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this is a parable about what Jesus did for us in a 21st century version.
There is a small village in the country of Denmark where a little boy got very very sick. no one knows what this new sickness is so they went to the local hospital. when the doctors checked on him they were just as dumbfounded with this sickness as the people were. they went out and faxed other hospitals of Denmark with no success. then in the next couple of days the boy died. but before he past away he accidentally spread the disease to most of the villagers. the symptoms were hard to catch in the beginning so they didn't know they had it, and before anyone knew what was going on the disease had spread throughout most of Denmark. the king decided to quarantine the country and thought all was better for the surrounding countries,but just a week later the epidemic had spread all the way to france. It was slowly killing of much of Europe.

Doctors all over the world were trying to find the cure to this unknown disease but no one seemed to know what to do.it was spreading into Asia and the Americas because of the people who were frightened and were trying to run away People from all over the world were getting checked for the disease and at the same time volunteering to check their blood at local blood houses to see if their blood fought off the virus. only after 3 months one fourth of the world's population had gone down and still there is no cure.

------ Journalist Tommy Hudson


My joy and pride Timothy and i were just getting out of the car to go in to the blood tent when Timmy started to almost hyperventilate.

"calm down Timbo we're almost there"i said.

"i know daddy (hyperventilate) its just im so excited!' he said.

my son was 6 years olds and my only child. his dear mother had died of a car crash 3 years ago since then i've been gettin to know my son better an better tha' he was like my little angel.
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