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The sword of Oswald is returned to Liope and she gives it to Morgolic
Chapter 23 Lord Rupert de Vellier

In the throne room of the Citadel. Trueaxe has gathered his elves. Uta walks in.

I wanted the troops to hear what you told me yesterday.

A memory lapse?

Better from your lips than mine.

You think they'll believe me better?.

Wag your tongue and see.

My Veterans. This High Lady, a healer of renown, wishes a word with you. PLease pay attention because what she proposes will bear on your welfare.

My Cisterian friends. The queen you are sworn to defend is expecting as you are already aware. You have each touched her and know without doubt that she carries two fetuses, one of which is a Dark Sister.

To the point, My Lady, get to the point.

What you are perhaps not aware of is that a Dark Sister requires a different type of nuture than what you are familiar with.

Now pay close attention to this.

Instead of love a Dark Sister, needs hate to mature properly. In order for the queen to give the female what she needs she is going to have do something about the dark energy that radiates off her daughter like a thunder cloud

Boom Boom mocks Goober.

Sizzle Sizzle, add Beamer to the amusement of the ranks.

At Ease, Orders Tureaxe... No disrespect.

In order to vent this dark energy the Queen needs to become very angry from time to time.
I’ve asked Trueaxe for your support in helping get her in that frame of mind.

Goober: How do you want us to do that.

You can work out the details among yourselves.

Why us?

Because when Liope gets pissed off she becomes an uncontrollable force capable, of inflicting pain and widespread mayhem. Anyone who isn’t prepared is likely to get wacked.

So its OK if she kills us?

You're soldiers, taught to protect one another. With battle dress you should be able to withstand her malevolence and rage, at least until she calms down. In the interium, however she will have her canthasis and the dark energy of the sister exudes will flow out of its mean and horrid little spirit

Are you sure this is going to work

Ahhhh, No!…. Uta shrugged. In the history of the world a dark sister has never been delivered. We've given the matter a great deal of thought and this is what we’ve decided. Unless perhaps you have a better idea?

Just asking, just asking.

Trueaxe: OK, now you know what this is all about. Now here is how it’s going to work. When the Queen enters the Citadel and walks into the throne room, I’m going to strike a gong. When you hear that sound I want everyone to drop whatever they’re doing and form up in full battle dress. Leather jerkins, helms and shields. Then I will engage the Queen in conversation and attempt to annoy her.

"For you that should not be too difficult."

If any of you has a sudden inspiration, that you think will help don't be afraid to jump right in. Once she loses it, be prepared for anything.

Has this happened before?


How bad was it?

A coupe of weeks ago she levitated Karla and tossed her across the room, She hit a door, had her wind knocked out and slid to the floor unconscious.


I’m serious now men…this is no laughing matter. When she gets in that frame of mind she's dangerous and we"ll all have to work together to keep her from focusing on any one of us.

Like fighting a bear…

Exactly, just like fighting a bear.


Liope is in the kitchen when she hears a knock at the door. Hecate answers it.

Outside are Albiana, Wahlinda and Karla. They bear gifts.

Well look who we have here…come on in girls.

We have some things for you Liope and I hope you will accept them in the good spirit that they are offered. We are fully aware now that you can read our thoughts and experience our emotions. We all genuinely feel bad for what happened and wish for you accept these gifts as a token of our sincere apology.

Please come over here and sit at the table. We can have some tea and I will open what each of you have brought.

So Wahlinda, what have you in the box.

I know my comment about a heavy duty bra was mean spirited, but we see you growing each day and you will have four babies to feed. These have cups of the softest cotton and lace, with straps of soft worked leather. I pray they give you comfrot and support in the months ahead.

They are beautiful said Liope and I accept them in the spitit they are offered. She kisses Walinda on the cheek.

For my part the comment about the soap was mean spirited as well, but I’m thinking now that we have the wonderful fresh water from the Viaduct that perhaps we could have some bath facilities prepared and refresh ourselves from time to time lathering ourselves in the fragrance of these soaps and relaxing at the same time.

That’s a wonderful idea Karla and I’ll see what we can do set up a bath house and treat ourselves once a week to clean refreshment that a regular bathing offers. She leans over and kisses her too on the cheek.

For my part says Albiana we have reforged the sword…

She hands the hilt and sheathed blade to Liope. She draws it out and gasps. It is magnificent. The blade gleams and the hilt sparkles of silver wrapped in fine leather around the settings that once held the gems.

This exceeds by far my greatest expectations. It is a truly magnificent blede worth of the Husbands of old. I will cherish it and see that it gets put to use in restoring the glory that the Confederation once knew. She kisses Albiana on the cheek

There is no need for me to really forgive any of you… except of course for the rude comments. If I were to hold what people think and say against them I would spend my whole life worrying about matters that are as natural as the day and the night and the passing of the seasons. It is what people do that is of greatest importance and then the spirit in which they do them. I feel you hearts in each of these gifts and I will cherish them always as reminders of my love for each of you. I am aware of the clinic that you have established in the Citadel and your work not just on behalf of the Elves but also helping the towns people and for this you have my heartfelt thanks. If you seek my forgiveness, you have it and more because I share with you the warm feelings flowing in your hearts and hope they kindle a friendship between us glow forever in our hearts. I have an appointment soon with a very special friend, however I will be at the citidel soon and hope to see the clinic in person.

