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I thought of this idea and I wanted to know if it was something you would like as a novel.




Lead female

An otherwise happy person

Has issues accepting people in her life

When she gets attached to a lonely outcast at her school, Alan, she sees it as “progress”, she sees herself with him forever, but when she learns a less than dark secret about him, her life is changed. She realizes why he is an outcast, why he doesn’t make friends and why he can’t see her anymore. After a major breakdown her life turns upside down. She is no longer happy; she can’t eat she cant sleep she can’t breathe without him. She knows he would do any thing to be with her so she does the only thing she knows to do…become like him. It is harder than she expects, and after she makes the biggest decision of her life she finds that what she set out to do is impossible. There is no turning back now. Not only is she not with her beloved, but she is not with anyone. Cast into the bloody bowls of hell Julia is faces with her worst nightmares, while Alan confronts the only thing that scares him, losing forever the only person he wanted to love.


Lead male

An outcast that is ok with his situation

An angel

Not good looking

A soul jyped out of life, he becomes an angel. Alan wants so desperately to be human, to feel like a human, to look like a human, to love like a human. So he got special permission to be semi-human. He looks like human talks like a human but he is strong for his size, is always a few degrees above the regular temperature, and he can do things others can’t, he visits people in their dreams. Alan has been forbidden to tell anyone about the real him, making it hard to make friends and get close to anyone. He can’t even confide his problems in his own family, let alone his fellow classmates, who find him a bit strange. When he meets Julia something is different she…likes him, and he thinks he may like her. This is certainly not good. When she wants to get closer to him he has no choice but to move away. After a long game of cat and mouse, he gives in to the human side of himself and falls in love. A deep, passionate, true love. She tells him everything about her, but he knows he can’t tell her about him. As his passion grows the feeling of trust grows and grows until he finally decides to tell, knowing she probably won’t believe him. Much to his dismay…she does. It is breaking all the rules and it won’t go without consequence. In order to save her life he leaves her. Torn with regret and depression the only thing keeping him alive is the idea that somewhere Julia is alive and happy, even if she isn’t. When he hears that she is no longer alive, he realizes his life is no longer worth living but he goes on because he knows this is what he chose. However when he finds out that she has ended her life for him, he doesn’t care anymore. He ends his own life. This doesn’t help; he remains in heaven while she falls to the sins of hell.


True love conquers all. This is true but who decides what constitutes as true love. Sometimes the willingness to sacrifice your life just isn’t enough.

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