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Midnight at last, Shadows sweep the forest, What is out there, A Nightmare!
The town clock rings out 12 times telling every one in the town that it is midnight. A teenager was in a house in the country. She could hardly hear the clock because she was wraped up in her quilt so that only the top of her head was showing. Then on the eleventh bong the clock stops. Every one is puzzled , " why had the clock stoped?"


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A week later at midnight a young man was out hunting when he saw a shadow slowly moving through the trees. The man froze, listening and then he heard a long sad

Hoooooowl! He jumped and then he looked around. He didn't see the shadow any more but he didn't even want to know what it was either. He was to scared. Then out of no where twenty or even thirty wolves on either side of him stood there. They had come out of no where. Before he could make a sound they were all upon him, tearing him to shreds. Blood flowed crimsion through the leaves like a red river. At the same time the teenager Joe Tillon woke with a shiver. He knew what had just happened even  though it had happened miles away from where he slept. The next morning Joe went to the town to find a load of people crowding around the bar looking at something that he could not see. He moved closer and he saw to his horror that there was half of a bloody body. Then the bar man said " i ain't know what happened, found him this morning." Joe was so scared that he went right home and didn't have lunch. " If there is another death tonight I will tell people what is happening" Joe thought to himself. And that night at midnigh some one else was killed. Some one else found the body the half of the body,.... Joe. But Joe had been in the bushes at the time whan the wolves came and he had some how managed to get away with only a really bad bite on his left leg.  He made up his mind that he was going to tell the people what was going on. So he told every one in the bar on that morning but sadly but unsurprising no one beleved him. That night there was another attack. A little boy was killed and his mother had been screaming until she to had died of shock and greif. But when the boy had been killed and the wolves had left. All but one wolf remained lapping up the crimsion blood. The wolf was black with gray streaks on him. Then slowly as the sun rose the wolf began to change size. In the end it was in a human shape. The human was........ Joe. When he had been bitten he would have died in the next hour but he was so angry that no one had beleved him that his anger over took the bite and made him into a werewolf. He was going to live his life with the wolves and die like a normally wolf would die. He would die only when the town was empty of human life. He would kill every one in the town. And so Joe did just that. When he died the town was empty of humans and Joe lost his life like every wolf would. But his spirit still haunts the town and all who come to it die or were killed by the Ghost Wolves.
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