Having said these things the three stood and bowed and departed. A few minutes later Morgolic arrives. He enters the room and bows.

Its good to see you again, said Liope.

I’m heartened that you summon me.

Albiana has given me this blade reforged and I would ask that you be my sword bearer.

Hands him the sword and sheath.

I accept..

Further I would like to return the gems at this time and have you restore them to their place on the hilt.

Hands him the bag with the gems. He begins clicking them down into their settings.

I will keep the ruby and continue to wear it about my neck. Should I have need for the sword, I'll let you know.

Yes my lady.

Why do you address me with such reverence?

Because regardless of what the laws of men say, I am your devoted steward, and I will protect you and our children and those that dwell in this valley with my life. I feel a responsibility towards you and the children you bear that could not be more binding were we husband and wife. You are and will remain my lady forever and I will serve you with all the power of my being.

Do you love me Morgolic?

Yes my fragrance.


Two elves enter the citidel escorting Mookey. They take her to the clinic where Uta, Walinda and Karla are.

Why hello Mookey…glad to see you,, how was your trip?

Why am I here?

They didn’t tell you… you have no idea why you’ve come?

They told me they had an audience for my poetry and songs…

Indeed we do

You mean they weren’t just trying to get rid of me?

Indeed not… we have a couple of young spirits who will be very interested in your music.

Nobody has ever been interested before, why should coming here make things any different?

Because we have a young girl here who is pregnant with two dark sisters.
How can that be?

Because it’s happening… she has already carried them longer than expected and we are beginning to hope that a delivery might be possible.

Mookey claps her hands in delight…. When can I sing to them… this is the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me.

I suspected you’de be happy…we think that you are exactly the person we need to help get them to sleep at night. Soon we will see if they like you.

Oh I do hope they will…most children start crying when I’m around
And their mother’s shoo me away…. But I do long so to be around them…and lonliness makes me miserable.

You rest now, tonight we will introduce you.


Liope arrives at the Citadel. She enters the security office and sits at the table with Albiano.

I know I’m early but I said we’d talk before the meeting. Has the council made a reply to your report?

Only what Ubocastor asked yesterday… and since you were listening you know what he wants me to find out.

About the strength of my telepathic powers… is that what he wants to know?


First I have a question… among the elves what is the nature of the telepathy you share.

Whatg do you mena?

Well you have the silent speech…

Yes, we can speak without giving voice through our lips.

What else

We can feel one anothers emotions, where humans must judge them from expressions of the body.

What else

Some few of us have the gift to reach out long distances and communicate with those who are far away.

Like you do with Ubocastor.

Yes, like we both can do with Ubocastor.

Is there anything else you can do telepathically?

Well we can put a human into a trance and question them when the neeed arises.

How does that work?

We speak to them saying soothing thoughts and they fall asleep. Then we can ask questions and discover what we want to know.

Is there more you can do?

No that’s the limit… why do you ask.

Can you enter into a persons mind with your spirit, search their memories and destroy their minds if you choose.

That’s absurd… nobody can do that…in telepathy you take whats given in a passive rather than an active sort of way. You can beg a person to reveal themselves but you cant reach in and snatch away what is theirs.
Just like you can’t harm someone physically with words so it is with telepathy…you can hurt someone emotionally or try and get them to reveal themselves but you can’t take control physically and force someone to do your will.

I see…telepathy is very new to me and I’m trying to understand it better.

I hope I have been helpful in explaing how it works

You have… now I see Varnack and Orphious are here with my mother.

They take their seats at the table.

Orphious: Varnack and I have worked out some of the details on how we intend to cooperate. Most importantly is how we intend to keep an eye on the comings and goings of strangers entering the valley.

Varnack: If anyone enters from the borders beyond my elves will try and find out before hand the purpose of their business and what they are about.

Orphious: The biggest challenge we will face is the Annual tax collection. As you know everyone is required to be present when the taxes are paid to insure the registration of everyone is comprehensive. If there is anything going on they are interested in we will find out soon.

Varnack: Will they go further south to dead end….that will take them past the Citadel.

Orphious: In the past they have gone no further than Middleton. Everyone from the south comes up here. They pay their taxes and enjoy the carnival.

If they decide they want to head south that will be a change from the norm..its something we can explore further at the time.

Varnack: the carnival will bring the gypseys?

Yes, they will set up the grounds on the High Pasture, however they don’t generally come into town.


