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Sophia and Solomon come closer on their wedding night. Story in 100 words.
At last Sofia uttered to Solomon, “I do.” Father Thomas solemnized. Elders prayed. Well wishers clapped. Parents wept.

Relatives bid farewell. Friends departed. It had been a grand celebration replete with music, dance, exquisite cuisines, and elegant wines.

Finally alone, sparks flew between the newlyweds. Gazes met. Cupid struck. Expectations of passionate nights stimulated arousal. Clothes were ripped, revealing hidden jewels. Mouths locked. Tongues lashed. Loins rubbed. Hands explored. Bodies coupled. Hips thrust generating copious ejaculations. Orgasmic waves quenched urgent craving.

Desire was quelled. Emotions overwhelmed. Lips kissed. Fingers entwined. Divine love overcame carnal lust. Two souls united. God smiled.

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