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Yes you have to read this one too. It will be very nearly painless, I promise
Okay, this I promise not to do continually, but since I'm new I thought it would give people a chance to understand me a little better, in case anyone actually cares to. Which means you may be slightly disturbed, but I'm quite sure that makes you only more incredibly interesting to talk to!

So here's how it works for me, when I sat down I had no idea what to write about. I went to yahoo.com to see what was happening and right there (beneath an incredibly creepy picture of the now deceased Michael Jackson) was the story of Billy Mays' death, and I immediately thought, "Oh yeah, I know I can turn that into something completely twisted and make a few "Off the wall" observations (forgive the goofy Micheal Jackson reference) that will actually ring true with people"

Well okay, I didn't have that EXACT thought word for word, but you get my meaning.

So the introduction was made easy coming upon the heels of two superstars deaths. Then came the main body, and the idea of equating him with our presidents - who really are mostly just salesmen of a different type - hit me. Then I scrambled to put the idea together and make a couple of very nearly crude jokes along the way. Then, there it was, anything BUT a masterpiece for people to read and think, "Wow, this guy is nuts!"

So yeah I'm a little crazy, but hey, I'm tired of hiding it. I want to show it to the world and see what you all think! Hopefully some of you will like it and I'll be able to keep doing this and interact with many of you.

And hey, if there's any topics you'd like me to voice my opinion about let me know, I'm sure there will be many many nights when the current news is going to be dry and I'll need other ideas to fall back on, so send anything you got, I'll keep sending what I got every time!

For the few of you that actually make it to read this line, my sincerest thanks, and have a wonderful day.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1576183-My-own-reaction-to-June-28