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A demoness is summoned by her master to his great peril.
Demoness Supreme

I awaken, gasping, body wet,
from another demon haunted dream.
A sexual hunger gnaws at me.
I take my lover deep inside.
He rises to my need again and again.
But his essence is never enough.
I use him till he pleads no more.

The next night is a repeat refrain.
Until my lover is nearly drained.
I urge him on and on and on.
Continually taking all he has
until he is no more and fades away.
My power soars, o'er so great.

A demon call now summons me.
Across time and space till I awaken at his feet.
He stands above me; chest thick and wide.
Muscular arms like bands of steel.
His giant manhood commands my being.

He enters me and pain I endure.
Another, stronger feeling grows,
as I possess all that he is.
His essence completely fills me.
Again, and again, and again.
I urge him on and on.
Until he is completely spent.
Then I arise, a Demoness Supreme.

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