Bedelia was taken to the border by a direct but little used route. These trails were called War Corridors and the crossing points known as Battle Ports. The Ports moved magically about in a perimeter to points that could normally be found within a mile of where the trail ran abruptly into a force field. There were three levels of security surrounding a port. The first was finding it, the second energizing it and the third having the access code. It took a beacon to find the port and it was one of the duties of this communications specialist to find it once they encountered the barrier. Once the Port was located the beacon would energize it with her crystal. The crystal was used for this activation purpose as well for increasing the intensity and focus of the beacon’s telepathic signal sending. Finally the patrol leader carried the access code which opened the port and allowed the patrol to pass through.

Bedelia was without question the most gifted of the Beacons. This is because she was a Simean Elf, bred by the Empire for precisely this purpose. She had been captured as an infant when the fortress of Myrocenia fell a decade earlier. At an age much younger than a gifted adolescent Elf, Bedelia had demonstrated the ability to easily beacon twice the maximum range of most other girls. With the aide of a crystal she had reached out six to eight times their maximum range. At the age of eight, she was beaconing for Long Range Special Operating Patrols. When she tired, a stout soldier with a special load bearing harness carried her. She was one of a kind among the Listerian Elves however, there had been six taken. One went to each of the four tribes and the Dwarves got two.

Finding the portal was never an easy task. They had been created with concealment in mind and they performed well. Even though they were somewhere within a mile from the barrier finding them was difficult. Sometimes a patrol could spend two or three days just trying to locate it. It required a skill that demanded talent, patience and extremely fine sound acuity. At the SOF school at Belmont “Port finding” was the course that washed out most of the young girls. For Bedelia that part was a snap as were the rest of the signaling skills. She could find a port in the time it took to walk over to it. However she always lagged behind the other girls when the strength skills were pushed to the maximum.

The soldiers liked Bedelia because sometimes she would put them in contact with their loved ones. She had an extremely tight beam and detecting her signal would have been next to impossible for the Emporium even though on several occasions they had tried. She had been reprimanded twice for sending unauthorized communications and her service record showed several other instances of undisciplined behavior. Still the demand for her services was so great, that she would have continuously stayed in the field, had it not been for the Home Defense Course requirement.

Her patrol found the portal about an hour after of reaching the gate and passed through fifteen minutes later. They continued at an aggressive pace, but considerably below the rate of a forced march. Within two days they arrived at Middletown and reported to the Citadel. Bedelia found her friend Albiana up on the high wall.

Albiana cried out Bedelia, waving in excitement. The two were best of friends and had been ever since the first day they met at Belmont. Bedelia recalled how she had dreaded that first day, all the hollering and screaming and attempts by the instructors to determine the psychological toughness of the candidates. While she had not looked forward to the harassment she was by disposition well suited to deal with it. She knew how to keep her mouth (and mind) shut and when annoyed could deliver a severe headache. Her mental toughness was the result of her genetic heritage and difficult experiences fitting in with other female elves. To her amazement Albiana had asked on the very first day to be her “Battle Buddy.”

The two friends embraced and danced about as they had in the old days. They had been through a lot together and were always delighted to be reunited.

So what’s happening asked Bedelia.

My light’s fading answered Albiana.

A little early for that isn’t it?

I have a boyfriend now and we have been…..close.

That’ll do it every time answered Bedelia.

My transmission beam has widened to where I can barely control it and I can only communicate in short bursts. Even then, what I send is wiggly and distorted.

I’m surprised they didn’t send you home.

So am I but I’ve learned a lot about what’s going on here and they want me to continue on station, at least for awhile… I’ve been promoted to council representative.

Wow! A councilor at your age.

They want me to transmit through you. There’s a temple up yonder on a mountain top. They want you to post up there. Plus there are a couple of patrols that are operating deep that will also be using you as a relay.

Who will be up there with me?

Your security detail, some Witch scryers, and a squad of Templers.


Yeah, they have some kind of Mini-Monastery up there.

Remember how clannish they were when we saw them at Finsterwald.

Yeah, I’m wondering what they’re doing here, at the high edge of nowhere.

If you find out let me know…The council is really beginning to take an interest in all the wierdness going on in the valley.

Did you hear I passed the Home Defense Course?

Me and everyone else in Listeria. Congratulations. I hear your partner is a Hulk.

We worked well together.

All work and no play?

Nothing serious yet, but I think he likes me.

Who wouldn’t…you’ve gained twenty-pounds and it’s settled in all the right places.

I guess Varnack finally started taking an interest in girls.

We’ve gotten pretty tight working together.

What does that mean?

I offered him the earring. He took it.

I thought you two were engaged as children.

When I was six years old our families promised us. That’s the way it used to be and the old school families still practice it. However, when I graduated from SOF School, there was no longer any binding obligation.

So this must be love.

It is.

How serious have you two gotten.

Pretty serious…. Don’t go saying anything, but I missed my period last month.

Oh my god….can I be a bridesmaid?

How about maid of Honor?

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