Prince a knight? Either way, he rescued her. I met a handsome man and was married. I feel like I am his Princess. Am I Snow White?

Belle. Beauty and the Beast. I used to go out with men who acted like beasts at time. They weren't under a curse. Belle loved to read. I do, too. Belle lived with her father. I lived with my mother and grandparents. My father was in the Air Force. I didn't see much of him. Belle entered an enchanted castle that was under a curse.Love for a beast who was arrogant and snobbish changed his life forever. Belle and the beast had a happy ending. My Prince was never a beast.

Aurora. Sleeping Beauty.She was raised by both parents. Twelve fairies gave her gifts at birth. A angry uninvited fairy gave her the curse of death. The last fairy to give her gift had Aurora fall into a deep sleep after she pricked her finger on a spinning wheel from an evil fairy. This saved Aurora from death. Aurora was curious and nosy and that is why she tried the spinning wheel. I am nosy like Aurora. She was saved by a handsome man who fought a dragon to free her. His kiss woke her from her sleep and she lived happily ever. Am I Aurora, Sleeping Beauty?

Cinderella. She slaved for her step mother and step sisters. They tried to keep her from going to the Ball. Her fairy Godmother intervened and Cinderella got to go to the Ball and Prince Charming fell in love with her. I never had a step mother. I felt like Cinderella when I worked in the Nursing Home. It was hard work. Grandma was like a fairy Godmother when she was alive. She tried to raise me right. I didn't meet my Prince Charming at a Ball. I knew him since I was ten years old. My Prince was there in my school years but I didn't know it. Cinderella loved animals like I do. In my dating years, I always wanted to end up like Cinderella. I did. I have a nice ranch style house and it is my castle. I have an imitation fireplace that I sit by in the winter time.{It puts out heat but I never have to clean it.}I choose Cinderella as the Fairy Tale Princess that I am. Why? Cinderella is my favorite. I love her name. I have a Prince Charming. Grandma was like a fairy Godmother. I wished that I realized that when she was still alive. She loved my husband and me and that what counts. As for me being Cinderella. I have a happy ending. Fairy Tales. They are fantasies and as a child, you love to live in a fantasy world. So, I can be any Princess I want. At the web site here, I am Princess Megan Juliet Rose. I love it. I love to write and what's wrong with writing about your life as Cinderella and being in a fantasy land? Thanks for being in my fantasy.
Beautiful Poser of Cinderella by best friend Angel.
Beautiful Poser of Snow White by best friend Angel.
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