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by Fishy
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A brief look into the workings on my mind on the subject of defining yourself.
Throughout a period of hard thought, I considered the fact of how do we really know who we are? What determines how you know what defines you? When do you stop searching for who you are? Or when do you accept the person who you have become?

Through my eyes, your interests and likings define a part of who you are. Your taste in music, your style (whether extravagant, simple, or anything in between), your taste in books, etc.

The journey you or the world takes you on through life, also helps define who you are. Whether through opportunities you chose to take, or not to take; difficult choices that were yours to make. These things impact your process of thinking, even if you do not realize it at the time.

Between these two parts that define you, it makes me wonder if you can ever determine who you really are, or whether the definition of you is a changing matter. Thought part of your interests will stay with you throughout your lifestyle, there is always a possibility of change. Your life journey will always continue, till your last breath, so how is it possible to hold on to the same identity you had as a child throughout your ever changing life. How is it possible?
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