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Thoughts of the sea
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Forever Tied…

The constant drone of azure seas
brings all God’s blessings home to me.
Her churning motion, ever free,
surrounds my soul - arousing glee.
For on her breast
so finely pressed
lay stories of eternal quests.

With gods and goddesses of old
created to protect their fold -
King Neptune and Poseidon hold
a prayer for sailors - bathed in gold.
In godly hands
where shore meets land
stand gothic tales of sea and sand.

So constant are her ebbs and waves,
so hallowed are her unmarked graves.
From pirate ships to galley slaves -
the sea envelops all she craves.
So many lost
with highest cost,
their final voyage - never crossed.

Still, yet, I’m soothed by waning tides;
how graceful sea and shore collide.
As they converge, they coincide -
both joined in life - forever tied.
I float, adrift
as God uplifts
with His abundant, tranquil gift…

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