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by Jennyj
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Far from the debauched, hilarious scene this title evokes, my wonderful husband has spent his father's day with our nephew, remodeling a bathroom! Due to a recent change in our lives, we have moved in to his ancestral home and are now living with his big sister and her grown-bachelor-son--I am suddenly in the role of being a little sister, even though I've been an only child for all of my 49+ years, and the nephew, oldest of six, is suddenly thrust into the role of little brother, as he is just 4 years younger than either my husband or I, although the nephew has been functioning admirably well here as the head of the household for many years!

The guys have exactly 6.5 days to pull this miracle into being--Rick's sister/my sister-in-law/Von's mom returns in 6.5 days from her vacation; she is deathly allergic to paint fumes and construction dust--I think she is most allergic to the old bathroom!! They have already made significant progress--they've cut off the water, discovering a vast leak where water shouldn't be, and have already hauled away the ancient warped vanity, which was wet and sticky with age. I'm sure the "wood" on that vanity has only just seen its first glimpse of a tree after being dragged unceremoniously out the door and into the waiting yard on its way to the trash!

I really can't decide if the term liquid should refer to his tears brought on by the pungent soap needed to
de-mildew the room or the tears of nostalgia brought on by dismantling one of the last bastions of his childhood! Either way, some tears are being shed. I almost forgot the tears which come as part of raucaous laughter at some of the finds he has made while cleaning out the stuffed linen closet--suffice it to say that not all of that stuff could ever pass as linen, even on mars! Broken dishes, old camping equipment, books (not usual bathroom fare, but a cookbook, a Billy Graham treatise, an old novel of indeterminate age and content). I think my guys more than have their job cut out for them! I'm glad to just be in charge of design hints, moral support, hot meals and bad jokes. This will be more than just any father's day for my husband!!
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